World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1167
Under the direction of that old man, Shen Xiang had found quickly that seller, has purchased value 500 billion high quality Profound Ice, then and Bi Xian arrives at the theater box that rests to use! Shen Xiang has put out Divine Craftsman's Hammer, has hit a hammer head gently, opens that ellipse Profound Ice, sees only inside to tumble together thumb big or medium Immortal Jade! Really has the thing, moreover Immortal Jade, but this somewhat owed!” Bi Xian exclaims, this Immortal Jade truly cannot be as good as five 100 billion crystal stones, but Shen Xiang had truly proven he can see in Profound Ice whether has the thing. That Immortal Jade is very small, but Shen Xiang can see, if everybody, that is easier! Profound Ice that then that buys with five 100 billion? Does inside have Profound Ice?” The Bi Xian hastily inquiry said. Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: I have not looked!” Because Shen Xiang cannot make this Bi Xian know that he can look very much accurate, he must make a false appearance, is makes Bi Xian think that he, does not permit from time to time from time to time. Then, Shen Xiang breaks Profound Ice that purchases, inside anything thing does not have! This lets Shen Xiang and Bi Xian simultaneously disappointedly sighs deeply. Although Shen Xiang now lost, but he thinks that the present loss is worth, because after this can let him, obtains high quality Profound Ice, perhaps how has not needed to take the trouble, although he now had had many high quality Profound Ice, but he thinks that could not satisfy him absolutely. Profound Ice Exhibition Hall will not be closed, later everybody has enough crystal stones also to come again, is the big activity of Profound Ice meeting, should be everybody very anticipates!” In Toshiro sound track. Shen Xiang sees this middle age, brow wrinkles slightly, because this middle age has the Fire God Palace's aura, in a moment ago, him felt that this middle age is spying on his cultivation base. Really is the Fire God Palace's fellow!” The Shen Xiang fist grips tightly, he always felt own very danger(ous), but here Fire God Palace's domain, but Fire God Palace is related with Ice Emperor, the strength is not certainly weak. Then is auction, the people arrive at the bidding block, Shen Xiang also harbor the vigilant heart to come, he sits in the middle that platoon, sits together with Bi Xian!

After the bidding block person is uneven, saw only that middle age to step onto the above stage a moment ago, grasped a bronze mirror, was illuminating to the people, has swept! In sweeping to the Shen Xiang's body, Shen Xiang's body suddenly sends out golden light glow, this lets Shen Xiang immediately in great surprise, because he was feeling that his zone is vanishing! At this time all people line of sight centralized on him, because on him light glow is dazzling, even if in this very broad hall, he very appealing attention! Bi Xian is surprised, he thinks that Shen Xiang must make anything matter out of the ordinary to come, although he has not calculated to Shen Xiang too understood, but actually knows that Shen Xiang is an outstandingly able person, can with some see Profound Ice inside thing troublesome! After Shen Xiang golden light vanishes, everyone sucked in a cold breath in bidding block, because Shen Xiang changed the body is relieved! Shen Xiang! Has not thought that unexpectedly is you, Ha Ha...... Under the Heavenly Spirit mirror, you revealed one's true colors!” On stage that middle-aged said while loudly laughing: Your solemn Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean, unexpectedly does not dare to appear with own true body, like this shrinks, highly improper?” A more surprised person is Bi Xian, because he has not thought that this can look to see through in Profound Ice whether has the outstandingly able person of thing, unexpectedly is Shen Xiang! Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean, grasps Dragon Vein, understands alchemy, has handled many Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering big matters, during this new emperor day, does not want to know that he really is a little difficult, his painting a portrait full Jie are! Although he now was Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean, has very formidable strength, but posted a reward his influence still to have, was these Heavenspan Family and some Sacred Realm, although these influences did not have strength very strong expert, but foundation was very thick, crystal stones anything's many! Although the high quota posts a reward to be very difficult to do Shen Xiang, but can actually make Shen Xiang not dare to throw during the new emperor day to beam with joy, especially in present this situation. Shen Xiang...... big devil!” Does not know that who had shouted, the people in abundance disperse, leaves Shen Xiang by far, but Bi Xian is also so, although the Shen Xiang's strength is very strong, but became enemies too, moreover that middle age on stage also wants to cope with Shen Xiang obviously.

You are Fire God Palace's, you had not stipulated that participates in Profound Ice to meet cannot change appearance! You know how much time my change appearance has spent? You eradicate my change appearance, I also certainly make you a little lose!” In the Shen Xiang heart is angry, his status was revealed that because before him, was change appearance has dared to make Bi Xian know that he had to see through the Profound Ice ability, if by others is known again this Subduing Dragon Sect Dean had this heaven defying ability, then, if he wants to buy Profound Ice to be together difficult. The people can feel Shen Xiang's to be angry at this moment, that dreadful killing potential fills the air immediately in the entire conference site 1 Shen Xiang suddenly vanished, he surmounts the space directly, puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, to a that Heavenly Spirit mirror maliciously blade! He controls extremely good, moreover chops to chop very precisely, but ruins the Heavenly Spirit mirror on that middle age, has not injured to that middle age! In that Fire God Palace's middle age heart is angry, he just wants to receive the Heavenly Spirit mirror, who knows that Shen Xiang's speed unexpectedly is so quick, arrives in front of him instantaneously, moreover chops a blade, perhaps if Shen Xiang's blade very ruthless, he had died at the scene again. Dissolute! Do not think my Fire God Palace to be able, whatever rubs the persimmon that pinches! If you think that we are Heavenspan Family that goods, that was completely mistaken!” A very old sound conveys, in Shen Xiang heart dark startled, he already knows that in Fire God Palace is hiding very strong fellow, but has not thought that will have old fellow here. Snort, is you eradicates my change appearance first, those who are dissolute is you!” Shen Xiang angrily said, even though the opposite party is very strong, but cannot show weakness in imposing manner absolutely. brat, I do not think fight, moreover you do not match me to get rid, but did not mean that I will forgive you!” That old man also some anger, his strength so is obviously formidable, but unexpectedly so will be contradicted by little rascal. Is Immortal King...... this old fellow is Immortal King!” Long Xueyi shouted, her meaning is, making Shen Xiang run away quickly! In Long Xueyi just discovered when this old man strength, the entire bidding block was covered by very formidable barrier, this was Immortal King with formidable strength arrangement barrier, the space is sealed up, Shen Xiang used the strength of Law of Space, perhaps was hard to escape.

In a moment ago Shen Xiang the instance that Heavenly Spirit mirror ruined, that old man saw Shen Xiang to understand some shuttle spaces secret method, therefore immediately the closed room, he cannot make Shen Xiang run away, because this catches a Shen Xiang's golden opportunity! Before that old man also some worries, because had formidable mysterious Great Elder side Shen Xiang, but does not need to be worried now, because he has determined that Great Elder not here. The other people in conference site and Shen Xiang was stranded here, in their hearts the complaint is unceasing, where old man said with a smile: Fellow friends, the old man pledged by Fire God Palace that will not make you injure to a fine hair absolutely! If our Fire God Palace can catch the Shen Xiang's words today, then everybody will need help from the Fire God Palace's words from now on, we will not decline absolutely!” Moreover now everybody can also watch an intense fight immediately, sees the Subduing Dragon Sect Dean elegant demeanor!” The people can feel that old man formidable air/Qi field, although comes here person is Big Shot of influence, but these Big Shot face Immortal King, is the ants! Shen Xiang took a deep breath, in this time, his present that middle-aged suddenly gets rid to him slightly! That Fire God Palace's middle age was ruined the Heavenly Spirit mirror, in the heart the dark anger, is under the order of Fire God Palace that formidable old fellow, he gets rid immediately, a palm hits to the Shen Xiang's time, palm suddenly presents several sharp knife points! If got a palm by him, the body will be pierced surely! That middle age thinks that Shen Xiang will fend or is resists, but Shen Xiang actually unexpected motionless . Moreover the body also releases a very strong force of traction, palm attracting of that middle age firmly on the shoulder, that middle-aged palm above pointed knife punctures , on Shen Xiang, unexpectedly was jumped directly, probably vigorously punctures diamond to be together ordinary. On your this strength, but also wants to kill me! Go away!” A Shen Xiang palm chops, hits on the face of that middle age, hitting will fly, hits on the pillar of conference site, after the pillar hits, declines in the ground crazily is spurting the blood.