World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1157
Shen Xiang does not dare to have the too big movement, is very both strong in two people of this warehouse protection, if alarms these two people, perhaps will bring in many strengths to be stronger. Therefore he must be careful now, this makes him more difficult to carry on. It seems like only then killed them, if they died, outside person immediately discovered that also required certain time to catch up, you can make here Profound Ice while these days.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang does not approve of this idea: „It is not good, what to do if these people do come to be quick? I think that I should be able to use Intoxicating Spirit Powder, they are poisoned, moreover depending on their strengths, will be insufficient to be killed by poison all of a sudden, they will drive the poisonous time, will be my fight opportunity.” This meets exposed Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison, but they do not know that your true status, the issue should not be big, you must hide the good identity, do not look at that's alright.” Long Xueyi said: You must pay attention, they will inform others to come, for example they will use pass on message jade symbol anything.” Shen Xiang thinks that said: This simple, you observe closely them, if they must use, you directly destroyed their jade symbol that's alright, you should be able to achieve.” This does not have the issue, I help you look outside while convenient, you and other fight wants to be quicker!” Shen Xiang discussed with Long Xueyi, only then this method is feasible. One month, that any Profound Ice must start again, when the time comes is our Fire God Palace's Profound Ice are definitely most, is most unusual, perhaps can also sell a good price.” That two people start to chat. Does the influence that „attended the Profound Ice meeting which have? I heard that resembles some famous influences not to be invited.” This Profound Ice can exchange Profound Ice, in the hand does not have too many good Profound Ice influences, definitely will not be invited! It is said that will establish when the time comes also Profound Ice City, in this city sells Profound Ice specially, this can also be more convenient asks the Profound Ice fellow to have a good place to look for the teammate, when the time comes our energy...... Hehe.” Shen Xiang already knows that Fire God Palace this group of fellows are not the good things, has not thought that unexpectedly is planning this matter, if not eradicate here, later enters Profound Cold Ancient Domain to look for the Profound Ice person, majority will fall into the Fire God Palace's hand.

Now what Shen Xiang can determine, Fire God Palace gathers together Profound Ice, to provide that special ice cold strength, lets called Ice Emperor fellow resurrect. Since these Profound Ice here, that Ice Emperor thinks that also here, Shen Xiang very much wants to ruin here, but this underground palace is firm, to destroy is not easy, let alone here should have other expert to protect. If Bai Xing were here good, can make her use that secret method, summoned some meteorites to get down.” Shen Xiang turns into a humpbacked old man, then puts out Demanding Life Devil Bow, goes into hiding the extreme the aura of whole body, then the condense air/Qi arrow quietly, simultaneously mixes in which Intoxicating Spirit Powder. Even if his these two arrows cannot penetrate in the body of two, Intoxicating Spirit Powder that erupts, can enter their within the body rapidly, instantaneous paralysis their any strength, letting them to move, even could not say including the words, the whole person will become a male drunkard will be common. But will not make them die immediately, the Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison fierce place, is the speed of toxin spread is quick, on the same day looks for Primal Chaos Mountain time, that Taiyuan Dean knew is Drunken God Incense, ran quickly was he, obviously Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison was how fearful, Shen Xiang suspected that Three Horned Dragon King was this shady move, by Taiyuan Dean killing. When that two people, two stabs in the back flew to shoot vigorously! In this place, by the person suddenly attack, that is makes people very difficult to expect, because believes in them, nobody can be quietly goes to this place. Even if has not expected some people here, but the responses of these two old man make Shen Xiang surprised, in that instantaneous, they perceived that some people sneak attack, hastily releases very strong energy shield, has blocked Shen Xiang with two stabs in the back that Demanding Life Devil Bow shoots! Shen Xiang's strength contrasts these two old man, but also has fallen far short, therefore his condense air/Qi arrow was been very relaxed on keeping off has gotten down, luckily before him, had considered this situation, his air/Qi arrow was after therefore blocked next, still explodes! Who is!” That old man bellowed, hastily looked all around, but has not actually seen the person's shadow. At this time, another old man complexion big change, hastily sat cross-legged to sit down, strength of fast turn-around within the body, resists that suddenly to appear on him strange strength, that strength unexpectedly fast paralysis his body!

That old man of frontline propaganda has also discovered that face dead grey, because he recognized that paralysis his strength thing is anything, lets one of Primordial Strange Poison the person was panic at the news, Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison! These Intoxicating Spirit Powder fully enter in these two bodies of old man, they a short time cannot die, cannot move, can only sit there like this, exhausts strength to drive the toxin, cannot control other matters. Shen Xiang wants is such effect, if these two people died, once their life source Zhu bursts, will be discovered by outside person, Shen Xiang does not have the time to move out these Profound Ice. Although that two old man complexions are ugly, although cannot move, but actually opens the eye, who they want to take a look are, unexpectedly can plot against them with this strange poison, making them virtually impossible to guard against. Quick, they see humpbacked Old Man very adept takes away that attractive Profound Ice, each suddenly, will minus 45, moreover first selects well takes away. The burglary of this scarlet fruits, lets these two old man annoyedly, but has no alternative, can only the drop blood in the heart, here Profound Ice be they have used many years, consumes a huge amount of manpower and resources to collect these many, now unexpectedly by a humpbacked old man robbing. Quick, probably some people realized!” Long Xueyi urged, because outside she heard hears some noises. Shen Xiang has taken away more than 2000 now, here also 50% many , he to take away these Profound Ice, appears touches to touch with the hand, he has used the speed of limit at this time. Suddenly, has been short of more than 1000, that two old man sit in the middle, looks at all around Profound Ice disappearances, in the heart hates to bleed, but their actually anything could not do, can only look helplessly this person made Profound Ice. They only hope that some people a bit faster come, otherwise Profound Ice was evacuated, is their times of death! The sound that the front door opens remembers, at this time here remaining more than 300, majority of were also taken away by Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang also thought enough, arrived at that two old man fast behind, released completely flame True Qi of whole body, infiltrated in these two bodies of old man. In these two old man Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison, has been similar to the average person is the same, even if fleshly body is very formidable, this type of toxin, will become like the bean curd, where resisted a Shen Xiang this terror palm? Suddenly unravelled.

Shen Xiang wields the sleeve, takes away these ashes, then turns into a mosquito, flies in the direction of that front door, in instantaneous, Fire God Palace expert of dozens Human Immortal ranks flushed, because here Profound Ice suddenly reduces, the ice cold strength that provides has also been short, therefore they can discover here to have problems immediately, in addition they use the jade symbol not to relate on here two old man. After that group of people come, seeing here Profound Ice to be short of these many, surprised incomparable, fast search, but anything had not actually found, what they did not know, Shen Xiang in that moment that they came, left this warehouse. Shen Xiang the light vehicle route was ripe at this time, quick leaves this underground palace, in that above deep hole, at this time outside also by one crowd of expert stubbornly, but Shen Xiang actually very relaxed across impediment of this group of people. Not long, Shen Xiang arrived at Land of Ice and Snow outside, leaves this secret underground palace by far, now cannot ruin here, but he will certainly remember, later he will again also come, moreover he must clarify that Ice Emperor what kind of person, unexpectedly can Fire God Palace drag in too many people, establishes underground palace, plunders Profound Ice in all directions, for lets its resurrect. In brief, looks like in Shen Xiang, that Ice Emperor is not a good thing, because mixes together with Fire God Palace. For can be smooth, Shen Xiang has not stopped slightly, consecutively for several days several nights of dashing, leaving no ground is far away from that underground palace, these also made his strength to the Fire God Palace hideaway have a more profound understanding, he must a bit faster pass on to this to Lu Qinlian, making Lu Qinlian keep Heart Eye to Fire God Palace. Shen Xiang always thought that perhaps in Fire God Palace also has expert of Immortal King rank!