World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1155

Shen Xiang just broke in the crowd, instantaneously cuts down more than ten individuals, these person of strengths are not too strong, the reaction rate is not fast, is similar to the weed is ordinary, was cut to kill by Shen Xiang completely. Some behead, some broke off around the middle, the scene is very bloody, but contrasts frigid murderous aura that on Shen Xiang spout, that cannot be regarded anything. Under the God Slaughtering Heart beat, endless Slaughter Qi braves from God Slaughtering Heart, making Shen Xiang's strength more intrepid, making Shen Xiang's strength contain an unbeatable killing potential! This Slaughter Qi covers, making people think that is the most fearful matter, the heart startles the extreme! Do not fear him, he blustered!” That middle age bellows, making their here imposing manners be insufficient to be so weak. At this time what remaining is only some old man, they attack, the fist palm is uneven, a flame attack of intermittent terror raids, unexpectedly can the giant ice cover that is covering melts slowly! Shen Xiang most does not fear is the flame, therefore Fire God Palace's expert are many, he will not fear! Just wants to advance on, Shen Xiang by these many flame attacks returning. Your Fire Spirit are good, these flame have certain crucial moment, I kindly accepted!” The Shen Xiang laughing person, opens the mouth, revolution Engulfing Devil Art, locks flame strength that these attack, but the dantian also turns into Blazing Dantian. Hissing! Shen Xiang fierce attracts, flame strength that attacks once more, fully entered in his mouth, is only several instances, by his devour cleanly! His time strength, must build up the flame that these devour come, but is the piece of cake, at this time on him braves some fire Qi, when these fire Qi are he builds up these flame releases! These Fire God Palace's people were scared, they attacked a moment ago with joint forces, perhaps was Human Immortal came, does not dare such positive welcome! However Shen Xiang, not only a moment ago was hit, but sends lossless, now is swallowing their flame! Monster! This crowd of Fire God Palace suddenly realized that Shen Xiang is also use flame expert, Shen Xiang is a matter of fierce alchemy master, they are know that but has not thought of the Shen Xiang's flame intrepidly to so the situation!

The Fire God Palace's person wants to run away, ice cover that but these matchmakers release, actually became the hindrance that they escape! You must die!” Shen Xiang roared angrily, within the body 30 grains of Heaven Dan inside True Qi completely spout, turned into wild Dragon Force, making a big piece of icefield be shaken split open. Vast Wave Cut!” Qi Energy that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade releases, potential such as the swell is common, attacked the past suddenly, the ocean waves were similar to blade edge are common, but the tide was also similar to innumerable composes the sharp knife, enormous and powerful, impact in the past. „......” Pitiful yells shouted that these Fire God Palace's people struck facing Shen Xiang fully, did not have the escape route, can only , whatever this green blade cut to attack, the whole body was sheared alarmed bloodstains, the strength bad was slivered the fragment! Now only remaining three people! And one is middle age of lead, another 1-2 are old man, their whole body, are obviously white bone knife wounds. Crossed Shen Xiang of Nirvana six tribulations, powerful fearfully, is not their this ordinary people can compare, they regretted to provoke Shen Xiang, if were not this, perhaps they can also continue to lead that crowd of ice monsters, was sweeping this piece of icefield. Shen Xiang very pities, direct shuttle space, leaps to these three people of body sides, a claw on the past, penetrated these three people of bodies directly, then revolution Engulfing Devil Art, absorbed Fire Spirit of their within the body! You...... You in devour our Fire Spirit!” That Fire God Palace's middle age whole face with amazement, always only then their Fire God Palace plunders others' Fire Spirit, but is actually one's turn them to be snatched Fire Spirit by others now! Shen Xiang keeps silent, displays peak Engulfing Devil Art, attracts completely these three people of Fire Spirit. „...... When......” Shen Xiang plunders their Fire Spirit is very barbaric, making them very painful! This is three azure Fire Spirit, was fused together by Shen Xiang, turns into Blue Fire Spirit!

Shen Xiang massacres that two old, then uses Grasping Soul Devil Curse, searches that middle-aged the memory, he wants to know how Fire God Palace controls these ice monsters, as well as some Fire God Palace at matter of Profound Cold Ancient Domain activity. Calls back the soul of the deceased...... Spell!” That middle age felt that own memory spied on, panic-stricken shouted. You can die!” Shen Xiang uses Grasping Soul Devil Curse, launches soul attack, erases this middle-aged directly the soul. Shen Xiang knew that some explosive things, making him very excited! Has not thought that Fire God Palace here had already moved, was killed many people by them in secret, had been robbed massive Profound Ice by them! These ice monsters are they put from Profound Ice, they while ice monster deep sleep time, to ice monster attempts to pervert with the soul of secret method, made them control the massive ice monsters!” This does Fire God Palace want to rule Profound Cold Ancient Domain?” Su Meiyao asked. This actually, the Profound Cold Ancient Domain deep place is very fierce, Fire God Palace does not dare to penetrate, but they use these ice monsters, had found massive Profound Ice, I know that they store up the Profound Ice place.” This lets the Shen Xiang excited matter, because he no longer needs the item to seek for Profound Ice without the destination, so long as preserved the Profound Ice place to have it all Fire God Palace, he can obtain massively! Now Shen Xiang knows that these ice monsters are the antique times, was put by the Fire God Palace's person, moreover Fire God Palace will also know in these Profound Ice to have the ice monster to exist, to expand the ice monster regiment, they will sweep the Profound Cold Ancient Domain addendum circle wantonly, will get so far as massive Profound Ice as far as possible. But these ice beasts, are Profound Cold Ancient Domain are locally born, does not know when starts out exists, has multiplied since, the strength is also quite powerful, but these ice beasts do not have what spirit wisdom, facing the sudden sneak attack, is unable to defend, can very cutting easily kill. A Shen Xiang person dashes on Profound Cold Ancient Domain, according to these memories that he searches, he is hurrying to the base that Profound Cold Ancient Domain sets up here toward Fire God Palace. Fire God Palace's Big Shot knows probably these Profound Ice uses, they not only to obtain the ice monster and Profound Ice inside treasure, they collect Profound Ice, is handling other matters. Shen Xiang knew according to the memory of that middle age that Fire God Palace strongly puts together massive Profound Ice, can have very intense ice cold strength, this ice cold strength is extremely special, from Profound Ice, as for having any use, that middle age does not have the authority to know that his duty is responsible for seeking for Profound Ice.

Fire God Palace deposits the Profound Ice place is deeply, they have constructed very huge underground palace under that for many years, Fire God Palace was low-key, but actually the secret sent in this Profound Cold Ancient Domain has controlled so formidable strength, if later Emperor Heaven fully restores the same day strength, in Emperor Heaven, perhaps was the Fire God Palace male tyrant. The procedure of Fire God Palace low key, is much more intelligent than these ancient influence influences, Shen Xiang upon learning this, cannot help but the back sends now coolly, if other Fire God Palace secrets are formidable, according to the Fire God Palace's moral character, definitely will sweep away entire Emperor Heaven. At the same night hurries along, he has used three days, arrives by a giant iceberg, in one of the iceberg, can enter inside cave entrance, but guards very sternly, going in that to be quietly is not easy. Such an important place, definitely has strong fellow protection, if or is expert of Immortal Monarch rank besieges facing that Human Immortal, Shen Xiang is hard to resist, therefore planned that enters that underground palace quietly, preserves massive Profound Ice that to steal inside! „The present is to test Transformation Technique time!” Shen Xiang sees sky suddenly to snow, these snowflakes were blown by the strong winds in all directions are. There cave entrance is only outside has the ice monster and Fire God Palace's fellow protects, in deep place nobody, moreover is very black.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang deeply inspires, was turned into a thumb big or medium white snow by oneself, then flutters to that cave, if turns into insect butterfly anything, definitely will arouse suspicion, but currently has some goose feathers big snows to blow to that cave. Shen Xiang is mixes in these snows, enters that cave running free! After entering inside, that group of snows that Shen Xiang turns into rolled in the ground, in that crowd of ice the eyelid of monsters and under that group of people, entered the cave deep place with ease, sneaks successfully! ===== Because in the family has urgent matter to process, the time is very tight, today can only two, over the next few days possibly also be every day two, after waiting for family's matter to end, my in addition will repay!