World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1148
Shen Xiang looked at all around very much vigilantly, whispered: Lotus elder sister, here security?” Lu Qinlian sees Shen Xiang to be so discrete, definitely has other important matters, her hastily cloth next barrier, and outside isolates this small hall. I really need this Black Blood Devil Sunflower, said a price!” Lu Qinlian somewhat was worried that Shen Xiang did not sell to her, because Shen Xiang also very much likes with the toxin, but with Devil Decaying Death Qi time is dark is coming, cannot make others know. However can actually use in Black Blood Devil Sunflower publicly, when the time comes was scolded several at most, like using Devil Decaying Death Qi was chased down by from all walks of life. Lotus elder sister, said anything does sell real coarse, I give you that's it.” Shen Xiang laughed, has handed over Black Blood Devil Sunflower directly. Lu Qinlian hastily puts out a jade box to install, she is very happy, on the face shows the delightful smiling face: „Can I take something for free your thing? Do you want me to thank you? So long as I can achieve, I comply!” Shen Xiang has licked the lip, has the courage saying: With my kiss mouth......” little rascal, no joking!” Lu Qinlian spat one lightly. Shen Xiang has hit: Lotus elder sister, or this, you give the fierce poisonous flowered poisonous herb that I some you grasp, our same level exchange...... The lotus elder sister's fragrant kiss is so precious, can it be that can Black Blood Devil Sunflower trade? Right!” Lu Qinlian tenderly snorted and said: little rascal...... takes away!” Shen Xiang borrows a jade box that Lu Qinlian takes, opens looked that sees only in the jade box to lie down the plum blossom that is similar to red crystal washes to rub, understood at a glance that is very fierce! What is this?” Although Shen Xiang Hundred Poisons Immunity, but actually does not know these toxin colored poisonous herbs. If others, perhaps already by toxin.

Hundred poisonous list 20 th Raging Flame Red Plume!” Lu Qinlian leisurely said: This is I have the best poisonous flower now, I plant to have several, but is very difficult to grow.” Shen Xiang covers the box, asked: „After the poison, will be what kind of?” Lu Qinlian said: So long as touching touches, the burning will enter in the human body, in the energy through devour human body made the toxin once rise the proliferation, if has not driven the toxin promptly, the person of poison will think one were similar to the stove, muddy heat radiating from body pain, then body little formation ash!” Naturally, surely does not have Devil Decaying Death Qi to be fierce, so long as Devil Decaying Death Qi enters the human body, even if Immortal King is very difficult to get rid fast, although can control immediately, but must drive out within the body to be very difficult, requires very long time to compel the toxin, why this is also Devil Decaying Death Qi the reason that forbids to use.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: That strange person fears your Bewitching Sound Paradise's spirit, actually has that many fierce poisonous thing, catches, even if undying, that next half a lifetime definitely crosses not comfortably.” The Lu Qinlian whole face smiles sweetly nodded: Now had Black Blood Devil Sunflower, this is the poison that hundred poisonous lists are listed 18 th, has not thought that unexpectedly can make in Profound Ice, was really too grateful you!” Shen Xiang touches the nose: Hundred poisonous lists is 18 th also what kind of? Does the fragrant kiss that cannot change lotus elder sister, fiercely what have?” Lu Qinlian white Shen Xiang: Your this little rascal, exceed comes not to be dishonest, unexpectedly always I have this bad idea to the elder sister, this is not good!” Who don't the beautiful women like? Let alone is Lu Qinlian this Demon Empress? However Shen Xiang also cracks a joke now, but Lu Qinlian somewhat has actually taken seriously, because she in Sacred Dan World, knows that are many with the Shen Xiang relationship very good female, moreover is unusual, especially Yan Zilan and Long Huishan this type can with her well-matched female, be able to maintain very good relationship with Shen Xiang. Before, Lu Qinlian regarded as Shen Xiang is own number one enemy, has not thought that now can be so good with Shen Xiang's relationship. Lotus elder sister, how your outside does Profound Ice make?” Where Shen Xiang wants to go to that Profound Cold Ancient Domain to have a look at these Profound Ice, inside unexpectedly can start out Black Blood Devil Sunflower this type of thing.

Lu Qinlian lightly smiled: In the Profound Cold Ancient Domain deep place...... To be honest, is our spirits snatches! In Profound Cold Ancient Domain, they were besieged by one group of strength very strong people in Profound Cold Ancient Domain, but afterward these spirits with poisonously counter-attacked, kills after that group of fellows, conveniently made.” Shen Xiang said: actually is this! The lotus elder sister, that does Devil Decaying Death Qi arrange several on hundred poisonous lists?” Lu Qinlian whispered: Arranges seventh, the hundredth poisonous list first ten toxins, are forbid to use, these were called Primordial Strange Poison.” Shen Xiang has put out that snow white God Intoxicating Flower, has smiled saying with a smile: This?” Lu Qinlian sees in the Shen Xiang hand God Intoxicating Flower, just started not to be indefinite, but sees the smiling face on Shen Xiang face, immediately affirmed that this is one in Primordial Strange Poison, God Intoxicating Flower! This was......” the Lu Qinlian complexion changed, immediately stopped air, because of the God Intoxicating Flower also alias, named Drunken God Incense, smells that fragrance to be poisoned is very deep, even if has not inhaled within the body, the fragrance can also seep the skin of person, making the person be poisoned. Lotus elder sister, don't worry, this God Intoxicating Flower, only then burnt down time will send out Drunken God Incense, but can have a better effect the God Intoxicating Flower refined into powder.” Shen Xiang sees Lu Qinlian this tense appearance, knows that Lu Qinlian is using the poisonous aspect to be inferior to Bai Ziqian. Lu Qinlian relaxed, at this time on the face full is excited, thing that although this type is forbid, but she is very frantic to this type of thing, she has not thought that Shen Xiang not only can get so far as massive Devil Decaying Death Qi, unexpectedly also has this God Intoxicating Flower! A person has two strange poison, this biography the words, Nine Heavens and Ten Earths all expert bang broken days must seize Shen Xiang. When do you get so far as?” Lu Qinlian confirmed after this God Intoxicating Flower will not poison, immediately gathers by Shen Xiang, carefully looks at God Intoxicating Flower in Shen Xiang hand.

Lu Qinlian is Lotus Flower turns into, on her also very wonderful flower fragrances, Shen Xiang at this time greedily sucks in the fragrance that this making one is enchanted by, when he sucks in the Lu Qinlian body fragrance greedily, suddenly thought one become blurry . Moreover the body is hot, felt own within the body has one group of very manic flame, if not make it release, perhaps will be exploded by oneself. terrible!” The Lu Qinlian complexion big change, hastily controls itself, does not make that rich fragrance release, afterward prominent very small Lotus Flower flower petal from mouth, puts in the Shen Xiang's mouth. But at this time the Shen Xiang whole body is red, an eye covers entirely the blood thread inflamed, but infiltrates the blood that to emit an intermittent terror from the pore heat, his clothes cremation! After eating up flower petal that Lu Qinlian puts out, Shen Xiang restored the actually appearance gradually, the intelligence was more sober, but is blurry. When he wakes up, discovered one lie down on a soft bed, he can smell the fragrance that type made him almost die, this made him immediately frightened! He knows now, that fragrance that the Lu Qinlian body releases, can disperse into hundred poisonous lists absolutely first ten, lets Hundred Poisons Immunity him, almost bewildered dying!