World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1164
Evil Snake King has not died, therefore, also will stage a comeback, but Shen Xiang actually very anticipates that moment, he is confident, if on the day of there are, he can cut to kill the Evil Snake King main body surely. Shen Xiang helped the Bewitching Sound Paradise's matter past these ten days, he in a very secret place, with Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, examined that these he Ancient Profound Ice that snatched from underground palace. He just started to look at more than 100 continuously, had not discovered that inside has the thing, the special cold strength that although these Profound Ice release is intense, moreover words that seems from the semblance, is top rank that if takes the auction, price high that is the affirmation Pit father! More than 1000 Ancient Profound Ice, the wool did not have one in inside!” Shen Xiang Yang Tang in the ground, rubs Primal Chaos Spirit Eye that forehead that is only opening with both hands, at this time he in mountain side, the whole face is exhausted, consecutively more than ten days, carefully looked at so many Profound Ice, not tired that is impossible. These Profound Ice look like is very good, but more than 1000, inside anything did not have now, disappointing Shen Xiang. Naturally, these Profound Ice can take away to sell, or is used to refine Profound Ice pill to him, the utilizable value is very high. Previous time I enter these underground palace time, listening to these fellows to mention any Profound Ice meeting, perhaps where when the time comes I can get so far as have treasure Profound Ice!” Shen Xiang suddenly has remembered this matter, moreover that Profound Ice is also about to start, he has not continued to look at other more than 2000 Profound Ice, that required the time, the words that looked, definitely without enough time attended that Profound Ice meeting. Here also two treasure boxes, when I have the time, finds the way to supplement that Ice Dragon Sword sheath inside strength, opens that two valuable boxes!” Shen Xiang has been keeping thinking about that two valuable boxes, but must supplement that is difficult strength of Ice Dragon Sword sheath, needs to be good for a long time. Shen Xiang may not have that patience, moreover he also believes one can find to supplement that in a short time strength of key, opens the other two valuable boxes! That that valuable box that previous time he opens, obtains Divine Craftsman's Hammer, is supreme treasure, after this can let him, does not use Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, fierce weapon that can also be able to use, although seems like a broken iron hammer.

Shen Xiang uses massive crystal stones, finally inquired that had the matter about that Profound Ice meeting! This Profound Ice will conduct in Profound Ice City, but Profound Ice City constructs in the Profound Cold Ancient Domain surrounding, here also has Teleportation Formation, Northern Demon City that such one, Bewitching Sound Paradise governs lost the superiority, but does Bewitching Sound Paradise presently care, Lu Qinlian needs to heal from a wound, if these days the Bewitching Sound Paradise's spirit were bullied by some expert, she does not have strength to revenge. Therefore when initially the Lu Qinlian decision must withdraw from this new emperor day the stage, had considered this, their Bewitching Sound Paradise's resources is a lot . After withdrawing, all industrial transfer, has harvested large sum of money, enough their Bewitching Sound Paradise's spirit maintained for a long time. Shen Xiang just started to think that Profound Ice City is one covers the snow and ice the city, but after arriving here, he is hard to believe that Profound Ice City is in Profound Cold Ancient Domain surrounding that Land of Ice and Snow! Other Profound Ice City and giant cities are different, what is only different, the entire city can cover with pale golden energy shield that the naked eye sees by one, the cold wind cannot blow, the snow and ice will not appear here, outside ray by that light cover, lets the entire urban as if warmed sunlight is shining, therefore Shen Xiang just went out of Teleportation Formation time, but also thinks that the transmission has made a mistake the city. Can establish this city, explained that governs the influence of this city to settle on this city, using biggest strength to construct this city, attracted the massive people to come, from this can also explain that governed the influence of this city to be formidable, because covered the strong large formation law of this giant city, was not the general influence can construct. Participates in Profound Ice City the qualifications request of Profound Ice meeting to be very high, either must have stone excellent quality Profound Ice, either has three 100 billion crystal stones, because Profound Ice meeting time, inside also meets the giant auction, or gambling Profound Ice, Profound Ice demonstrated that the activity of sell, needs massive crystal stones. The rank of Profound Ice was divided into top and top grade four ranks, low-grade is worst. Naturally, this through the cold air and outward appearance that Profound Ice releases decided that as a result of the psychological process, many people thinks this Profound Ice can start out the treasure probability to be quite many. Shen Xiang with having three 100 billion crystal stones the condition obtains the qualifications, he has ten excellent qualities Profound Ice, this Profound Ice he has more than 3000, but these Profound Ice are he robs, if he takes, definitely will be recognized by Fire God Palace.

Although has not known that which governs the Profound Ice City influence is, but Shen Xiang can guess correctly probably only then Fire God Palace has this arm, moreover Fire God Palace conducts Profound Ice to meet anything, it is estimated that also to obtain more quality better Profound Ice, is used for resurrect that Ice Emperor. Whether or not Fire God Palace conducts, Shen Xiang plans to join in the fun, if sees inside has treasure Profound Ice, he resorts to all means to get so far as. After obtaining the qualifications of attending this congress, Shen Xiang waits to start in a restaurant! Several days passed by, Shen Xiang can hear some people to call out in alarm in the avenue in the room every day again and again, said that some anything great people arrive, or is Big Shot of any influence comes, although Shen Xiang does not know these Big Shot, has not heard, but he knows the strong person who attended this Profound Ice meeting are many, moreover probably was some just the influence of new promote. In the morning, Shen Xiang walks on an avenue of broad nobody, because of the reason of Profound Ice meeting, therefore this avenue is sealed up today, only then these have to participate in the person who Profound Ice meets the qualifications to be able. In the avenue end, the giant mountain villages, the place that Profound Ice can conduct in inside, Shen Xiang arrives at the entrance the time, can induce to very familiar flame aura, that is Fire God Palace's, but this also can only explain that in has the Fire God Palace person to participate, did not mean that this mountain village is the Fire God Palace's den, but can actually make Shen Xiang more definite, this Profound Ice City somewhat and Fire God Palace a little relationship, or is Fire God Palace unites other influences to do. The name of mountain village is called the roaring flame mountain village, enters in the mountain village, immediately felt warm heat, making person suddenly think the whole body has comfortable of not being able to say. Enters in the mountain village, Shen Xiang listens to the servant who the inquiry has waited for along the road, knew where the main conference hall is, there is demonstrated that Profound Ice place, is the person who attended the Profound Ice meeting, demonstrates unusual Profound Ice that oneself obtain, if some people settle on, can purchase directly here, but the price needs both sides to communicate. Can person who comes to here to attend the Profound Ice meeting, at least three 100 billion crystal stones, or have ten quality excellent Profound Ice, as well as other low-grade archery target Profound Ice! Although cannot determine in these Profound Ice to have treasure, but these Profound Ice prices may not be low.

After Shen Xiang goes to the Exhibition Hall, sees trillion Ancient Profound Ice, named Golden Dragon Profound Ice, shining, moreover seems is similar to with Golden Dragon of golden casting, circles on a pillar, in the mouth also holds a grain of [gold/metal] Zhu! Profound Ice that forms naturally, can grow into this, this truly unusual incomparable . Moreover the cold air that this Golden Dragon Profound Ice itself spout is also very fierce, is much stronger than many quality upper-level Profound Ice. Shen Xiang strolled several, finally stands in front of this Golden Dragon Profound Ice, then carefully looks that in he can have a look to have treasure with Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, because he also thought that this Golden Dragon Profound Ice is unusual. Surrounds the Golden Dragon Profound Ice person, Shen Xiang forced one's way in great difficulty, can before looks at a care, he hears all around person to nitpick to this Golden Dragon Profound Ice, most people think that in this Golden Dragon Profound Ice has the good thing, but actually nobody buys, because this Golden Dragon Profound Ice selling price is 10,000 eight 100 billion! Many people wants to buy, but in pouch shy, can only look mouth-wateringly, in their hearts is criticizing that the black sheep of the family who Golden Dragon Profound Ice takes to sell, this type of thing should leave itself to open is right, unexpectedly dares to take to sell. In the Shen Xiang heart laughs in one's heart, because the increasing numbers of people with through looking at the Profound Ice semblance concluded that in has treasure! If possible, Shen Xiang hopes to see these ordinary Profound Ice, because he thought that in this ordinary Profound Ice has the treasure possibility these attractive Profound Ice be much higher, he that more than 3000 Profound Ice that obtains from Fire God Palace, currently has more than 1000 not to have treasure, disappointing him the period of time.