World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1151
Can start out one to live this Little Fairy from Ancient Profound Ice, if passes on, definitely many people do not believe. If Shen Xiang personally does not see, he does not believe that this is real. Little Fairy was before the ancient times , a monster, was some strange flowers different grass turns generally, moreover can reproduce, the condition that but they gave birth to was harsh, in 10,000 was hard to have one to give birth. This Little Fairy lives is being far away from the place of crowd, likes living in the nearby of strange flowers different grass!” Lu Qinlian are also the strange flowers different grass turns into, but she is quite big, therefore this Little Fairy is her similar. „But why does she such hate me? But I make her extricate!” Shen Xiang is very depressed, Little Fairy in Lu Qinlian hand is closing one's eyes at this time, in the forehead is dodging light glow. Lu Qinlian whispered: I am teaching her humanity the language, do not look that her stature is small, she is very fierce, otherwise is unable to live now.” That Little Fairy has opened the eye, has flung that elegant long hair, looks at Shen Xiang tenderly snorted and said: Big rascal, you made rottenly my house.” Shen Xiang wants to put out a hand to trace this adorable Little Fairy very much, he said: Little Fairy, you must know that is I saves you to come out, if not I, perhaps you will fall to some genuine unprincipled person hands.” Lu Qinlian hastily was also explaining at this time, mentioned these Profound Ice matters, this relieved the misunderstanding. I did not call Little Fairy, I called Little Yao! Although has saved me, but I always felt that he is not a good person!” This Little Fairy words make Shen Xiang not be feeling well very much, can only stick out one's tongue to make faces to her. Little Yao, your there what happened? Why you and your residence in these Profound Ice? You frozen very long!” Lu Qinlian asked that regarding matter that Profound Cold Ancient Domain had, everyone was very curious. I do not know that I only remember at that time suddenly became very cold, has had many snows, the lots were frozen, at that time I had many companions to freeze to death, because I was the fire attribute flower turn, therefore my cold resistant ability was very strong, I can run back in the home to hide promptly, then entered the deep sleep condition.” Little Yao recalled that these matters come, is very sad, because only then she lived.

Shen Xiang learned from her there that Profound Cold Ancient Domain had had snow, presented many Profound Ice! He guessed that snow should be some fierce ice cold strength turns into! Little Yao, you later with me together, you now do not have the destination.” Lu Qinlian is rubbing the small cheek of Little Yao with jade finger. Um, thanks the elder sister to give shelter to me, I will repay your.” A Little Yao face said joyfully. Lotus elder sister, you did not fear that she was killed by poison?” Shen Xiang whispered, this Little Fairy does not have what striking power, but she, since is the strange flowers different grass turns into, itself should have some abilities. Unprincipled person, you underestimated me, I did not fear the toxin, I in the past was the life in a piece of poisonous mushroom.” Little Yao said. Lu Qinlian nodded: Little Fairy to protect oneself, is the life side the fierce toxin colored poisonous herb.” Little thing, I am not an unprincipled person.” Shen Xiang very serious statement. Snort, paid no attention to you, you looked like are an unprincipled person!” Little Yao flies the head of Lu Qinlian, turns into a very attractive pink floret, is attached to the Lu Qinlian sending hairpin, making Shen Xiang think very surprisedly. Shen Xiang changed another appearance, said: Lotus elder sister, I goes other sells the Profound Ice place to stroll, when I come back to go to Bewitching Sound Paradise with you again.” That quickly goes, here must be open for business!” After leaving the Heavenly Demon pavilion, Shen Xiang rushes to a recent large-scale shop immediately, arrives to demonstrate that the Profound Ice place, observes these Profound Ice with Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, seeks inside has treasure.

The scale of this shop is not very big, only then 20-30 quick Profound Ice, Shen Xiang had not found from here inside has thing Profound Ice, therefore hastily leaves, goes to the next shop. He ran five Northern Demon City quite large-scale shops, finally flies back without any results, although saw that in has thing Profound Ice together, but after opening, does not have treasure, is only one very ancient weeds. Shen Xiang returns to the Heavenly Demon pavilion time, knew that here Profound Ice has sold most, in the heart has smiled secretly. Shen Xiang, I have not been able to lead you to go to Bewitching Sound Paradise temporarily, our large-scale crystal stones mineral lode were seized, there spirit was injured, is becoming a fugitive, I must overtake to have a look immediately.” Lu Qinlian also just obtained the news. Shen Xiang has put out some Life Returning Pill, gives Lu Qinlian: This is some Life Returning Pill, can perhaps apply.” Lu Qinlian Life Returning Pill are not many, this type of thing naturally the more better, she does not decline, receives. Shen Xiang wants to know that which influence is, unexpectedly dares so to provoke this crowd of poisonous spirits, that radically not awfully. Planned Bewitching Sound Paradise to look at Profound Ice, then goes to Profound Cold Ancient Domain, now Shen Xiang also has to change the plan, can only surely Profound Cold Ancient Domain. The Profound Cold Ancient Domain illusion is bad, is not suitable to establish the city, although there did not have snowstorm anything, but will blow out big cold air once for a while, in the strength bad person enters is very easy to freeze to death. This has not been considered as that fiercest, is most fearful in Profound Cold Ancient Domain, when is an ice beast, it is said the strength of this ice beast is fearful, fierce may reach the Human Immortal strength, general also has the strengths of Nirvana several tribulations, a person who forms a team, there is much is extinguished by these ice beast groups. But this is only in Profound Cold Ancient Domain outside danger(ous), in the deep place, there is fearful unknown danger(ous), the person of strength has not gone, if wants or comes out not to be easy.

Leaves Northern Demon City, Shen Xiang rushes in the northern direction, moreover more and more thinks cold, less than quite a while, he arrived at the Land of Ice and Snow world! Here had mountain forest, but frozen, the front is a big piece of iceberg, the cold wind is more intermittent, here is only the Profound Cold Ancient Domain edge, deep place. Generally enters the Profound Cold Ancient Domain people are goes hand in hand, some will even form over a hundred people of team to go, this can be safer, if the independent person goes, only then strength very strong talented person line, but little this person. Before Lu Qinlian had also persuaded Shen Xiang, making him leave to enter Profound Cold Ancient Domain alone, but he thought that the ability of own escape will not die by oneself in inside. This iceberg inside cold wind in the past, becomes very peaceful, making people think very sinister, however at this moment, an explosive and play trembled to break this deathly stillness! Some people are fighting! Moreover is a fight of troop person, the strength is very strong. Shen Xiang displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, patrols to examine the situation.