World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1158
Shen Xiang went to Profound Cold Ancient Domain, although has not entered to the danger(ous) deep place, but harvests many, Profound Ice that he obtains perhaps is many big influence diligently many years of sum totals, altogether has 3700, he now also not anxiously opening. He returned to Northern Demon City, arrives in the Heavenly Demon pavilion by that appearance, the spirits of here these graceful bearing receive him very warmly, but Lu Qinlian unexpectedly has not come back. Before he went to that underground palace time, heard that Lu Qinlian was encumbered by some terrible business, his very curious this was any matter, can make Lu Qinlian this Demon Empress go to be so long. Shen Xiang here is a distinguished guest, female storekeeper who he looks for the Heavenly Demon pavilion, is maturity has the flavor female spirit. Where your did Chief Big Sister go to? So to be how long has not come back?” Shen Xiang sharply is going to Bewitching Sound Paradise to help Lu Qinlian look at Profound Ice. Her destination director, she should mention with you, our Bewitching Sound Paradise's crystal stones mineral lode was usurped by others.” This female show cabinet replied very gently. That mineral lode where? I look for her, perhaps I can add on busily, her strength was so strong, processes is so long, these seize your mineral lode fellow, the strength should not be weak.” Shen Xiang said. Um, the strength of that group of people are very strong, we do not know their origins to the present! Young Master, I can tell you, Chief Big Sister they currently where, you have the urgent matter words, can look for her.” Here spirit, some called Lu Qinlian for the king, some also shouted the eldest sister, in brief Lu Qinlian did not have what big rack in Bewitching Sound Paradise, even if to the bystander were also same, let alone the Lu Qinlian disposition also was very more temperate, that look looked like is also very amiable, therefore the Bewitching Sound Paradise's spirit and she was together very well, in most situations, they were the sisters are symmetric. Shen Xiang has learned the position after this storekeeper, immediately overtakes, he wants to ask whether Lu Qinlian knows that Ice Emperor matter, moreover he also wants to have a look, dares to provoke the Bewitching Sound Paradise's fellow is any background, unexpectedly can constrain Lu Qinlian to be so long.

That crystal stones mineral lode in Demon Territory, but there approaches Human Territory very much, belongs to the Demon Territory peripheral zone, after Shen Xiang strides in Demon Territory, after a big mountain scene peak by the iceberg that the snow and ice cover, then saw sky over the distant place to present rolling dark clouds, saw this dark clouds, Shen Xiang knows that was carrying on great war in some that side people. Although sees in the distant place, but can actually judge there tactical situation to be very intense! Lu Qinlian is Bewitching Sound Paradise's is governing, moreover she migrated on Heaven World majority of strength to Emperor Heaven comes, although she was called Demon Empress, but more people on Emperor Heaven called her for Poison King! But at this time that fierce combat of distant place, at all likely is not Lu Qinlian is fighting, because of her with the toxin, little will carry on this intense fight, therefore Shen Xiang is surprised, moreover he guessed correctly that should be able to restrain the Lu Qinlian toxin with that person of Lu Qinlian fight, and has the similar strength with Lu Qinlian, otherwise cannot so. In this Emperor Heaven, unexpectedly also has the strength compared with comparing existence of Lu Qinlian, this makes in the Shen Xiang heart worry secretly that he thought in this Emperor Heaven besides White Tiger and Lu Qinlian, already not other strength very formidable people, but now actually suddenly emits this formidable fellow to come, moreover evidently probably be fiercer than Lu Qinlian. Before storekeeper of Shen Xiang on Heavenly Demon pavilion has mentioned, that suddenly braved to seize the Bewitching Sound Paradise crystal stones mineral lode person, the origin was mystical, thinks of this, in the Shen Xiang heart worried, if were an entire influence, that was quite extraordinary! No wonder this influence dares to seize Bewitching Sound Paradise's crystal stones mineral lode, actually they have very fierce expert to support, moreover they seize probably intentionally, intentionally provocative Bewitching Sound Paradise's, for directs Lu Qinlian? The front hears intermittent clear fighting sound, Shen Xiang saw many Bewitching Sound Paradise's charming spirits to take the pointed weapons and one crowd is hard to branch out is being male is the female fellow fight, with the fellow of Bewitching Sound Paradise that crowd of spirit fights is also the monster, but appearance monster beautiful, the body is extremely slender, the long hair shawl, is female and male difficult to distinguish. On these fellows has the flavor of snake, is the snake monster is inadequate? Moreover from the aura, probably is ancient strange species? It is said this snake, can come to be turned into the male gender or the female according to the situation by oneself, quite maintains the reproduction by oneself, maintains legitimate of bloodlines!” Long Xueyi somewhat astonishedly said.

Shen Xiang several ta steps, rushed to into the battlefield, the snake monster that the hand palm blade, Holy Power condense, arrived at one fight behind, to the stamina of that snake monster, was dividing to strike the hand blade like lightning. Shen Xiang has used Suppressing Devil Holy Power, in addition the potential of that thunderclap, a blade gets down, the might is powerful, chops into pieces the throat of that snake monster, at the same time, that and female spirit of snake monster fight , a sword pierces the snake monster the chest. Lotus elder sister? Is she with a very fierce fellow fight?” Shen Xiang hastily inquired that female spirit. Um, Chief Big Sister tied down by that Evil Snake King! These are the evil snake monsters, they come from evil Sheshan, does not know why can suddenly emit such an influence, in brief for serveral days, every other 2-3 days, these fellows will come out to provoke we.” That female spirit said that she recognizes Shen Xiang, is the distinguished guest in Heavenly Demon pavilion, now lends a hand to assist, she was very naturally happy . Moreover the strength of this distinguished guest is very strong, a move has killed a snake monster. Evil snake monster? Don't you understand with toxin? How to need to cope with them poisonously?” Shen Xiang pounds a fist to the snake monster that is attacking from one side, three thunderclap crack, release three Devil Subduing Energy strength, separates spatially the snake monster head scrap, looks at that female monster careful panic-stricken, because Suppressing Devil Holy Power and Devil Subduing Energy of Shen Xiang's use make in her heart very frightened. These fellows do not fear the toxin, even if our Chief Big Sister uses she fiercest toxin, is unable to take down including these small snake monsters, so long as we fight with the normal methods and these snake monsters.” The female spirit is resigned-looking, she looked at the distant place, her many sisters were injured, she hopes very Shen Xiang can help other spirits. Shen Xiang inquired after clear detailed situation, immediately goes the spirit that helps these fall into to struggle hard, although these female spirits usually with toxin, but in does not use in the poisonous situation, the battle efficiency is very powerful, but faces these evil looking snake monsters, they are also hard to resist, can only resist with hardship, was not cut to kill by oneself as far as possible. suddenly joins the fight Shen Xiang, making these snake monsters angry, because a Shen Xiang basically move destroys completely one, strength that Devil Subduing Energy that he uses, these snake monsters fear, not only can eradicate their within the body strength of that evil looking with ease, this type has to resist Demon and Devil mysterious strength, but can also cause very huge damage to them, if adds on Suppressing Devil Holy Power again, as well as that Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal town character deep meaning, a Shen Xiang palm can pat a snake monster.

Can suppress the Bewitching Sound Paradise's female spirit shortly, then catches up completely kills or captures alive some belts to go back, but has not thought that actually suddenly emits Shen Xiang this abnormal fellow, making the plan of this crowd of snake monsters disrupt completely. Clear thunderclap sounds resound one after another, these snake monsters are also few, at this time the imposing manner of female spirit also expands, moreover their quantities are many, the circumstance turned around quickly, becomes that crowd of snake monsters is suppressed by the female spirits stubbornly. Do not look at these female spirit tender dī dī, but murders, does not have is good very slow, the long sword dances in the air, the blood splash scatters, the stump residual limbs of these snake monsters everywhere are. Quick, this crowd of small snake monsters completely were annihilated, but in not far away, is the strength strong snake monster and female spirit is fighting, only then several people, these snake monsters know the small snake monster that they bring was annihilated, in the heart is furious, immediately called a strength to cross the grandiose snake monsters of Nirvana eight tribulations probably. The snake monsters of this snake monsters and beforehand these monster beautiful are different, this snake monster, has very distinct masculine characteristics, body tall and strong, the whole face is ugly and ferocious-looking, is throwing over stiff black armor, grasps the black great blade, very barbaric dashes about wildly, steps on muddy fleshes the corpses of ground these snake monsters. Shen Xiang stands in front of that crowd of application terrified female spirits, said solemnly: This fellow gives me, you find a safe place to hide as far as possible, you safe the words, your Chief Big Sister can a more relieved fight.” Lu Qinlian and these female spirit sentiments with the sisters, she are definitely burning with impatience at this time, because they are the first time meet this type not to fear the acute poison fellow.