World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1149
Shen Xiang lifts the bedding, discovered own whole body is smooth, hastily puts out the clothes to put on. Lu Qinlian walked, sits in the bedside, the whole face looks at Shen Xiang guilty, supple sound track: You should rest well! Really sorry, I was too excited, the body can send out that fragrance, approaches you, almost kills you.” Before remembering , the feeling of soon dying, Shen Xiang does not have any to read to Lu Qinlian now evilly, cultivates Suppressing Devil Golden Body him, Devil Decaying Death Qi and Drunken God Incense how him, but was almost actually killed by this spirit fragrance, he already very long not this thrilling experience. Lotus elder sister, you are fiercer than any Drunken God Incense Devil Decaying Death Qi.” Shen Xiang has lain down, at this time his whole body is still soft, remembers the beforehand that fearful feeling, he cannot help but emits the cold sweat. Although Lu Qinlian has this fierce poisonous fragrance, but also has Sacred Lotus Seed this type of thing, making Shen Xiang unreadable. You are also very fierce, I think could not save you, has not thought that your fleshly body imagined me is much more intrepid, how does not know your refined into really...... In my opinion, should achieve Immortal Devil Body great accomplishment Realm.” After this matter, Lu Qinlian clearer realizing Shen Xiang's is also fierce, has not become an immortal, but actually Immortal Devil Body great accomplishment. In your body is hiding the infinite flame energy, what can't I see your Fire Spirit am? The fragrance that my releases, can make in the human body these stable energies wild time!” Shen Xiang understands now why before , he is unable to control his body, Divine sea or the dantian, various strength of his whole body are very wild, loses the control, the unceasing release energy, he with every effort had controlled at that time, is such, making him save a life. Sorry, I am not intentionally...... I one excited, will release that fragrance, but if not rich, does not have what influence to the person, moreover at that time depended on you near......” Lu Qinlian whispered. „Amn't I all right now? Passed...... Moreover this also made me obtain the lesson.” After Shen Xiang, does not dare to have the idea of Lu Qinlian again.

Sees the Shen Xiang scared appearance, Lu Qinlian cannot help but pū chī smiles: „Do you very much fear me now? Doesn't dare to have other ideas again?” Shen Xiang honest nod: Does not dare, very awfully!” Now he does not dare to raise with the Lu Qinlian kiss mouth again, if at the appointed time Lu Qinlian one excited, spouts that type of toxin to be fragrant from the mouth, that was the kiss of death! Lu Qinlian Youyou sighed: You have Suppressing Devil Golden Body, cannot restrain this type of toxin, it seems like my this whole life nobody wanted.” Shen Xiang anxiously said: Who said? I cannot restrain now, after not representative, is not good.” Lu Qinlian says with a smile lightly: You were in first one this type of toxin also lived, now you are all right, I felt relieved!” Where your does God Intoxicating Flower make? That place Anything else? Shen Xiang has put out one, said: God Intoxicating Flower of that place was picked completely up by me, here has many, can refine many Intoxicating Spirit Powder to come.” Saying, then puts out storage pouch, before inside is him, installs good God Intoxicating Flower, later the Chenwu Mainland's safety, may probably protect by Lu Qinlian in secret, therefore Shen Xiang has gotten down very big qualification. Lu Qinlian puts out grain of azure light glittering lotus seed from the wing celtis mouth: I can only trade now with this and you.”

Also is grain of Sacred Lotus Seed, the Lu Qinlian 10,000 years can have one grain. Lotus elder sister, you are remaining to yourself, your previous time gives my grain of me also to preserve.” Shen Xiang has Soul Creation Fluid, he can duplicate many. You are the alchemy master, later will sooner or later use, this is I can put out the best thing! I am Lotus Flower, I do not lack this type of thing.” Lu Qinlian works on Shen Xiang's, places on Sacred Lotus Seed his palm: That toxin that I release is fragrant, although is very fierce, but I could not have controlled! Otherwise I was also Hundred Poisons Immunity, your God Intoxicating Flower was very useful to me, and that many.” Lu Qinlian looked at that storage pouch, sees inside these God Intoxicating Flower quantities, unavoidably is startled, unexpectedly has 300! Must know that rare poisonous flower had 12 to be good. She has kissed the Shen Xiang's cheeks, supple sound track: You rest well, when you are good, has a look at these Profound Ice again.” After Lu Qinlian walks, the Shen Xiang back is still braving the cold air, although Lu Qinlian has kissed his face, but makes him feel very awfully. Almost died, this spirit is really fierce, what background is? The body simultaneously has a that fierce toxin, but also has Sacred Lotus Seed, is really a contradictory woman.” Shen Xiang murmured. little rascal, looked after you, dares not to be so dishonest, now suffered the hardship?” In Hidden Jade Ring inside Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, almost came before, they too are worried about Shen Xiang, now sees Shen Xiang to be all right, was more relieved. Shen Xiang said: Sister Meiyao, this does not close my matter, I smelled that fragrance to incur! A little I think very strange, was the lotus elder sister she said that that type of toxin can make strength in human body very wild, but I thought that was not only this wants.” Not only truly this, strength of your body was growing at that time crazily, although that strength is very wild, but you actually compared with your actually strength formidable several fold!” Bai Youyou that ice-cold sound conveys.

Right, therefore I thought that the poisonous fragrance that the lotus elder sister sends out, either completely releases strength that in the human body hides, either can make strength increase time of promotion! If can control this type of toxin, perhaps my strength can suddenly rise dramatically several times.” „It is not good, this very danger(ous), do not overdo it!” Bai Youyou very seriously said. Shen Xiang also thinks, because this is different from other, his practice was more painful before, but will not be fatal, but this almost made him die! Two days passed by, the Heavenly Demon pavilion sells the Profound Ice hall still to seal up, causing many to come to here to purchase the Profound Ice people to wait very anxiously, but they also know that this hall has presented Black Blood Devil Sunflower poisonous Qi, seals up is very normal. Outside has many people in waiting for this hall is being open, is good to purchase Profound Ice to break, because Black Blood Devil Sunflower is Northern Demon City causes the best thing from Profound Ice, although this is the luck issue, but many people think that Profound Ice of Heavenly Demon pavilion can start out the treasure assurance to be quite bigger. Shen Xiang fully restored, now he with Lu Qinlian in the close hall, must look at an insight here dozens Profound Ice.