World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1166

The Profound Ice Exhibition Hall is very big, Golden Dragon Profound Ice was broken now, inside does not have treasure, making many want to get rid the thought that purchased the Profound Ice person to cancel has wanted to take risk. Is extremely high including Golden Dragon Profound Ice this quality, contour so unusual Profound Ice, inside does not have no treasure, obviously other look at Profound Ice are also similar, although this is everyone knows that because of psychological process in unseemly behavior, whenever sees some quite unusual Profound Ice, thinks that inside may have treasure. Here perhaps only then Shen Xiang can see in Profound Ice to have treasure, but Shen Xiang has not hugged too in a big way hopes that he thought in present Profound Ice was very difficult to present treasure, especially this type looked like quality very high Profound Ice, he in curious, these did Profound Ice form? In Profound Ice of this Exhibition Hall, like carried on that carves, Shen Xiang does not believe that this is the natural formation, reason that he will think these Profound Ice like this, definitely some people intentionally will make, but was discovered many years later. The person in Exhibition Hall are many, here gathered Big Shot of many influences or is some expert, crystal stones on their hand were many, did not have the place to be colored, naturally wants to come to here to try one's luck, because some treasure were the priceless treasures, your crystal stones were many, others are not willing to sell to you. „The expression that you, I spoke a moment ago somewhat takes the liberty, but also please forgive!” A black clothed man arrives at side Shen Xiang, arched has cuped one hand in the other across the chest saying that. This black clothed man that Golden Dragon Profound Ice master, Shen Xiang has not thought that his unexpectedly will come on own initiative the apology, but from the beforehand matter, this person, although spoke a little clashes, but was very honest, although lost, but actually very straightforward, and conceded. All right...... Does not know how your excellency did call?” Shen Xiang beckoned with the hand to say to him. „Did I call Bi Xian, you?” This black clothed man he he smiles, said that could see he wants to become friends with Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang also wants to know that Golden Dragon Profound Ice whereabouts, compensate to say with a smile: Cai Cai!” Bi Xian is shorter than Shen Xiang, but build tall and strong, although is not considered as handsome, but looks like is very attractive, the water on face is distinct, has a steadiness, the matter that but handled before, obviously somewhat has actually impulsed, now he also understands, therefore plans and Shen Xiang converts an enemy into a friend. They do not have what conflict, moreover is not the heart narrow person, quick discussed.

Shen Xiang thought that this Bi Xian some are not simple, although seemed like crossed the people of Nirvana six tribulations, but Shen Xiang from him said the aura that induced actually probably Smoke and mirrors, the total feeling was Bi Xian in the hideaway strength. Brother Bi, how your Golden Dragon can Profound Ice come? Must get so far as this thing not to be perhaps easy!” After Shen Xiang and Bi Xian talked at random chatted big bunch of things, suddenly to Bi Xian sound transmission, comes straight to the point, direct examination this matter. Bi Xian is not accidental, his also sound transmission responded: I make from Profound Cold Ancient Domain, this Golden Dragon Profound Ice buries very much deeply...... Actually secret, only then some strength very strong influences know!” What secret?” Shen Xiang continuously curious these unusual Profound Ice origins, Lu Qinlian, although also has, but that accidentally digs. Deeply under has the underground river in Profound Cold Ancient Domain some places, these unusual Profound Ice majority sink in the underground river deep place, although the formidable influence knows, but they actually cannot take...... Because of these underground river extraordinary ice-cold, even if very formidable Immortal gets down, might turn into Profound Ice!” In Shen Xiang heart secret surprised, Profound Cold Ancient Domain deeply, unexpectedly has this underground river to exist, he thought that should creates the reason that Profound Cold Ancient Domain presents, these Profound Ice should also like this form, he planned that has the opportunity to go to these underground rivers to have a look. Brother Bi, your Golden Dragon Profound Ice from there lane? It seems like your not simple Ah! Shen Xiang looks at together tiger shape Profound Ice of three heads very much, gives Bi Xian sound transmission in secret. „It is not I makes, I am only the coincidence, meets the underground river spout, Golden Dragon Profound Ice hole that digs from others spurts, but this situation is very rare, I am the luck am good!” Shen Xiang does not believe that this Bi Xian is the luck is good, but this is the secret that others get rich, he now and Bi Xian is not too ripe, is not naturally good to continue to closely examine some details, in order to avoid others dislike, but he had the means that can make Bi Xian lead him to seek for these underground underground rivers. Big brother Cai, why you affirmed that in my Golden Dragon Profound Ice doesn't have treasure? Your let alone you are the luck are also good, I can look, you have at that time quite self-confidently, is not the gambler who these wrestle the luck.” Bi Xian inquired, he was also because thought of this, planned and Shen Xiang becomes friends with. Shen Xiang will directly definitely not say one can see that in Profound Ice has the thing, he responded: Handed down in the family secretary, but is not each Profound Ice is good, especially that very ordinary Profound Ice, I am very ugly, but if this quality extremely high Profound Ice, I can look very much easily! But is not complete, that Golden Dragon Profound Ice I can use clear.”

Hears the Shen Xiang's words, Bi Xian is excited! Has not thought that unexpectedly will have the outstandingly able person like big brother Cai, can see in Profound Ice whether has treasure, although not necessarily is all Profound Ice can see, but this was also fierce enough!” Bi Xian exclaimed in surprise, in heart secret feeling, he and Shen Xiang bets, but is loss together Profound Ice, Shen Xiang has not increased gambling stake anything, otherwise he lost seriously. Regarding this, let him to the Shen Xiang impression was better, moreover made him have the opportunity to become friends with Shen Xiang such person. Big brother Cai, you, since has this handed down in the family secret method, that might as well we cooperate the cooperation, gains one using Profound Ice greatly!” Bi Xian gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. This is exactly as one wishes, Shen Xiang knows not long, he can go to Profound Cold Ancient Domain to seek for that underground river spout with Bi Xian the place! Brother Bi, I do not lack crystal stones! I want more quality high Profound Ice, because I thought that these were broken later Profound Ice, but the use value is very high.” Shen Xiang said. In Bi Xian heart one startled, this matter is not nobody has done, but he knows that at present this big brother Cai has secret method, can perhaps toss about some fierce thing with these Profound Ice. Shen Xiang emits a benefit tempting to let this Bi Xian, if no accident, after Profound Ice will finish, he should be able to go to Profound Cold Ancient Domain with Bi Xian. In the Exhibition Hall, is not all Profound Ice is quality high unusual Profound Ice, some so-called inferior Profound Ice, is that type ordinary, initially Shen Xiang started out Enlightenment Stone this type of fierce thing from these inferior Profound Ice. Shen Xiang and Bi Xian arrive at these in front of inferior Profound Ice that in the Exhibition Hall is overshadowed, Shen Xiang notes together yellow Profound Ice of ellipse, he saw past time, Primal Chaos Spirit Eye can see anything thing from inside probably. In this Profound Ice has the thing probably! Has not thought that my unexpectedly can also see in inferior Profound Ice to have the thing, this is first time!” Shen Xiang to Bi Xian sound transmission, to let Bi Xian believes that this secret technique, he must result in so proves.

In the Bi Xian heart is pleasantly surprised immediately: Can see inside has what treasure?” „In cannot, I only be able to see to have the thing, treasure anything, is hard to see clearly.” What Shen Xiang said is the truth. How this does Profound Ice sell?” Shen Xiang inquired one. Be responsible for here old man walking, said: This does not sell, this is the complimentary gift, Profound Ice that only then the purchase assigns can obtain these complimentary gifts, here is not the sell inferior Profound Ice place.” Shen Xiang nodded: so that's how it is, I said that here will sell how possibly inferior Profound Ice.” He looks to Bi Xian, smiles to ask: I purchased your Golden Dragon Profound Ice a moment ago, probably does not have what complimentary gift!” Shen Xiang and Bi Xian, since opened after a moment ago bets, by here person attention, they can convert an enemy into a friend actually makes many people quite surprised. That was others has prepared complimentary gift, some people have not prepared!” That old man compensates to say with a smile, he knows that these two are Sir, can put out Golden Dragon Profound Ice, can lose 10,000 hundred million crystal stones, is not the person who he can stir up. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Oh? does not know that what Profound Ice must purchase, can obtain this ellipse Profound Ice? Actually I am one like occupying the small convenient person very much!” Shen Xiang will not be silly directly shouts to purchase this ellipse Profound Ice!