World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1160

The snake will be struck to kill by Shen Xiang, but that crowd of female spirits also cheer to run, wants the short distance has a look at the Shen Xiang's real facial features. Fellow misses, you leave here first, here present very danger(ous).” Shen Xiang is looking at distant place that several strength quite strong female spirits, they will be being been entangling by one flock of strength very strong snakes now. Shen Xiang, these snake monsters from Heaven Demon World, does not know when they migrate Emperor Heaven, they hide very much slyly now! These snake monster fiercest places, can resist the fierce toxin, but itself does not excel with the toxin, because they have not planted the patience of poisonous flowered poisonous herb, therefore their goals want to annex our Bewitching Sound Paradise.” Lu Qinlian in very far place to Shen Xiang sound transmission, making Shen Xiang understand that these snake monsters the origin, could have some help to Shen Xiang. If Demon and Devil, even if the strength is stronger than several ranks Shen Xiang, so long as Shen Xiang uses fully, can shake the opposite party, now he is raising heavy Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, dashes toward another battlefield of distant place, these snake monsters are the strength surpass Nirvana Realm, is monster Immortal Level leaves! If Human Immortal, perhaps Shen Xiang does not dare so rush over, Suppressing Devil Holy Power as well as these Devil Subduing martial arts that but Demon Immortal or Devil Immortal, practice by him, in addition Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade this type restrains the Demon and Devil sharp weapon specially, can enable him to be able with a it war. These are fighting snake monster, felt that threatens very big strength to approach to them fast, the strength that they felt a moment ago also in distant place, the speed of but moving so is terrorist, making their hearts be startled. Bewitching Sound Paradise's female Demon Immortal also feels that intense threat strength, but that strength imposing manner does not come to them, moreover they also know a moment ago some people help one another, but does not have other thoughts to care that is who helps one another they. Came!” A snake monster is startled to shout, because Shen Xiang is suddenly appears, before that flash also in distant place, but during blinking arrives at their here. Came! These two characters just shouted that presents together the azure circular arc blade light, chops slantingly to a snake monster back, although that snake monster had not cleft in two, however the back slash is very deep, the back skeleton basically cut off, two halves body also has a light meat and skin is connecting. What most awfully is Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade releases that to restrain Demon and Devil strength specially, in addition Suppressing Devil Holy Power, even though that snake monster had not died, but was difficult to receive the extreme, that strength is similar to burns down his soul to be ordinary, fleshly body was suffered by that strength is similar to is in the roaring flame billowing stove.

Shen Xiang's arrives, making Bewitching Sound Paradise's female Demon Immortal feel pleasantly surprised, but these snake monsters are actually angry and frightened, especially that Holy Light brilliant Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, that aura that releases, making them loathe to fear. ! Female Demon Immortal punctures a sword like lightning, pricked that to be divided on a snake monster of blade by Shen Xiang a moment ago, punctured that snake monster directly demon core! This damn fellow, everybody attacks him with joint forces, first destroys completely him, otherwise we must die!” Sound charming snake monster with clenched jaws shouted. You will not prevail!” Bewitching Sound Paradise's red skirt female Demon Immortal shouted to clear the way coldly: Elder sisters, do not let them injure to arrive at Young Master Shen, must constrain them.” The snake monster has seven, female Demon Immortal only then five, therefore before them, is strenuous, on some female Demon Immortal, has the alarmed scar, looks makes people grieved. The snake monsters sent out incisive yelling, the illness flushed, moreover aims at Shen Xiang's, looks appearance that they threatened, probably the plan exhausted breaks through the defenses of these female Demon Immortal fully, then struck to kill Shen Xiang with joint forces. Tying up of Holy Dragon!” In the Shen Xiang heart meditates one, ground suddenly presents a golden multi-colored sunlight, these snake monsters just stepped into that piece fully are the golden light grounds, sees golden Holy Dragon to well up from the ground, twines these snake monsters the foot, making these snake monsters stop completely is in-situ. Must know, after Shen Xiang previous time Holy Dragon Crown Prince refined into Holy Dragon pill, eats up that Holy Dragon pill, makes him have the strength of Holy Dragon, this strength is the same with Suppressing Devil Holy Power, has the greatly strengthened lethality to Demon and Devil! But if must cope with the snake, the strength of Holy Dragon will be fiercer, because the snake fears the dragon!

suddenly by this type Holy Power that is leading strong Dragon Xi ties down, in these snake demonic heart alarmed and afraid, Bewitching Sound Paradise's female Demon Immortal had prepared for with that these snake monsters perish together, but has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly has such one, lets in their hearts the great happiness, the meaning of murdering is more resounding. Five statures are slender, appearance beautiful female Demon Immortal, murderous-looking, arrives at side these snake monsters at this time, wields a sword is a fierce thorn, snake monster blood violently flies, when the blood splash punctures sword that graceful dancer's posture to flutter with the female Demon Immortal charming beautiful fascinating'winsome, the scene is beautiful, but actually extremely bloody, makes people feel that strangely the heart trembles. Has saying that the strengths of these snake monsters are quite intrepid, although cannot move, but they exhaust strength to protect oneself body the critical part, although the body has many blood holes, but they have not actually died! However they look that stands walks in not far away Shen Xiang suddenly, their complexion becomes uglier, they saw that in Shen Xiang hand to end their lives Divine Blade. Holy Dragon ties up unable to insist how long, these snake monster within the body have very strong strength, while protecting their, resists under the foot that to fetter their strength. Hey!” And three female Demon Immortal imitate benevolence Linked Heart to be ordinary, while these snake monsters break out of the fetter, punctures a sword with joint forces, punctures the defense of that snake monster, but also pierces that snake monster Heaven Dan. The snake monster gate is scarred at this time, is uninterested, only strove for being able to run away, but female Demon Immortal will not make them run away easily. Shen Xiang's Suppressing Devil Holy Power does not dare the big area use, was worried that can injure to these female Demon Immortal, at this time the circumstance has turned around completely, he does not need to strive again. „Weren't you plan must massacre me a moment ago? How now can run away?” Shen Xiang takes one step, shuttle space arrives at that female snake monster, thigh condense vigorous Suppressing Devil Holy Power, a foot is flinging to that female snake monster cheeks, what is frightening, the Shen Xiang's foot kicks when that female snake monster face, but also the deafening sound has several Heaven-shaking thunderclap sounds. That female snake monster called out pitifully to fly horizontally, but that side this time happen to had a Bewitching Sound Paradise's female spirit to wait, the time of flying, she wielded a sword to divide fiercely, broke off that snake monster around the middle, afterward she also stepped on that Heaven Dan broken.

The quantity of snake monster are getting fewer and fewer, the female Demon Immortal imposing manner is getting more and more abundant, has destroyed quickly completely two snake monsters. Shen Xiang using Earth Shrinking Step, fast walks randomly in the battlefield, once for a while attacks these snake monsters with Suppressing Devil Holy Power, levels off hilltops together, tramples a foot, gets a fist, eradicates these snake monsters the defensive power, but these female Demon Immortal very tacit coordination Shen Xiang, always after Shen Xiang has attacked these snake monsters, destroys completely that snake monster with joint forces. The moment passes by, the ground is these snake monsters stump residual limbs, Shen Xiang puts the produce fire flame, burns down ground that bloody thing. Although on these female Demon Immortal has the scar, but actually does not affect their charming graceful bearing, at this time their on the face full is the charming happy smiling face, in abundance throws the coquettish look to Shen Xiang, two also run over, was inquiring Shen Xiang does have injured. What transaction this does Shen Xiang have with you? unexpectedly so for you over? As far as I know, this brat does not lack the woman!” The Evil Snake King complexion is ugly, does obeisance Shen Xiang to bestow, the subordinate who he brings died completely, although he in the surface did not care, but in the heart was very grieved, because that was elite in his evil Sheshan. Lu Qinlian said while loudly laughing: You never know that the friend is anything, Shen Xiang is the friend of mine, he naturally can help me, moreover does not need anything to repay! If he has difficult, I can also do utmost helps him! Like your this ruthless fellow, even if some people help you, perhaps but which day in turn will come on a blade behind you!” Snort, other haughty! You think my strength only then? You think me to constrain you, won't hesitate with the fight strength danger(ous) way? I had not counted on that crowd of waste that I bring, it seems like I continuously is right!” Evil Snake King revolution within the body vigorous monster strength, saw only his palm suddenly changes red, but also braved a faint trace red Qi mist.