World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1161

The jade palm of Lu Qinlian is sticking to the palm of Evil Snake King at this time, felt that is similar to vast sea impact strength is being used, in the heart startles greatly, this Evil Snake King said not false, the monster strength above her, her complexion was also by far dignified. If receives the palm at this time, Lu Qinlian is shaken the severe wound by vigorous strength that Evil Snake King will attack surely, if serious, even can make her die, light also will be demon core is damaged, or the meridians caused heavy losses. Only if she has enough strength, top the Evil Snake King monster strength! But if Evil Snake King receives the merit, then the evil snake will not feel better, the Lu Qinlian skill is not weak, she can also cause heavy losses to Evil Snake King, therefore they arrive finally, will be mutually wounded, only if they simultaneously receive the merit, but at present looks like this is impossible. Shen Xiang gathers round by several female Demon Immortal now, chirp asked that east asked the west, was very the enthusiasm. Fellow elder sisters, you govern the good wound first, I must help your Chief Big Sister!” Shen Xiang eats up grain of air/Qi Divine Pill, by oneself strength that restores to lose a moment ago. This...... Young Master Shen, that Evil Snake King may be fierce, do not go, our Chief Big Sister can deal with comes, we worried that you will be affected.” A maturity graceful bearing, the stature abundant female gentle voice said that looks at the Shen Xiang's time, that charming look as if can drop the water leakage to come, moreover she also holds on the Shen Xiang's big hand, very ambiguous is stroking, making the Shen Xiang mind ripple. Although the Bewitching Sound Paradise's spirit is not intimate with the man, but once is intimate with, that certainly warm awfully, as if must swallow down to be the same the person, at this time Shen Xiang is such a situation. They said well, the words that you come court death, but I like seeing off the person dead generally!” This magnetic sound conveys, Shen Xiang and that several female Demon Immortal the whole body shakes by that time, along with it, extremely evil strength wells up, although cannot see that evil strength, but Shen Xiang their this time feelings, probably stand near the seacoast, looks difficult situation that attacks at present crazily! Does not need to think that knows who releases this strength person is, is that Evil Snake King! Shen Xiang loudly shouted, offers a sacrifice to Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, lets Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal in his place above, forms one golden light covers, covers with these female Demon Immortal him, after this golden color light covers just appeared, that evil strength has welled up, is similar to a giant and transparent iron shovel, has thick the big shovel!

If no protection of Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, perhaps Shen Xiang they early flew with these soils, will be wounded by the evil strength. You leave here first, I block this fellow.” Shen Xiang looks at the sky is standing that delicate and pretty man, has saying that side his face Shen Xiang several female Demon Immortal some envy. Walks quickly!” Shen Xiang has pushed several females, the sound becomes very serious: This lets is not he, but is his clone, but the strength is very strong. You now have been injured, moreover strength has consumed sizing up, cannot consume with this fellow.” That five female Demon Immortal gentle voices urged several, leaves on hastily, looks other spirit convergence. Do not want to walk, my person died, you cannot go on living.” Evil Snake King stretches out that to be only slender the slender hand, the palm was running swiftly to that several to female Demon Immortal of distant place, then projects together the grey evil light from the palm. In that instantaneous, the Shen Xiang shuttle space, puts out Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, seals facing that Evil Snake King clone, the evil light flies to shoot, becomes very huge, condense the fearful evil strength, is shaking the earth, if hits on the body of that passing an examination female Demon Immortal, definitely will make their colored soul clear, but had actually kept off by Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal! The great strength of Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, Shen Xiang could feel more and more that he only thinks this Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal is seal anything, but restrains Demon and Devil strength, goes beyond compared with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. No wonder, actually is Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable the assigns Law Seal to be able in your hands? Snort, if makes the Suppressing Devil Temple's fellow know that you will go to certainly to be torn up by them to Heaven World.” Before Evil Snake King , a face is relaxed, thinks that own clone can kill Shen Xiang with ease, but after seeing this Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, on the face has no dignified color. This Evil Snake King is truly fierce, at the same time and Lu Qinlian fight of strength, unexpectedly can also use unsurpassed secret method, branches out by blackmailing clone copes with Shen Xiang they . Moreover the strength is very strong, Shen Xiang has not grasped this clone defeats, only if can borrow Long Xueyi's strength!Do not think that I am Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord, that fellow soon had been finished, you walked dogshit to transport destroy completely him, although this was my clone, but must be used to cope with you to be enough, although you had Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, but you can only display these two Divine Weapon strength a wee bit.

The Evil Snake King yawn puts out together red light, seems like similar to the appearance of snake apricot, shoots from the Shen Xiang's throat! Shen Xiang sees this, immediately keeps off with Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal before the body, what makes his unexpected is, this such as snake apricot general fearful red light, unexpectedly can penetrate the space, avoids Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal Holy Light, penetrates directly, presents the place before his throat! Saw that this snake apricot must pierce the Shen Xiang's throat, but Shen Xiang's throat suddenly presents one to burn the fiery red scales of roaring flame, this is dragon scales, seems like similar to burns the ruby of flame to be ordinary, but also glittering [say / way], has blocked that vicious snake apricot. Shen Xiang's Martial Spirit is Fire Lightning Dragon Spirit, has the fire and thunder attribute, because Martial Spirit adolescence has not gotten up completely, has not turned into Five Elements Dragon Spirit, therefore he little uses, now he is just is used to defend, the effect is very remarkable. Evil Snake King thing that sprays from the mouth, is really his snake apricot, but is very fierce, speed like light, moreover can penetrate the space, no wonder he so has the confidence to kill Shen Xiang. Wants me to get rid?” Long Xueyi asked that she was White Dragon, in Imperial Dragon Clan with Holy Dragon was the same fierce . Moreover the memory inheritance that she obtained were many, has the massive strange flowers different grass to eat in Hidden Jade Ring, adolescence speed swift pace was incomparable, the strength was very considerable. Temporarily does not use, I destroy completely this clone, but must link his main body to kill together, if I borrow your strength, once finished up, I may probably lie down a period of time to restore.” The Shen Xiang running together of two syllables in rapid speech said that at this time that snake apricot hits once more. Shen Xiang the characteristics of this snake apricot, he has used the strength of Law of Space immediately, strengthens the Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal front space, does not let that snake apricot penetration space, then, that snake apricot hits on Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, was similar to by the heat sheet iron is ironed, the pain has resulted in Evil Snake King that delicate and pretty face to be fierce. Has attacked to me, is him, looks down on my fellow, will not have any good end!” The Shen Xiang double fist grasps, look suddenly becomes profound like the sea, but also suddenly behind him presents a mountain Haijiang river chart, the head is a stars chart, the under foot is the great shape that soil turns into, such as the mountain is generally big. Most makes people feel what the heart startles is these shocks the thing that the release intermittent Slaughter Qi, that Slaughter Qi, covers in this piece of crystal stones mineral lode is sky over, making people think that this is an antique Fiendgod battlefield, fills endless murderous aura and death Qi.

The Shen Xiang's Slaughtering Heart crazy beat, that splash the sound, making the release that Slaughter Qi keeps kill the potential, making the world change color. Myriad things die out!” Sees only the Shen Xiang back mountain Haijiang river chart, the universe stars chart of top of the head, huge Divine Elephant of under foot, suddenly turns into a piece of flash goal multi-colored sunlight, merges into one organic whole with Shen Xiang! Shen Xiang grasps Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade merges into one organic whole, having one to be possible the killing potential of destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth, cuts to Evil Snake King clone of distant place. Cuts!” Shen Xiang roared, Divine Blade divided to cut, the vault of heaven shook, the space cracked, Evil Snake King clone could not move in that instantaneously, he had been killed the potential to cover by Shen Xiang's completely, was killed potential locking by this, he had a fate, died! Bang! The blade light covers the earth, boom rumble is making noise, the Evil Snake King body was having the unbeatable killing potential by that hits with formidable Suppressing Devil Holy Power, the soul also encounters technique of attack very intense Slaughter God, the soul dissipation of clone, the fleshly body disruption, after by finally that strength firing flying ash! since ancient times, evil cannot vanquish good, Demon and Devil is Demon and Devil!” Shen Xiang long aspirated, the complexion is somewhat thin and pale, his hastily clothing/taking next several grains of air/Qi Divine Pill, that was his struck a moment ago fully, the consumption was very huge.