World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1162
Evil Snake King clone was extinguished, main body was also greatly affected, at this time the complexion is very ugly, this makes in the Lu Qinlian heart secretly rejoice, because she can have the opportunity to break out of the difficult position of present, but her suddenly glimpses that wipes the mean color that in the Evil Snake King look suddenly flashes through, in the heart startles immediately greatly. Ha Ha Ha......” Evil Snake King that delicate and pretty face suddenly twists, fiercely said while loudly laughing: Do not count on that this can topple me!” Dies, slut!” Evil Snake King both eyes are towering, full is blood-colored, red light is intermittent, appearance very fearsome, he crazily and is laughing fiercely, sees only his slender slender arm, suddenly becomes extremely fat, rose to break the sleeve, unexpectedly that came out exposed was one full is the arm of black snake scale, a black Qi overflow of evil looking. Lu Qinlian when seeing the Evil Snake King look, knows that the Evil Snake King plan and she perishes together! Bang! Shakes huge sound suddenly crack, the intense sound wave cracking earth, covers in the above that matter fog haze do not blow dissipates, red light projects, afterward then sees Lu Qinlian and Evil Snake King lands on the ground slowly, they have not died, but the corners of the mouth overflow the blood, looks deathly pale, understood at a glance that received the extremely heavy internal injury. Shen Xiang use limit the strength of Law of Space, across a big section distance, arrives at Evil Snake King and Lu Qinlian landing place! The Evil Snake King both feet just touched, Shen Xiang suddenly appears, Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade fusion, Suppressing Devil Holy Power was displayed peak by Shen Xiang, as soon as he appears, is dividing to a Evil Snake King fierce blade, the blade light ten thousand zhang (3.33 m), kill the potential to be intermittent, nearby Lu Qinlian, felt that formidable incomparable strength that Shen Xiang within the body hides, lets her seems faces Subduing Dragon Sect that mysterious Great Elder to be ordinary! Shen Xiang's suddenly arrives, the attack of suddenly, making Evil Snake King unexpected, he calculates that Shen Xiang definitely will flush, but has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly is so quick, from that far distance, arrived here in a flash, but also chops the terror a blade. Although Evil Snake King severe wound, but camel of skinny is big, his body instinct makes to fend, this is one instinct strength that he for many years fought to accumulate!

„......” The Evil Snake King pain shouted one, although he fends, but shoulder place place, was divided by a Shen Xiang blade value, almost pares the half body, the entire arm was cut to fall by Shen Xiang together with almost 50% bodies. Is waiting to me, evil Sheshan cannot let off your!” Evil Snake King that fierce resenting sound, overlapping, reverberates in the horizon, but he when Shen Xiang chops the second blade, the body turned into piece of black Qi mist, the permeating ground vanishes. Really was a pity that such a good opportunity, unexpectedly to make him run away!” Shen Xiang helps up to fall down Lu Qinlian, reorganizes her disorderly long hair and clothing, at this time her on the face does not have blood-colored, but her within the body has Sacred Lotus Seed, she can through absorbing Sacred Lotus Seed inside strength restores her injury, time that but Shen Xiang holds now her, actually feels her body very ice-cold. I was poisoned!” Lu Qinlian that just stood, made an effort to speak these words, poured in the Shen Xiang's bosom, Shen Xiang closely grasps her, hastily released warm fire Qi, helping Lu Qinlian drive the toxin. The breath of Lu Qinlian becomes rapid, the two lips blanch, Shen Xiang thought at this time more and more bosom is embracing the tender body, is releasing the threatening cold air, he looks at complexion ugly Lu Qinlian, hastily inquires: Lotus elder sister, in you what toxin? So to be how fierce, couldn't resist including you?” I was seriously injured, has not driven poisonous strength......” Lu Qinlian closely to hold Shen Xiang that warm solid body, has closed the eye slightly, could not support evidently probably. Shen Xiang worries, immediately cuts open wrist|skill, emits some blood, pours into the Lu Qinlian mouth, although his blood cannot the Wang Quan disintoxicating, but the invasion of resistance toxin can achieve. He is holding Lu Qinlian, leaves this sores all over the eye crystal stones mineral lode, arrives in piece of lonesome and quiet mountain forest, at this time the Lu Qinlian complexion changed for the better, cold poison actually still has wreaked havoc in within the body. Is Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison...... one of the Primordial Strange Poison, has not thought that this Evil Snake King unexpectedly has this type of toxin, moreover in the final moment pours into my body completely, signal Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison is in Primordial Strange Poison weakest one, otherwise I already died.”

Lu Qinlian can speak at this time, she also lies down in the Shen Xiang's bosom, fire Qi that because Shen Xiang releases, making her feel that very comfortable, does not want to leave. Shen Xiang sees Lu Qinlian to wake, but can also speak, implored the one breath gently, said: Lotus elder sister, you scared to death me, the wound in your within the body how?” The Lu Qinlian face pastes in the Shen Xiang's chest, she is the first time and a man so intimately contacts, moreover is weakest in her, most needs to help, whole body cold incomparable she, does not want to leave the Shen Xiang's bosom, only wants forever like this was being hugged by him. Internal injury is very serious, my demon core is damaged, but my within the body has Sacred Lotus Seed, I absorb Sacred Lotus Seed strength, can stand firm the injury quickly, being insufficient makes the injury worsen, when the time comes I can also drive the toxin, but I need very long a period of time to be able recovery that's it.” Although Lu Qinlian was seriously injured, strange poison, but lies down in the Shen Xiang's bosom at this time, in heart has faint trace inexplicable palpitation, marvelous feeling that one type is hard to say. „After that well recuperates! The lotus elder sister, that Evil Snake King how does suddenly brave?” Shen Xiang felt that Lu Qinlian closely is hugging him, but also rubs gently his body once for a while, this makes in his heart have an unusual feeling. Lu Qinlian felt that Shen Xiang's is stroking her beautiful hair gently, was out of sorts, then Youyou said: I thought that is Demon Territory and Devil Territory fellow stimulates him to come out intentionally, weakens my strength! Although he is the snake monster, strength that but he uses also has from Heavenly Devil World, now he in Emperor Heaven, definitely and that side Devil Territory has good relationship! Because is my Bewitching Sound Paradise's strength is now most prosperous, can contend with my Bewitching Sound Paradise's, only then his evil Sheshan, because they do not fear our toxins!” Lotus elder sister, he uses Profound Ice to be evil, since this is Primordial Strange Poison one, if exits, his situation can very danger(ous)?” Shen Xiang touches Lu Qinlian that show face, before not, that ice-cold. Lu Qinlian nodded, said: This I will definitely say, so long as this matter passes on, no matter others do believe that will guard against Evil Snake King. Naturally, if in the Heaven World's words, so long as I come, making others examine that I said Profound Ice is evil, Evil Snake King will issue a warrant for arrest.” Lotus elder sister, that Little Yao? Is that only Little Fairy!” Shen Xiang looked at Lu Qinlian the flower on sending hairpin, has not induced to the aura fluctuation of that Little Fairy.

She in my within the body...... Has Lotus Flower in my demon core inside, Little Yao sleeps in inside!” Lu Qinlian said with a smile lightly \; I, have not been able to awaken this little girl like this.” Mentioned Little Yao this Little Fairy, Shen Xiang has remembered these Ancient Profound Ice, he just obtained massive Profound Ice from Fire God Palace in warehouse that Profound Cold Ancient Domain set up, moreover knew Fire God Palace at the Profound Cold Ancient Domain dry dirty matter. Shen Xiang will tell Lu Qinlian, this makes Lu Qinlian frown: No wonder my Bewitching Sound Paradise's spirit goes to Profound Cold Ancient Domain time, will run into some Fire God Palace's fellows, our spirits had not been attacked, is Fire God Palace fears these spirits toxins?” In brief this matter must pass on, cannot make Fire God Palace continue again like this...... Right, reason that Fire God Palace such does, probably is called the Ice Emperor fellow for resurrect one......” Shen Xiang just spoke of Ice Emperor, bosom that weak beautiful woman fiercely shivers, Lu Qinlian was much longer the eye that pair beautiful and bewitches, the whole face looks at Shen Xiang shocking. What you said is Ice Emperor? I have heard, this is a very great character, has not thought that his unexpectedly can also resurrect, not probably make him live!” Lu Qinlian is looking at the sky, during was lost in thought. Shen Xiang thought that the Lu Qinlian words are somewhat contradictory, Ice Emperor is a very great character, but why can't resurrect? On the present Emperor Heaven this terrible situation, needs a powerful capable person, frightens entire Emperor Heaven, keeps the Emperor Heaven order, being insufficient makes Emperor Heaven fall into to murder, in all directions life uttery misery. Shen Xiang has stroked beautifully with Lu Qinlian that such as the cheeks of jade, asked in a soft voice: Lotus elder sister, what background is Ice Emperor? Can say with me?”