World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1159
I also think your Bewitching Sound Paradise's spirit is female! You also like us? Needs time, can let does turn into the male?” Is long the quite delicate and pretty phoenix eye man with one type the voice that is full of magnetically said. This delicate and pretty male double palm just and jade palm of Lu Qinlian is sticking, his palm unexpectedly and Lu Qinlian equally attractive, moreover slenderer white and tender. Two Demon King, mutually to the palm, this are being an unusual danger(ous) behavior! Evil Snake King, shouldn't you be worried about now your subordinate?” The Lu Qinlian sound sinks coldly, but in heart actually secretly relaxed, she with this Evil Snake King, although in distant place, the situation that but can actually see the distant place, she knows that Shen Xiang came, where has Shen Xiang, her Bewitching Sound Paradise's spirit will be safer. Died died, my goal was you! Said, you want to catch you to go back very much, making you town Madame mountain in my evil Sheshan, your my joint effort, this Emperor Heaven in the future will be our world, if we will collaborate, robs Emperor Heaven now the existing resources, can make our strengths go a step further, you now and I am only both have equal share, will you be resigned to continuously this? Waited for that Emperor Heaven restored in the past such, when Heaven World Nine Heavens expert welled up, here simply did not have the place that you spoke!” That Evil Snake King said that a pair is beautiful makes the eye that the woman envies fill to charm. Makes me be your woman? Bah, have not thought that in the past I did not have transform into human time, several times were almost swallowed in the belly by you, I momentarily do not want to swallow my person together with your this type!” Lu Qinlian angrily said. „Don't you like the man? I can also turn into the woman!” Evil Snake King he he smiles. Snort!” In Lu Qinlian heart secret anxious, she wants to release on her very much that strange poisonous fragrance, but how regardless of now she thinks that these toxins do not come out fragrant, she was unable completely to control that type of toxin to be fragrant! If with Intoxicating Spirit Powder and Devil Decaying Death Qi, she were worried that this Evil Snake King is poisoned can also run away, when the time comes publicizes her Bewitching Sound Paradise to grasp these strange poison in all directions, her danger(ous). Actually I very admire your, you usually with poisonous used, has not thought that True Qi in within the body so was formidable!” Evil Snake King also said. You should care about your subordinate!” Lu Qinlian that side paying attention to Shen Xiang, at this time dashed that grandiose snake monster of past toward Shen Xiang, making in her heart somewhat restless. Anything is not good to be worried that so long as that brat dies, your spirits completely will fall into our hands, that is the subsequent party who I leave behind! Your I am clear, reason that we cannot mix in Heaven World, is our middle-level strength are not many, is small many, if no existences of our King Level, perhaps we were seized, will therefore run Emperor Heaven.” After Evil Snake King many subordinates were massacred, he has not felt the heart pain, still calm and Lu Qinlian contest palm strength.

This time you will certainly lose to me, I saw in your eyes the fear of deep place hideaway, you were worrying that your Little Fairy, you worried were too many, you forever are unable to progress!” Evil Snake King said with a smile cloudy. Lu Qinlian coldly loudly shouted: Shut up, what certain defeat is you, which time do you have to win me? Like your this ruthless fellow, do not count on that I with you, you never understand formidable strength that a collective has, this was also past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens can proclaim oneself emperor many years of reason!” What stands in front of Shen Xiang is higher than a head him the valiant great Chinese, grasps huge spiked club, that whole face ugly and ferocious-looking face, full is the fierce color, murderous-looking, a pair fills the pupil of strange green light, is staring at Shen Xiang. Humanity? Has not thought that your unexpectedly can with these spirit together, the Bewitching Sound Paradise's spirit start to raise the man? Ha Ha......” During laughs, this guy has wielded on a stick horizontally, the strength is very scary, pounds the space fluctuation to be intermittent, soon split open! What is most shocking, this is only physical strength! Hid has shocked in the female spirits of distant place, in their hearts very worried about Shen Xiang, they can see that everybody's strength was higher than a Shen Xiang big truncation! That is the snake of evil Sheshan, our not clear this snake concrete strength, but actually knows that their bodies infuse after some evil laws, not only fleshly body is powerful, the evil strength in within the body is also so, Young Master Shen you must be careful!” A female spirit to Shen Xiang sound transmission, they are not stupid, saw the Shen Xiang's status, can use Suppressing Devil Holy Power and controls the Devil Subduing Energy so profound person, has Shen Xiang one. That snake will see Shen Xiang to hide all of a sudden that in heart cannot help but angry, do not look that his four limbs are developed, but the brains are not simple, he ridiculed says with a smile: Your such fellow, should turn into the woman, a courage has not accepted a challenge, was inferior including these female spirits.” Shen Xiang palm azure light dodges, the broadsword that azure light sparkles appears in vain, the azure Dragon Qi fog on knife winds around, pours into Suppressing Devil Holy Power along with Shen Xiang, the knife is emitting golden Qi mist, but also follows faint dragon roar. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade! After Evil Snake King of distant place sees, complexion changes suddenly, originally quite calm he, but in his present innermost feelings, has the restlessness of not being able saying that he had victory in the hand, but actually suddenly kills Shen Xiang to come, regarding this Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean, this Evil Snake King does not dare to despise!

You...... Are you Shen Xiang?” That snake looks at Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in Shen Xiang hand, feels the incomparable threat, that light glow according to him, probably is the roaring flame ignition on his body such. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: I only liked with this blade Tu Dragon, looks in the face of your this big snake somewhat strength, I let the death that you are honored in this under the blade!” Dark anger of that snake in heart, mentioned spiked club, flew ta toward Shen Xiang in the past, speed unexpectedly suddenly changed quick! Damn humanity, do not think that can cut me with this blade, I am not these ineffective and worthless troops!” The snake will give out shocking roaring, this can make him eliminate in the heart the fear to Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. In the Shen Xiang heart thinks funny, has died in this the fellow under blade, the ineffective and worthless troops are many, but also some fierce fellows, for example Holy Dragon Crown Prince this type! That spiked club wild wielding hits, emits an intermittent terror hostility, is similar to Hell Evil Devil, calls out wickedly, very absorbs the person! Shen Xiang has revealed the status, at this time also not minces matter own strength, Earth Shrinking Step treads, avoids ingeniously, simultaneously wields cuts Divine Blade, Suppressing Devil Holy Power is incessant, emerges in Divine Blade, the Divine Blade Holy Light ten thousand zhang (3.33 m), are thousands of jin (0.5 kg), is bringing restraining by force of tearing space, meets the approaching enemy that huge spiked club. hōng hōng hōng! The sound that the instant, incomparably shocks resounds through the horizon, shakes the vault of heaven, explodes that Holy Light that dodges, must glisten compared with the sunlight, making the livelihood change colors! The earth had been devastated sores all over the eye, the dust flies upwards, but can actually see a security sense full generous back at this time, Shen Xiang grasps Divine Blade, straight station where! As the dust diverges, these whole face alarmed and afraid charming female spirits, will see that snake spiked club to explode casually, will sprinkle everywhere is, moreover a thick arm, was shaken bruised and lacerated, evil blood crazy class. This snake fleshly body so will be intrepid, unexpectedly cannot block his blade, Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean really and in the hearsay is equally formidable.”

Person attractively, strength so is also strong, luckily we not with him for enemy, and has established very good friendship, otherwise the consequence is dreadful.” No wonder Chief Big Sister so will be good to him, actually he is not ordinary little rascal!” The following female spirits chirp were discussing, eyes total glittering the light of admire is looking at Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang prominent one breath golden Qi mist, he used Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal strength slightly a moment ago, can cause heavy losses to this snake with that blade. He has stopped slightly, making True Qi in within the body smoother, the direct shuttle space, arrives at that snake nearby. This snake a hand arm will be ruined, but another actually perfect, but just lifted, maliciously was collapsed by Shen Xiang a foot, on the sole full is golden Suppressing Devil Holy Power, the time of stepping on, ten thunderclap crack suddenly resounds, Devil Subduing Energy strength penetrates that sturdy arm, was stepped on the flesh and blood to break broken by a Shen Xiang foot, is similar to steps on the sap to be ordinary. Shen Xiang looks at that was roaring the snake lightly, received Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, disdainfully said: It seems like you have not matched me to use this to cut to kill the blade!” The words finish, the Shen Xiang's fist becomes is similar to the golden casting is common, is emitting shake earth strength, will fight with the fists to that snake the head......