World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1147

Slightly sweetly hears these words, in the heart approves of very much, but was actually worried that this simple and honest honest uncle was retaliated by the small ape king. However she saw Shen Xiang straightforward to give her very much six ten billion crystal stone, knows that this uncle was not the lamp of province oil, even if were small ape king person, so is not extravagant. [gold/metal] Yuanzu is Demon Territory inside big influence, inside monster main body is [gold/metal] Yuan, is not barbaric like these Evil Demon, but the small ape king is present [gold/metal] Yuanzu the ape Wang son, others called him for the small ape king. The complexion of small ape Wang He that black tiger is unattractive, because they had not been said by others, making in their hearts suddenly suppress all at once. young miss, can you help me open this Profound Ice?” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally!” Slightly sweetly puts out an unusual separation the short sword, is puncturing fiercely to that square shape Profound Ice. Profound Ice was attacked, will turn into the powder immediately, at this time has been filled with the person outside the hall, they are staring at that pile of powder, the whole face is surprised, because on that pile of powder presented a paint black sunflower, although only then the palm of the hand is big, but this black sunflower actually gives people a feeling of very danger(ous). Ha Ha...... Who said a moment ago this Profound Ice didn't have the thing to come? Funny!” Shen Xiang laughs, but the complexion of that small ape Wang He black tiger is difficult to see the extreme. They kept on proclaiming a moment ago this Profound Ice will definitely not have the thing, that self-confident appearance, now in the people eyes is a joke, they probably maliciously are hit two palms of the hand to be the same by Shen Xiang now! This what flower? Does the young sweet miss you know? The toxicity is very evidently big!” Shen Xiang is taking this black sunflower, carefully looks. That small sweet suddenly complexion changes, startled shouted: Big brother, you let loose this flower quickly, if I have not misread, should be Black Blood Devil Sunflower, this is the thing of acute poison!”

Small ape king, we walks quickly.” The black tiger complexion blanch, hastily leaves this hall, several other people in this also knows that fierce of this Black Blood Devil Sunflower, in a terrified way runs. Does not know really the luck of this fellow good bad, can start out the thing from Profound Ice, but actually silly this Black Blood Devil Sunflower in the hand, he died!” The small ape king said outside to rejoice in other people's misfortune. Has the luck unable to enjoy, if he sold to the Bewitching Sound Paradise's words this Black Blood Devil Sunflower, can definitely send one greatly.” Black tiger said with a sneer. That small sweet, although is the Bewitching Sound Paradise's spirit, excels with the toxin, but she actually does not dare to approach now, because this Black Blood Devil Sunflower toxicity is fierce! Black Blood Devil Sunflower is called hundred poisonous gentlemen, ranks 18 th in hundred poisonous lists, do not despise this 18 th! Because row first ten is Primordial Strange Poison. Therefore hundred poisonous list first ten under toxins, can let acute poison that Immortal is panic at the news!” Small sweet hurriedly said: Big brother, you put quickly that Black Blood Devil Sunflower, perhaps you can also be saved!” Under Primordial Strange Poison arranges the eighth poisonous flower, moreover does not limit the use, truly precious incomparable, Shen Xiang knows that very much likes certainly this type of thing with the poisonous public figure. „Is symptom of poisoning what kind of?” Shen Xiang asked that he has pinched gently that Black Blood Devil Sunflower, saw only Black Blood Devil Sunflower unexpectedly to tremble, emitted black Qi. That small was frightened beautiful face changing colors sweetly, at this time cannot attend to this silly big brother, hastily runs off. Symptom of poisoning is the blood available vehicle black of whole body, after the blood grow darks, fast will inflate, then makes your body explode.” That small ape king shouted: Idiot, you died.” Shen Xiang wants to lose into the mouth of that small ape king this Black Blood Devil Sunflower very much, but he curls the lip, said: I if not, do you knock three what kind to me?”

This is Black Blood Devil Sunflower is unmistakable, the Demon Territory monster majority know these poisons, because Demon Territory is rich in the poisonous flowered poisonous herb, they exit frequently, to avoid being poisoned, must learn to distinguish these toxins. Everybody does not need to be startled.” Lu Qinlian that clear voice transmits, sees only the people to make way a road, allowing her to enter in this hall. Lu Qinlian knew that some people show a token, has the urgent matter to look for her, she knows that was Shen Xiang came, before she also heard the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's matter, she also thinks that Shen Xiang should in Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, unexpectedly run to come to here now, and has made a matter. Naturally, this regarding Lu Qinlian is the big good deed, has started out treasure from Profound Ice, this can make her Profound Ice sell greatly, treasure unexpectedly that second is to start out is Black Blood Devil Sunflower, making Lu Qinlian like, depending on her and Shen Xiang's relationship, Shen Xiang will definitely sell to her. Shen Xiang receives Black Blood Devil Sunflower, making the Long Xueyi careful point duplicate one with Soul Creation Fluid, he must certainly sell one to give Lu Qinlian, but oneself must keep one, this is the thing of acute poison unzoned can use. Even if deals with others with this thing visibly, will not issue a warrant for arrest by Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, this is the big good thing. Thinks that your excellency is also a crowd person, does not know whether to give up what one treasures?” Lu Qinlian disguises not to know Shen Xiang, asked. Shen Xiang tidies up these Profound Ice, said with a smile gruffly: Can see the Demon Empress beautiful appearance, is really honored! Can find a convenient place to discuss?” Please!” Lu Qinlian has given a hand signal, then brings Shen Xiang to leave this hall, simultaneously ordered to seal off the hall temporarily, in the surface says for the poisonous Qi revelation of preventing inside Black Blood Devil Sunflower, but was Demon Empress wants to make Shen Xiang carefully look at inside Profound Ice actually, had treasure Profound Ice to take away inside, stays behind does not have the sell of treasure.

Small ape Wang He that black tiger looks at the tooth to be itchy, because Shen Xiang not only has not died, instead also became friends with Demon Empress, must know the ape king who [gold/metal] Yuanzu very much wants to flatter Lu Qinlian, but has not succeeded finally. Goes to a refined small hall, Shen Xiang is curling upwards the leg, is drinking the fragrant flower-scented green tea, said with a smile: Big Sister Lu, your more and more black heart, your Profound Ice estimates turned time of some people to get rid! Perhaps entire Northern Demon City, your here has started out such good thing.” Lu Qinlian said with a smile lightly: Your Little Fairy wives had been bullied by others, your unexpectedly still causes trouble here, you did not have the conscience!” Shen Xiang has drunk flower-scented green tea, said: I just left Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire shortly, I this month there! Xianxian Youlan is also very fierce, does not need me to be worried that the lotus elder sister your here these tender dī dī spirits throw to beam with joy actually all day, making the person love dearly.” Lu Qinlian tenderly snorted and said: Your this unfaithful little rascal, here do not play a dirty trick, my Bewitching Sound Paradise's spirit is very chaste.” Shen Xiang has put out that Black Blood Devil Sunflower, said with a smile: Lotus elder sister, I start out treasure to come from Profound Ice, you must draw back to my six ten billion crystal stone.” This naturally, how did you plan to sell to me?” Lu Qinlian looks at that Black Blood Devil Sunflower, the look stares, probably saw that the long separation boyfriend that lets, that affectionate look, makes Shen Xiang look somewhat is in a daze.