World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1156
Shen Xiang turns into continuously very small winged insect, is flying in this dim passage carefully, although he can mix successfully, but he is worried to be discovered that if alarms this inside expert, may make these expert receive storage equipment Profound Ice, he was very when the time comes difficult to get so far as, he does not want to miss this opportunity. This passage is very wide, walks 78 people abreast in row is not the issue, patrols the situation of according to Long Xueyi exploring, the passage end is deep hole to underground palace, can jump directly. When Shen Xiang arrives at half, front suddenly has the person, Shen Xiang turns into a grain of small stone immediately, staying of Jing Jing (quietly) in the ground. What character was entered Profound Cold Ancient Domain? unexpectedly extinguished our squadron, the strength of that group of people present this Emperor Heaven, is very strong, moreover they are also having one crowd of ice monsters, was destroyed completely, according to the situation of life round bead cleavage, they were batches of died.” A person who walks from passage said. Is Bewitching Sound Paradise's Demon Empress? This is impossible, it is said that she is hidden by the terrible business now! Huang Jintian and Gu Dongchen these abnormal fellows went to Heaven World, should not be they, can have the fellow of that strength, several, but the total feeling is not they! For example Devil Subduing School's Zuo Zhenxuan, he must guard Devil Subduing School. Subduing Dragon Sect's Shen Xiang, should not run at this time, his wife's Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire was being harassed by Mo Clan.” First does not manage, has such a fellow in any case in Profound Cold Ancient Domain, we these days do not exit that's alright!” Clip clop! Clip clop! Clip clop! Turns into the small stone Shen Xiang a fellow has kicked a foot, the clash is swaying back and forth in passage. Bastard!” In the Shen Xiang heart has criticized one, he according to these two people's talks, Fire God Palace had known that team of Centaur died. He has not pretended to be that group of people luckily, otherwise was discovered very much easily! After waiting for these two people to walk, Shen Xiang turned into the bug, continued to go forward, quick arrived at the end, then flew into that deep hole. This pit is very very deep, could see that is in order to enables the massive people to pass and out to construct unimpeded, he guessed at this time that in your underground ice palace should have the massive people or is the ice monster. Shen Xiang gets down time is not relaxed, formation heavily, moreover cannot move, his formation this aspect also calculates to go through a strategic pass luckily, can see along the way arrangement formation, can the shuttle space avoid. Thus it can be seen, this place bottom ice palace is strict! But Shen Xiang mixed.

That pit is very deep, words that the Shen Xiang rough estimate, at least more than 2000 zhang (3.33 m), have gotten down, more than 300 formation, if some people must, have special Formation Grandmaster to control the formation closure up and down, making these people pass. Shen Xiang gets down time, several people come up from below, these people back and forth here go on patrol, could see that they are complete to here protection. From the trace judgment of opening cutting, here should construct for more than ten years.” Long Xueyi said. More than ten years ago, Fire God Palace here, Shen Xiang has not thought that they so will be early. Arrives underground, here is very spacious passage, but is not very bright, very suitable Shen Xiang to sneak, the person who here protects are many, although the strength is not very strong, but if this crowd of person coordination with each other, Shen Xiang has not grasped strikes to kill, even if he can destroy completely this group of people in the short time completely, will make very big move. If no absolute assurance, Shen Xiang will not get rid absolutely, person who therefore he has missed two to have Fire Spirit. Through this passage, is to that underground palace. Shen Xiang went from a leaf of very thick iron gate middle fine drawn, arrived at a very grand main hall, although here was very dim, but Shen Xiang actually looked clearly, looked at the stance of this main hall, probably constructed for a ruler. What can Fire God Palace do? Their does Great Emperor construct Imperial Palace for later? But should not construct underground, does the nest in Great Emperor of this place, what Great Emperor calculate?” Shen Xiang secretly said in heart, he according to the memory that devour comes, cautious and solemn flies to sliding door. This sliding door following road, to that huge warehouse, that place is located in this underground palace center, but under, therefore at this time Shen Xiang the road, is declines slantingly, moreover has these formation. These formation at the same time for the person who to prevent to rush, moreover is so long as moves these formation, will alarm protection expert here, therefore Shen Xiang is careful, he took the larger part road now, cannot fall short. This road has not guarded the patrol, but formation actually extraordinary many, moreover is very fierce, is that very difficult solve, if powerful formations Grandmaster comes in very much, passing that to be quietly, perhaps requires several days of to break the formation. But Shen Xiang only used more than three double-hour to pass, to here, he understood the control principle strength how fiercely, otherwise he cannot so with ease come here.

Naturally, his present strength is too weak, but also is unable to display space profound bead strength completely, otherwise he can go to that warehouse with ease. This warehouse is very fierce, I felt that in that terrifying ice cold strength is transporting to a place, has what extraordinary thing above?” Long Xueyi said with amazement. „Can you investigate in?” Shen Xiang asked. Cannot investigate, inside floods that strange ice cold strength that Profound Ice is releasing, is rich, you are not do not know that my Divine Sense is unable to completely understand these Profound Ice, therefore my present Divine Sense was blocked by these rich ice cold mechanical resistances.” Long Xueyi said. Front warehouse, has a close giant iron gate, Shen Xiang can only the shuttle space enter. In hope does not have what fierce thing, has, best not to discover me.” In the Shen Xiang heart is meditating. Turns into a small mosquito he, strength in within the body actually does not reduce, therefore he can use the strength of Law of Space, making him use the shuttle space the way, across this sliding door! If in the normal situation, the shuttle space will cause the fluctuation of space, can feel very much easily, but he actually not, the strength of Law of Space because he grasps, was naturally fused, shuttle time was very natural, was not opens the space like others with formidable strength forcefully. unexpectedly has the person!” In Shen Xiang heart one startled, although he cannot see the thing here, but actually could feel. In this warehouse everywhere is every large or small Profound Ice, the great variety, colorful, majority can release the ray. Shen Xiang estimated that here at least has 5000 Profound Ice! So massive Profound Ice, moreover is quality very good that the ice cold strength that releases is strong, obviously can put here Profound Ice is the process is selective. Has treasure as for inside, Shen Xiang does not know now that he does not have that time to look, he must do is other inside people leaves, then moves out this inside Profound Ice fast.

Even if in these Profound Ice does not have treasure, looks that makes him mouth-watering, if takes to sell, these are the sky-high prices. These two fellows are very strong, has not thought that Fire God Palace unexpectedly hides this fierce fellow, should in Human Immortal late stage, or be Immortal Monarch early stage evidently!” Shen Xiang can feel that in this that two people in Fire True Qi that release, penetrates these rich ice cold strength. However is these two expert is very fierce, but needs to protect itself with strength in within the body frequently, in order to avoid being iced the cold strength to get a cut. Does not know when can complete the above request, lets Ice Emperor resurrect. Oh, Ice Emperor can resurrect, why make us do? Both of us come here, but has gotten so far as several Fire Spirit, has not been rewarded.” One of them said that hears the sound, this is young people. After Shen Xiang hears his words, is very shocking, their unexpectedly wants resurrect one to call Ice Emperor the fellow! dragon brat, you know that what character this Ice Emperor is? Should not be the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens equally fierce fellow?” Shen Xiang asked. „Do I know? However I thought that should have relationship with this Profound Cold Ancient Domain, that big white cat had not said before , this place is not Land of Ice and Snow?” Long Xueyi said. White Tiger truly also has said that but at that time this place also very danger(ous), Great Emperor of Ten Heavens and White Tiger do not dare to penetrate, this does Ice Emperor appear here what's the matter?” Shen Xiang starts to think the plan at this time, can in situation that in these two do not detect, moves out here Profound Ice, if he can make half to be good.