World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1165
Many people were commenting that Golden Dragon Profound Ice, only then a Shen Xiang person carefully looks, looked concentrated, the person some people thinks that he in disguising to understand Profound Ice, especially these played the Profound Ice fellow frequently, because they believe firmly very much own first can determine in Golden Dragon Profound Ice to have treasure! Shen Xiang carefully looked with Primal Chaos Spirit Eye very several, had not discovered that in Profound Ice has the thing, he cannot help but is heaving a deep sigh, such attractive Profound Ice, inside anything treasure does not have, making him feel to be a pity that simultaneously he believes firmly, these look like very gaudy Profound Ice, actually in anything does not have! „Did this you, what air/Qi you sigh? You cannot afford are also very normal, you pushed around this Golden Dragon Profound Ice a moment ago, you think that in you can see to have the thing really?” Because old man a moment ago Shen Xiang pushed, causing him to be stepped on a foot, has taken to heart, sees the appearance that Shen Xiang that watched earnestly, in his heart was not feeling well very much, therefore start to talk scolded. Shen Xiang is one steadily must now the middle age, he shakes the head saying: Not, I sighed am because this Golden Dragon Profound Ice was long such well, but in any thing did not have!” Truth that Shen Xiang told, although his voice is very low, but can come here person, the aural acuity is good, can hear Shen Xiang to say is the words, hearing Shen Xiang saying that in the people heart got angry, criticizes saying: You are not understanding!” Saw the complexion of people, Shen Xiang not to say anything again, he a moment ago truly was the truth that told. Nonsense, so unusual Profound Ice, nature Dragon Transformation, won't inside have treasure? If there is treasure, how this Profound Ice does melt turn into dragon?” A black clothed man has drunk one coldly. Shen Xiang said: Unusual Profound Ice I saw, but little can start out treasure, I must ask but actually why in these unusual Profound Ice why couldn't start out treasure? In these Profound Ice may not have treasure, but Profound Ice is still unusual.” The matter that he said a moment ago are truly many, at this time these people are dumbfounded, but that black clothed man still firmly said: You have not seen Golden Dragon Profound Ice are these unusual Profound Ice are unable to compare? In Golden Dragon Profound Ice definitely has treasure!” Shen Xiang sneers: Said that anything is useless, only if breaks to come to see!” Right, but breaks Profound Ice, must buy, this is equal to the unrestrained gambling, who do you dare to do?” Do not talk only, quarrelled anything do not have the meaning, came the electricity practical action!” Buys, breaks!”

The people are creating a disturbance. Shen Xiang was saying to that black clothed man loud voice: If I guess well, this Golden Dragon Profound Ice should be this you, you so believe firmly in Golden Dragon Profound Ice to have treasure, why not to open? Instead here called that what mind you do have?” Hears the Shen Xiang's words, the people discussed in a low voice that especially saw the muscle on that black clothed man face was twitching slightly, the people believe firmly that this Golden Dragon Profound Ice was his. Shen Xiang cannot determine, therefore he spoke thoughtlessly, even if Golden Dragon Profound Ice were not this black clothed man, Shen Xiang he did not have what loss. Since believe in Golden Dragon Profound Ice to have treasure, why not to break Profound Ice, instead attains here to sell a high price, so long as is not stupid, can understand that this fellow does not have what confidence to own Golden Dragon Profound Ice, but so definitely said in Golden Dragon Profound Ice to have treasure a moment ago, definitely promotes own Profound Ice. Sees this black clothed man to be speechless, in the Shen Xiang heart laughs secretly. He here, to join in the fun today, then while convenient the noisy point matter, like the cold air of this Golden Dragon Profound Ice so high quality, cannot make Fire God Palace take away resurrect Ice Emperor! Therefore, Shen Xiang decides to break this Profound Ice! That black clothed man took a deep breath, in the heart cursed Shen Xiang many, slowly said: In Golden Dragon Profound Ice will definitely have treasure, but this treasure also has various grades and ranks, but I cannot affirm that this treasure is anything, therefore I will take to sell Golden Dragon Profound Ice, if everybody wants to wrestle, I can now 10,000 five 100 billion crystal stones sells!” The people in an uproar, person affirmation few that but must buy, the risk was too big, the price is so high, even if Fire God Palace this colossus is hard to withstand. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: You had said a moment ago, in Golden Dragon Profound Ice has treasure, but may also be not good treasure, is this saying good?” Right! In Golden Dragon Profound Ice definitely has treasure!” That black clothed man said very firmly.

If doesn't have?” Shen Xiang looks at that Golden Dragon Profound Ice, said: If I buy this Golden Dragon Profound Ice, inside does not have treasure, you return to that 10,000 five 100 billion crystal stones to me, how?” That black clothed man does not speak, he will definitely not comply with this foolish matter, but Shen Xiang also expected, therefore he then said had the words of attraction very much: Might as well this, because I think in Golden Dragon Profound Ice not to have treasure, if I purchase your Golden Dragon Profound Ice, if breaking, inside does not have any treasure, you return 10,000 five 100 billion to me!” If there is treasure, treasure turns over to you, 10,000 five 100 billion also turn over to you, how?” The black clothed man has considered slightly, shouted: Does not have the issue!” Shen Xiang puts out 10,000 five 100 billion crystal stones to come immediately, Subduing Dragon City has gained many crystal stones, he has along! Can put out this crystal stones person, the background is not definitely small, the people do not dare to look down on immediately again, because Shen Xiang does not purchase Profound Ice with 10,000 five 100 billion now, but is used to bet! Moreover bets is not only crystal stones, Profound Ice inside treasure! If in Profound Ice has precious treasure, he owed absolutely in a big way! The people draw back immediately, is far away from Golden Dragon Profound Ice, they have not thought that kept on proclaiming a moment ago in this Golden Dragon Profound Ice does not have the treasure fellow, now unexpectedly bought, moreover paid crystal stones time was very happy, making the person admire. In each individual heart was suspecting that the status of this person, can have this action, definitely is not the average person! Golden Dragon Profound Ice was bought, moreover sur- a gambling has made, moreover this gambling , if Shen Xiang wins, Shen Xiang anything cannot obtain, determines in Golden Dragon Profound Ice not to have treasure at most, but if that black clothed man wins, not only obtains treasure, but can also obtain 10,000 five 100 billion crystal stones. Breaks the Profound Ice person is conducts this Profound Ice to send, what uses is a pointed knife, so long as makes an effort to stimulate to that Profound Ice, can make Golden Dragon Profound Ice turn into the fragment. Old Mister, has the work!” Shen Xiang said that then by far draws back, in order to avoid when the time comes is thought he is cheating, but the dark black clothed man is also so, and Shen Xiang is far away from that three people of high Golden Dragon Profound Ice.

That old man with pointed knife fierce prick Profound Ice, sees only that Golden Dragon Profound Ice suddenly to fall broken, turns into a piece of ice crystal, falls in the ground! The ground is pile of thick ice crystal powder, but also is unable to confirm has treasure, sees only that old man to wield the sleeve gently, picks up these ice crystal powder with strength, float, is similar to the water screen is ordinary, clear, inside unexpectedly not any treasure! Shen Xiang he he smiles: This you, should you not want to repudiate a debt?” That black clothed man double fist grasps very tightly, appears very excited, he rushed, inspects these ice crystal powder carefully, careful turning looks, had not discovered that has any treasure. 10,000 five 100 billion crystal stones that has not warmed up, must return immediately to Shen Xiang, this lets in that black clothed man heart is very unwilling, although from that gambling stake, he obtains benefits is very big, but if lost, he loses is not young. Shen Xiang receives the ice crystal powder of ground, this is his ultimate goal, does not spend crystal stones, obtains this Golden Dragon Profound Ice! These ice crystal powder in many people's eyes are the waste, but truly high grade the alchemy material in the Shen Xiang eye, in his hands can turn into one type very formidable kills. ...... What background is this person? Golden Dragon Profound Ice was unexpectedly in good condition such tossed about not to have by him? Investigates thoroughly to me, if not he is too fierce, gives him a lesson! unexpectedly destroys our plans!” In mountain village old man some angrily said. Before we investigated the status of everyone having obtained the qualifications, but the only this person is hard to verify, I thought that he has used the change appearance technique and a fictitious name, he definitely is a background very big fellow, does not know that is whether hostile with our Fire God Palace!” Fire God Palace's old man coldly snorted and said: To be whether or not hostile with our Fire God Palace, the matter that this type destroys Golden Dragon Profound Ice this good Profound Ice, must teach him!”