World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1153
This Golden Ape King is good to the impression of person, that rhinocero also no longer investigated that after all that small ape king was also hit is scarred. Father, this fellow has Black Blood Devil Sunflower, he had not sold to Demon Empress!” The small ape Wang Bianhui human form, looks angrily at Shen Xiang saying that at this time his palm has disrupted, the body is covered with blood, but he can also speak. „Is that also what kind of? That is others things, is not your! If you dare to snatch others' thing next time again, I discard you, gives others to apologize quickly.” Golden Ape King angrily said, looks at his appearance, is not acting in a play likely, his strength is not weak, to kill a person and take his possessions, perhaps already fight. The small ape king clenches jaws, apologized to Shen Xiang and that rhinocero, because was not very sincere, had been slapped several by Golden Ape King, this made small ape Wang Taidu better. However Shen Xiang and rhinocero know that in this small ape Wang Xin definitely hated them to hate the extreme! Golden Ape King brings small ape king and the others to leave, that rhinocero expressed gratitude to Shen Xiang immediately: Many thanks little brother helps one another, otherwise that small ape king does not have is taken easily.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Rhinocero big brother does not need to be polite!” That rhinocero asked: little brother do you want to go to Profound Cold Ancient Domain?” Shen Xiang asked: Right, big brother you also?” The rhinocero shakes the head: In Profound Cold Ancient Domain more and more danger(ous), is only my family outside, the words that you go, certainly very danger(ous), the present is ten I, does not dare to go in rashly, only if there is very strong expert to guide.” Shen Xiang has not thought that inside situation is so bad: Why in becomes that danger(ous)?”

The rhinocero said: We walks while said.” Shen Xiang and rhinocero walk toward Profound Cold Ancient Domain together, but rhinocero. In Profound Cold Ancient Domain has many Profound Ice, especially in the deep place, can find various grotesque unusual Profound Ice, moreover these Profound Ice may start out the strange flowers different grass very much, because in this Profound Cold Ancient Domain had the high level strange flowers different grass. If before, must go in also compares the security, but since one month ago after presenting one group of matchmakers, inside becomes very danger(ous)!” Does not know that what strength that group of matchmakers have, can control that flock of ice beasts, moreover this group of matchmakers like cannibalizing the flesh very much, the held words, will be eaten.” Shen Xiang understood now, Profound Cold Ancient Domain becomes danger(ous), causes that group of matchmakers! The rhinocero continues saying: That group of matchmakers not only can control the ice beast, itself also has formidable ice cold strength, it is said that they can freeze at will the person, after some fierce weapon were frozen, will fall to break to pieces in the ground!” Shen Xiang arrives on a very high iceberg with that rhinocero, stands top in the iceberg, looks at distant place that big piece of icefield, the rhinocero points at that piece of icefield to say limitlessly: In that was Profound Cold Ancient Domain, outside was very safe, but was very difficult to find Profound Ice, only then entered the deep place, but the deep place now by these matchmakers seizing, you have gone by the words that they discovered that they will immediately appear side you, because in Land of Ice and Snow, they controlled.” The rhinocero knows that the Shen Xiang's strength is very uncommon, will otherwise not take the small ape king easily, moreover Shen Xiang enters the Profound Cold Ancient Domain manner to be very firm, he does not advise. Shen Xiang and rhinocero said goodbye, oneself have stepped into Profound Cold Ancient Domain, after he has lost headway half double-hour, felt that this this Profound Cold Ancient Domain ice cold strength and outside had any difference, because here ice cold strength, released with Profound Ice looked like very much! Shen Xiang comes to here to seek for many Profound Ice, making him use Profound Ice to come alchemy, strength that because in these Profound Ice contains is formidable and fearful.

He had inquired before looks for the Ancient Profound Ice method, everywhere wanders about aimlessly, if there is Profound Ice deeply, will walk will induce above obtains, ice cold strength that because Profound Ice will release will be very special is very intense. Walks on the icefield, Shen Xiang sees many deep huge crater, he also understands reason that now why some Profound Ice can sell. Some Profound Ice under some giant cracks, this also will be very difficult to dig, Shen Xiang crossed several cracks, but has not induced Profound Ice. Shen Xiang entered Profound Cold Ancient Domain already two days, in this Profound Cold Ancient Domain looked like a big piece is been same by the frozen sea, but occasionally will have one crowd of mountains, but mostly was the smooth ice places. Really is fierce, the pit are many!” Shen Xiang saw that many pits are dig very much deeply, the thing that obviously this sheet ice level thick, was frozen truly, should in ice layer very deep below. I thought that many Profound Ice had been broken by these influences, perhaps some influences caused treasure to come from Profound Ice, but has not announced to the public.” Shen Xiang comes, these pits that sees to know Profound Ice that was dug are many. This Profound Cold Ancient Domain does not have the night, in the sky thick cloud layers, once for a while will always blow very cold wind, if no person of strength to come , can definitely freeze to death. To the present, he has not seen these matchmakers and ice beasts. In Shen Xiang this inside strolled five days later, he felt finally Profound Ice, that is Profound Ice unique ice cold strength, so long as approaches can feel. Shen Xiang is very pleasantly surprised, he releases Divine Power, investigates that in the Profound Ice accurate position of deep place, he will certainly not send like others, that is the matter that takes the trouble very much.

Had found, this distance should not have the issue, but this Profound Ice is really big.” After Shen Xiang locks that Profound Ice, displays Form Displacement Shadow, moreover what uses is the strength of Law of Space, has made following Profound Ice directly. This Profound Ice is very big, two are high, the circular, azure, releases intermittent azure light, is not considered as that unusual Profound Ice, because the shape is very ordinary, the color and ray are also very common. He Profound Ice takes after ice deep place, the massive special ice cold strength that this sphere Profound Ice releases, quick spreads all around. Quick, the distant place came one group of people, more than 30 people, are wearing the fiery red clothes, Shen Xiang recognizes this is the Fire God Palace's clothing, these people are Fire God Palace's. Fire God Palace has not suffered any serious loss, expert that therefore in Fire God Palace hides also unknown, is only Fire God Palace is very low-key these days, therefore nobody knows its true strength. Shen Xiang hastily receives that Profound Ice, but this group of Fire God Palace's people actually saw that Profound Ice in the distant place, the physique is so big, but also releases azure light glow, is always ordinary Profound Ice, is very easy to think that will have the thing. Shen Xiang does not fear the Fire God Palace's person, moreover very likes these Fire God Palace's people, because in these human bodies has Fire Spirit, in his opinion, this group of people come to deliver Fire Spirit to come to him.