World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1152
Small ape king, your what is this? Do not think that your father is Golden Ape King, can snatch others' thing carelessly.” Hears these words, Shen Xiang understands immediately that small ape king that group of people rob others' thing here, but this person of strength is very strong, therefore has not submitted, instead and small ape king they had the conflict. Shen Xiang already looked that small ape king is not pleasing to the eyes, has not thought that unexpectedly will meet here, at this time he patrolled, in upper air overlook. Small ape king really with that black tiger together, moreover is leading eight people, it seems like they must enter in Profound Cold Ancient Domain to seek for Profound Ice. By that person who they rob the thing, is a full beard middle age, tall vigorous and healthy, they want the high head compared with the small ape king, although his clothes were tattered, but he has not actually received any wound, this guy was collaborated to attack a moment ago does not have the matter, obviously the strength is uncommon. Old rhinocero, so long as you hand over that piece of Holy Dragon scale, we forgive your life!” In small ape king hand is taking a golden great blade, surround that full beard middle age. Holy Dragon scale! In Shen Xiang heart one startled, before he heard some people to start out a giant beasts scale from very huge Profound Ice, has not thought that unexpectedly is dragon scales! Although is only one piece, but powerful Holy Dragon is huge, that dragon scales courtyard so was at least big, suffices to build several sets of dragon scales armor, this radically was the priceless treasure. Naturally, the Shen Xiang not rare this type of thing, he has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, is fiercer than that Holy Dragon scale. Has a dream you, even if dies, the father will not make you rob crystal stones! Your this son-of-bitch thing, lost completely your father's face.” This guy roars, puts out two broadswords, toward that small ape Wang Fei rush over, the imposing manner is fierce, every step treads ice layer split open of ground, but also dashes one very strongly Qi Energy, lets the ice layer disruption of ground. Small ape king fast retreat, shouted: Blocks this old rhinocero quickly!” Other people already started to attack this guy, but the defensive power of this guy is powerful, body suddenly presents some black armor pieces, these pointed weapons chop to chop, jumps projects intermittent spark. This old rhinocero is really fierce!” Shen Xiang exclaims in surprise one, immediately overtook.

The small ape king was pursued by this guy goes all out to escape, then the person of surface chase, how attacks, cannot make that guy slow under a wee bit. This guy is an old rhinocero, was Demon Beast, the strength was quite good, especially defended the energy, was attacked was so long, but can also walk as if flying, not be affected. Shen Xiang using Earth Shrinking Step and shuttle space coordination, pursued all of a sudden, moreover suddenly appears side the small ape king. suddenly presented a person, this makes the small ape king have a big shock, the following that guy with other people is also same. You...... unexpectedly is you!” Small ape Wang Geng was surprised, cried out strangely. Appearance that because Shen Xiang uses at this time, is the same day starts out Black Blood Devil Sunflower that incarnation! Shen Xiang smiled, then puts out Black Blood Devil Sunflower, to that small ape Wang Huang shaking: I have also started out the good thing from Profound Ice, your does if wanted also snatch my?” Dies!” The small ape king sees the opposite party to put out Black Blood Devil Sunflower this type of acute poison thing, although in heart panic-stricken, but for does not make the opposite party use the toxin to him, the guy who no matter he also behind chases, chops to a Shen Xiang blade. This that the small ape king uses comes regarding other people the blade perhaps is good weapon, but in the Shen Xiang eye, is similar to the scrap iron is ordinary! He uses that to bind the fist of White Tiger glove, is cancelling to blade edge! Buzz, the broadsword deafening sound, unexpectedly was collapsed a mouth by a Shen Xiang fist. The small ape king by Shen Xiang this fist frightening, him has thought immediately the Shen Xiang's strength is very intrepid, can a fist beat his blade. Snort!” That guy who behind chases gets angry snort|hum one, dashes suddenly, the specific use hits maliciously to the chest of small ape king.

kā chā! golden armor of small ape king chest was hit disrupts, then flies, hits on the iceberg. Massacres them!” Small ape Wang Nu shouted , he although had been hit by that guy maliciously, but has not died, after all he is the ape Wang son, fleshly body is very fierce. This big brother, you copes with behind, this small ape king gives me!” Shen Xiang said to that guy that afterward locks the small ape king, displays Form Displacement Shadow to the small ape king, transfers directly him! Why the small ape king has not ravelled oneself to be able suddenly to arrive in front of Shen Xiang, the face maliciously had been hit a fist by Shen Xiang! Bastard!” Small ape Wang Zaici was hit to fly, crack cursed gets up, sees only on him a golden light to dodge, afterward turned into their high golden giant ape. Turned into the main body, this can make his strength enhance, however in the Shen Xiang eye, this was easier to attack! The small ape king roars, the sound shakes some iceberg split open, although his body has increased, but the speed is not slow, several steps step to Shen Xiang in front , the fist such as the lightning is common, is bringing golden light, hits to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang jump avoids, the fist pounds into the ice, but small ape king another is long and big arm also wields toward Shen Xiang, the giant palm as if can crank up Shen Xiang rubs to pinch, contains the strength very terrifying person of belt, shakes the earth to shake slightly. „The strength of ten thousand mountain!” Behind Shen Xiang presents ten thousand big palatial icebergs suddenly, this iceberg chart flashes past, but has brought formidable strength to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang uses Earth Slaughtering Technique, making him have Earth Force, the mountain palatial imposing manner, neutralizes extremely terrifying strength! The palm of small ape king pressed the past time, actually saw a translucent giant palm to attack, hit on his [gold/metal] ape giant palm. Bang!

The bang acoustic shock shakes mountain forest, small ape king that huge body was shaken to fly, that only attacks on Shen Xiang's giant palm, full is the split open bloodstain! Sees this, the person who the small ape king brings also no longer socializes with that guy, rushes to the small ape king, if the small ape king died, they cannot live, if that Golden Ape King gets angry, definitely will investigate their bodies. Universe Stars Seal!” In the upper air suddenly presents a stars chart, fierce crashes, is similar to the innumerable formidable meteor landings, bang bang pounds to fall on the small ape king, hits small ape Wang Ai to shout intermittently, flesh and blood splash. When Shen Xiang wants to continue to attack, the horizon transmits one to roar. Stop!” Shen Xiang just appeared, one group of golden light from airborne crash, falls side the small ape king, wears the golden armor middle age to appear. little brother, this is Golden Ape King!” The guy complexion is dignified, to Golden Ape King shouted of distant place: Golden Ape King, do you teach the son? This young animal unexpectedly wants to massacre me, robs my thing!” Rhinocero brother, I accompanies to you here is not, I ensure cannot have next, if will have again next time, my fight, has abandoned this young bastard surely personally.” Golden Ape King said.