World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1154
As the Fire God Palace's person approaches slowly, Shen Xiang suddenly thinks does not suit, because he sees Fire God Palace this group of people, but also follows one group of white people, these person of skins and hair are similar to the snow equally are white, eyes sub- glittering the white light, in the mouth is spitting the white clouds, this makes him associate to these matchmakers immediately. These matchmakers who in that old rhinocero mouth said that perhaps is these at present! Those who make Shen Xiang surprised is, these matchmaker unexpectedly and Fire God Palace's person mixes together, this makes him suspect that what between Fire God Palace and matchmaker do have to cooperate? Also or Fire God Palace can enslave these matchmakers! If that was true, explained that Fire God Palace must use these matchmakers to drive away enters Profound Cold Ancient Domain to look for the Profound Ice person, not only drives away, perhaps also kills a person and takes his possessions! This can make the goods obtain many Profound Ice, starts out many treasure! This group of Fire God Palace's people, strength is not at present weak, several only miss one step to be able transcend that crossed the Nirvana eight tribulations, whole body heat steaming quickly arrived. The one who makes people more surprised is, that piece of smooth plains after this crowd of person, suddenly emits a leader giant ice beast, these ice beasts are the shapes of some wild animals, the lion, tiger, wolf...... But the build is huge, ice cold strength is powerful, does not know how to form! That group of matchmakers ride now in these giant ice beasts carry on the back, in the hand also condense leaves some sharp ice spears, to Shen Xiang, momentarily can throw. Shen Xiang has not thought that opposite party battle formation suddenly becomes so formidable, ice cold strength that especially these ice beasts, release is strong, making Shen Xiang dread very that he can feel cold strength and Ancient Profound Ice that on these ice beasts and matchmakers release looks like very much. Mystical Ancient Profound Ice was containing very formidable strength, if these mysterious matchmakers and ice beasts can absorb these Profound Ice, becomes own strength, ice cold strength that then releases is very definitely fierce. If only these Fire God Palace's people, Shen Xiang definitely did not fear, but now are many these person of human not human and ghost not ghost the matchmaker to ice the beast . Moreover the strength is very strong, he thought that was Devil Decaying Death Qi possibly cannot cope with these things. First walks, finds the opportunity to do again these Fire God Palace's fellows!” Shen Xiang is overwhelmed by sheer numbers, moreover now not clear these matchmakers and ice beasts strong, he first plans to withdraw. These Fire God Palace's people saw that he must walk, hastily shouted: Surrounds him, do not let him leave, he obtained bulk Profound Ice a moment ago!” Shen Xiang received Profound Ice, although he hears these words, but actually turns around to run.

Just trod in him two steps, ground suddenly shivers slightly, presents some translucent thick ice walls around Shen Xiang, forms a giant cover, covers Shen Xiang and Fire God Palace that group of people in inside, dashing about wildly Shen Xiang hits on these thick ice walls, was blocked. These ice walls are firm, he such crazy fierce hit, unexpectedly has not left the trace on the ice wall! Do not want to run, obediently hands over that Profound Ice, then becomes our slaves, you can continue to go on living, otherwise you will degenerate into me behind this crowd of ice monsters food!” Fire God Palace's middle age indifferently said, looks at this appearance, knows that he does frequently. Shen Xiang was understood, this Profound Cold Ancient Domain suddenly became such danger(ous), actually was Fire God Palace directs one crowd of fierce ice monsters to do, quite let them to have sole possession of this inside Profound Ice. Those who let Shen Xiang have doubts, how does the Fire God Palace's person control these ice monsters? The ice monster that in the Fire God Palace mouth said is fierce . Moreover the quantity are many, ice cold strength is very strange, looked that they can cause this fierce ice wall to come casually, can say that they in this Profound Cold Ancient Domain, is the absolute control, how to take orders in these Fire God Palace's fellows? Shen Xiang gets a sudden inspiration, said: Ices the monster? Are your behind things called ice monster? Aren't you Fire God Palace's? Colludes with this type to kill the human in Profound Cold Ancient Domain the ice monster?” You knew many, you can a person come here, explained that you had certain strength, you should understand that we will not let off your, you should know how now should do!” That middle-aged sound becomes gloomy. If before, Shen Xiang planned to run said again, but he knows that now these matchmakers were the monsters, in his heart was chuckling to oneself secretly. His Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade specially restrains Demon and Devil, he also grasps to cope with Demon and Devil cultivation technique, especially that Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, is the Demon and Devil nightmare! Shen Xiang said: If gives you that Profound Ice, you put me to walk, I give you that's it, but fears you not to want!” That middle-aged some are impatient, the sound becomes ice-colder: That is natural, you must be our slaves!” Shen Xiang sneers: Such being the case, you must die!”

Dying character, Shen Xiang is treading Earth Shrinking Step, the body emits azure light, flies at the extremely quick speed to that flock of ice monster ice beasts! This was almost flash's matter, Shen Xiang entered the ice monster group, this action made that group of Fire God Palace's people unreadable, because in their eyes, this was a behavior of courting death, although the Shen Xiang's speed made them surprised very much. However, is quick they not to think wonderfully, because they feel very intense Dragon Qi! Shen Xiang has put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, he dashed the past time, released Suppressing Devil Holy Power, used Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to cut to one rides in the ice monster that the great wolf carried on the back. The appearance of Suppressing Devil Holy Power, making these ice monsters feel very terrified, shouted that one type the audio singing that makes the person be scared . Moreover the body also spout very strong ice cold air/Qi, instantaneous condense thick ice armor, is protecting their bodies. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade was poured into wild Suppressing Devil Holy Power by Shen Xiang, making this Divine Blade trillion jin (0.5 kg), under slashes crazily time, that erupts restrains by force, runs upon that cold air, such as the thunder is common, sweeps away all obstacles to cut! Bang a sound gets up, with incisive calling out, sees only that only to ice the monster not to move Shen Xiang's Divine Blade, the body by that strong barometric pressure pushing broken, the body of that breakage emits intermittent snow white liquid, splatters the four directions! Divine Blade chops to chop completely when the body of that matchmaker, the body of matchmaker has broken to pieces completely, but that great wolf under his body was also regarded as two sections by Shen Xiang! This is only the instantaneous time, makes Shen Xiang destroy completely one to ice the monster! If in the ordinary situation, this ice monster is very powerful, especially defensive power, but faces Shen Xiang's Divine Blade and Suppressing Devil Holy Power, collapses at the first blow radically! Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, is Shen Xiang!” The Fire God Palace's person is startled immediately. Shen Xiang's Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Suppressing Devil Holy Power, are the Demon and Devil difficult adversaries, has very formidable lethality to Demon and Devil!

Sees these to have Demon and Devil of powerful ice cold strength so to collapse at the first blow, in the Shen Xiang heart the great happiness, these ice monsters really fear Suppressing Devil Holy Power and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade! Massacres him quickly!” That Suppressing Devil Temple's middle age shouted. Shen Xiang leapt place above, at this time ground that crowd of ice monsters throw the ice spear, in the mouth send out intermittent angry incisive yelling. Brush! A Shen Xiang blade cuts, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade lengthens in that instantaneous suddenly, moreover transforms dozens, is similar to a giant fan, covers below ice monster and ice beast, these ice spears were broken immediately! Before that Heavenly Thunder Purgatory Devil Lord in Shen Xiang's Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade with Suppressing Devil Holy Power, felt very big threat, but now these matchmakers in the Shen Xiang eye, are similar to the paper stick was the same. What is more fearful, time that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade blade shade presses, resounds pā pā......” thunderclap sound, unexpectedly is Devil Subduing Energy ten layers strength! Bang! Various wild strength simultaneously erupt, covers, hits in the ice above, but these matchmakers are similar to with the ice beast are the same, was chopped by a Shen Xiang blade that the mud does crushes! Extinguished him!” The Fire God Palace's People startles, has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly is so fierce, 2-3 let this crowd of fierce ice monster and ice beast on destroying completely, they think that this is that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade reason, this makes them want it taking. After a Shen Xiang blade cuts next, then immediately fires into Fire God Palace's that group of people, that speed, may be called the terror, is almost half sneaks into the crowd suddenly. Divine Blade wields cuts, azure light is intermittent, the blood splash splash, wild Dragon Force absorbs the person heart and soul murderous aura to well up with, fills the air during this ice covers, making people think that here probably was died the battlefields of trillion lives, but Shen Xiang was here Slaughter God.