World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1163
The Great Emperor of Ten Heavens matter, Emperor Heaven many people have heard now, when at that time detailed history, as well as Great Emperor of Ten Heavens die, with the die later matter, actually few people knows, after Great Emperor of Ten Heavens die, had many matters, the historical fragment that these lose, regarding the present the Emperor Heaven person, should be very important, because of this relationship Emperor Heaven future life and death! Although Emperor Heaven rebirth, but does not mean after the rebirth, has survived, perhaps also like before, once more will burst, degenerates into many low status small world. Lu Qinlian is grasping the Shen Xiang's big hand, rubs to feel gently, is feeling that hand above temperature, falls into her in recollection, the look probably looks at the distant place to be the same, said: Nine Heavens and Ten Earths...... the past nine days, nine emperors, proclaimed oneself emperor in the day, called the king in the place! It is said that phase of history is this, these most expert should be Nine Emperors and Ten Kings......, but afterward Great Emperor of Ten Heavens appeared, unified Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, moreover opens Emperor Heaven to come, but he still retains Nine Emperors and Ten Kings in the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths authority, making Nine Emperors and Ten Kings manage their respective domains.” unexpectedly is this, what hasn't that phase of history to hide, spread?” Shen Xiang has doubts very much. Lu Qinlian touches the Shen Xiang's handsome face with that only somewhat ice-cold white hands, said \; I am not clear, because I know some immaterial things! Then said that Ice Emperor matter, you should be able to guess correctly now that Ice Emperor is emperors in Nine Heavens ten king, governs Ice Heaven! Reason that I said that he is a character, this is also I hears, it is said in the past Ice Emperor and Great Emperor of Ten Heavens great war, moreover an arm of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens cutting, why as for can great war, nobody know.” In brief, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens to let Nine Heavens and Ten Earths in the past had a good order, but with him for the enemy, majority wants to destroy the person of order, but in Nine Emperors and Ten Kings, the strengths of these kings were not weak, they want to defeat Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, obtained the position of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, this was also very normal!” Lu Qinlian, continued saying: Therefore, I thought that Ice Emperor is not my goodness, if lets his resurrect, this Emperor Heaven can very danger(ous).” Shen Xiang is certainly clear, but he thought that now very strange matter, then what is between Profound Cold Ancient Domain and Ice Emperor has to relate? Ice Emperor can use these Profound Ice resurrect, but Ice Emperor appears in Profound Cold Ancient Domain, this obviously is not accidental, moreover danger(ous) that in Profound Cold Ancient Domain hides, White Tiger and Great Emperor of Ten Heavens this character that touches, obviously Profound Cold Ancient Domain is mystical, Shen Xiang does not want to take risk now, because regarding this strength, he goes to Profound Cold Ancient Domain is brings death! Lotus elder sister, the rest, I hugs you to sleep well tonight, should not be excited emit that type of toxin to be fragrant!” Shen Xiang looks at Lu Qinlian that the facial expression changes for the better, smiles was saying. Lu Qinlian charmingly angry, has urged the Shen Xiang's chest, then shrinks in the Shen Xiang's bosom, closes the eye, to rely on the Sacred Lotus Seed stable injury in within the body. Shen Xiang looks at the spirit beautiful woman in bosom, in the heart sighs one darkly, if before, many influences absorbed in Bewitching Sound Paradise, but does not dare to do right with Chenwu Mainland, but was now different, Bewitching Sound Paradise's Lu Qinlian received the severe wound, a short time is unable to restore to the peak condition!

Night, the insect in mountain forest called intermittently, the breeze assailed, Lu Qinlian rested the night-watch incense, Shen Xiang was hugging her, looks at her Zhang Qingli's beautiful appearance steadily, suddenly wants to go to gently the small mouth of that red cherry very much, but he did not dare, if Lu Qinlian released these toxins to come fragrant, he troubled. This poisonous beautiful woman, the whole body is a thorn, oh......” Shen Xiang was sighing darkly, but he was caresses that to let the face that person Divine Soul inverted once for a while lightly. Shen Xiang gains ground, among the slit by branches and leaves, looks at the stars in sky, secretly said in heart: This is a stretch of new world, should rush by our new people, it seems like that this has been doomed! The lotus elder sister, you later well rests!” Lu Qinlian may be full elders here, it can be said that undermined the balance of new times, this makes Shen Xiang think that this possibly people intentionally arrange, lets hide in Evil Snake King of Emperor Heaven hidden place also encounters this matter. That Evil Snake King does not feel better absolutely, did his definitely also severe wound, have other formidable existences as for this piece of new Emperor Heaven, that was unknown, but Shen Xiang actually must prepare this aspect. Next day, Lu Qinlian wakes up, her body has not felt cold, but Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison of her within the body completely has not actually driven out, this Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison is not that type is fatal immediately, if did not have Shen Xiang to help Lu Qinlian with own blood at that time promptly, in addition Lu Qinlian itself has certain anti- poisonous ability, she perhaps already by cold poison lethal. But now Lu Qinlian looked like nothing, but cold poison in within the body kept her from using formidable strength, she used the poisonous attack time, needed very formidable strength, can pour into the body of enemy these toxins. After Lu Qinlian restores, on before the face that rises above worldly affairs delicately is brimming with one type, no smiling face, in that pair of beautiful eyes is passing the strange brilliance, looks like, before she compares, loves vividly, is gentler. Shen Xiang at this time concern heavily, because did not have Bewitching Sound Paradise, he must from formulate many matters to protect Subduing Dragon City newly, or is the Chenwu Mainland union. Lu Qinlian sees his facial expression, immediately charmingly angry [say / way]. little brat, is elder sister's my spirit so good? Weren't you so how happy?”

Shen Xiang recovers, to her happily said with a smile: That is natural, because I cannot hug you, I think such to hug you really every day!” Lu Qinlian tender sound track: little rascal, is dishonest, did you forget on previous time me the toxin fragrant matter?” Although she said that but in heart actually secretly tenderly smiles. I was killed by poison am also resigned!” Shen Xiang shamelessly said with a smile. humph, humph......” Lu Qinlian tenderly snorted several, then lightly sighed: Shen Xiang, I had promised you before, must help you protect Chenwu Mainland's, but now...... Really sorry!” In Lu Qinlian heart guilty incomparable, Shen Xiang her these many, but actually turns into this now, this makes her hate itself, hating own strength to be too weak, cannot resist Evil Snake King, causes to have now this situation. Does not need to care!” Shen Xiang did not blame Lu Qinlian, his said resolutely: Lotus elder sister, you do not need to be guilty, if you thought that has a deficit very much I, complies with my matter!” Sees Shen Xiang to be so earnest, Lu Qinlian hastily asked: What matter?” Is makes Bewitching Sound Paradise withdraw from the Emperor Heaven present dispute, I thought that here does not suit you temporarily!” Lu Qinlian is very intelligent, quick can know the Shen Xiang's idea! She sighed one lightly, suddenly nodded: I listen your!”

Shen Xiang and Lu Qinlian had found these with the spirit and Demon Immortal who who comes, at this time other Shen Xiang not urgent matters, therefore he is in front of Lu Qinlian, was speaking the ambiguous words with the charming spirits of these each has his good points. Those who let Lu Qinlian clench jaws, Shen Xiang not only sexually harasses these spirits in the spoken language, but also fight, has not traced the thigh, rubs the chest, or pinches the cheek, but also that crowd of spirits are very happy, gathers round various Shen Xiang types to create a disturbance, lets fall into Shen Xiang of red light district not to extricate oneself...... Once the matter of Lu Qinlian severe wound passes on, Bewitching Sound Paradise's spirit possibly greatly troublesome, therefore Lu Qinlian convenes Bewitching Sound Paradise in the spirits of other places immediately, transfers completely all industries, she must give Shen Xiang's, but Shen Xiang does not want. The short ten days of time, Bewitching Sound Paradise completely vanished in the spirits of various Emperor Heaven places! About Lu Qinlian and Evil Snake King great war matter, spreading of genuine and fake comes out. Naturally, Evil Snake King has the Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison matter also to be known by many people. Now many big influences have adjusted the plan of actually, because Chenwu Mainland lost the Bewitching Sound Paradise's asylum, these regard as the influences of eye-sore Chenwu Mainland, is ready to make trouble! Chenwu Mainland so will be why important , because Chenwu Mainland may become the new emperor day central area, this means that Chenwu Mainland might present new Dragon Vein very much, this will be many matters of Heaven World's old fellow forecast. Naturally, now will not be silly immediately has the influence to attack Chenwu Mainland, because no one had determined that Bewitching Sound Paradise really no longer shelters Chenwu Mainland, let alone Shen Xiang and Chenwu Mainland's relationship who doesn't know? This young little rascal, is many old fellow nightmares, who dares to provoke? Although Subduing Dragon Sect, but the person has offended him, that not fallen matter, that will be extinguished, oppressive, by slaughter!