World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1168

After Shen Xiang was used by Fire God Palace Heavenly Spirit mirror solve changed the body, making him obviously reveal one's true colors, this makes Shen Xiang's many plans be disrupted! Brother Shen, you now how?” Bi Xian considered long time, to give Shen Xiang sound transmission. I only need to flee from here, can you help me?” Shen Xiang at this time by a formidable barrier here auction market, moreover this barrier is reducing gradually, so long as reduces to certain range, these were stranded in barrier inside person, can depart, when the time comes only then a Shen Xiang person will be surrounded. This is very difficult, under the cloth barrier old fellow is Immortal King, moreover barrier strength is getting stronger and stronger, here also very powerful formations, so long as that formation opens, you were hard to escape! Sorry, I am very difficult to help you!” Bi Xian to Shen Xiang sound transmission, but passed on the past time, the sound became very small, obviously that barrier fierce. „After it seems like can only , cooperated with you again, I will flee as soon as possible! You first are far away from this place, if great war gets up, perhaps will affect you.” Shen Xiang sighed one. Other people in bidding block, now not in barrier, therefore leaves immediately, in order to avoid met with a disaster. Shen Xiang, some of your actually skills, if I do not get rid, my Fire God Palace is perhaps difficult some people to kill you, now we for the time being your seal here, this also to let the new emperor day are quiet!” That old man words, making Shen Xiang get angry anxiously. Shen Xiang can feel that all around barrier became stronger, he guessed that should be the Fire God Palace person has used formation plate and so on thing reinforcement, making him be hard to run away! Seal his ten years, if in does not have to present other powerful influences in the ten years again, we get rid, first takes Chenwu Mainland, then rules the entire new emperor day.” Shen Xiang exhausts all Divine Power, can only penetrate reluctantly, can therefore hear such a few words! I really by seal? Does this fellow actually want to do?” Shen Xiang exhausts strength, the crazy bang hits barrier that all around that cannot be seeing, hits bang makes noise, but strength will not leak, explodes completely in barrier. In this bidding block originally many furniture, but actually completely is made by Shen Xiang now rottenly, he by the seal here, here space was also calculated luckily very in a big way, can make him have bigger sphere of action. Shen Xiang thinks one must by the seal ten years, angry incomparable, he has put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, chops to chop carelessly, but was the same with before, a use did not have!

He displays absconding cultivation technique that he has been able to utilize, for example Water Escape Art, escapes with the earth and so on, but this barrier was too fierce, probably for is the same, he who he customizes is unable to get out of trouble! With Divine Craftsman's Hammer!” The Long Xueyi reminder said. Shen Xiang puts out Divine Craftsman's Hammer immediately, has hammered to barrier that these cannot be seeing fiercely several, but does not have any effect, then, Shen Xiang uses various fierce methods, is unable rumbling broken barrier! „The strength of Law of Space if I have is formidable enough, certainly can the shuttle space exit!” Shen Xiang thought so that because he uses the strength of Law of Space, can let space fluctuation slightly, just the present space by the strength strengthening reinforcement that formation releases. Must know the Fire God Palace seal Shen Xiang's time, but has used two formation plate, they have certainly strength to kill Shen Xiang, who knows that Shen Xiang is a live buried treasure, if massacres, Shen Xiang that fierce thing also with vanishing. Moreover, Shen Xiang is a alchemy master, the body definitely has Fire Spirit, moreover that type is very fierce, Fire God Palace already stared at his Fire Spirit to be very long, what Fire Spirit but could not see that is. ...... Palace Master, do we like this surround his ten years? Shen Xiang this brat whole body is the treasure, we should torture, compelling him to hand over itself on the precious thing!” A man inquired. Who tortures him? You go, do I go? That is courts death! Although I am Immortal King, but you should know that dies expert in this brat are many, this brat definitely has any means to kill these expert, therefore we are certainly discrete! Haven't you seen flatter seven to be slapped by that brat a moment ago, the dantian had been seriously injured?” That old man reproved, he had the Immortal King strength, moreover was very discrete, he has been regarded as Shen Xiang can kill his person, therefore he decided that the first seal Shen Xiang ten years said again, moreover at this time cannot go to at least Shen Xiang, so as to avoid made Shen Xiang have an opportunity. Then our such seal he? Couldn't resources of formation consumption gain?” The man also asked that can such one after another inquire that Palace Master person, was not the average person. Relax, this I already planned! First seal his ten years, if, his Subduing Dragon Sect inside Great Elder does not save him in the ten years, then explained that Great Elder not in Subduing Dragon Sect, when the time comes we go to Chenwu Mainland again, holds his wife and sworn sister, threatens taking advantage of this!”

The man said with a smile: Worthily is Palace Master, really old ginger is hotter than young ginger!” The Fire God Palace Lord sighed: Regarding Shen Xiang, we have no alternative but to be discrete, the Imperial Dragon health/guard that initially Holy Dragon Crown Prince brought, instantaneously was killed by that Great Elder, that Great Elder strength should above me, if hits, I am hard to deal.” By Shen Xiang of seal in mountain village, has not been known that Fire God Palace main plan now, but he actually knows that the Fire God Palace main plan attacks Chenwu Mainland ten years later, this is the matter that Shen Xiang cannot permit! strength of his within the body consumed most probably, but this barrier actually still impregnable, regardless of he uses the formidable attack, is unable to shake in the slightest! Ten years, regarding you, enough by own strength promotion very high, perhaps has when the time comes been able to exit!” Su Meiyao said. Bewitching Sound Paradise just retired, has such matter, can Shen Xiang not be anxious? If he is not the disposition is good, now already anxiously was perhaps insane! Because he can see that his seal old fellow intention here, can have a look at White Tiger appear, if not appear, the Fire God Palace's person will go to Chenwu Mainland to grasp with his relationship best person, then forces him with this. Although he did not determine that this will occur, but he was actually worried, if White Tiger does not come, he continues by the seal here, this was very difficult to say. Shen Xiang lies down in the ground, the deep breath, he hopes that Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan they do not come, otherwise that quite in walking into a trap! Fire God Palace, records to father! After I exit, the first matter, moves Fire God Palace!” In the Shen Xiang heart the anger is dreadful, body spout strong murderous aura. Shen Xiang by the seal here, could not come in including Spirit Qi, therefore the Fire God Palace's person did not worry that Shen Xiang will promote the strength in this inside, to let formation is stable, therefore they have not arranged the surveillance class formation, they think that must surround the Shen Xiang ten years like this, is quite easy. But Shen Xiang stockpiled could be promoted the strength thing by oneself massively, this point was Fire God Palace these old fellow, considered everything not to calculate thing that this was also Shen Xiang can leave here only dependence. First refines one grain super to be mad Divine Pill!” Su Meiyao said.

Shen Xiang also like this planned that super is mad the Divine Pill words, eats up several grains continuously, can make his cultivation base promote many, to the final words, he can also break through the bottleneck through Enlightenment Stone. To the Nirvana Realm following stage, to break through, depends upon pills is incorrect, but also needs to sense Martial Dao, otherwise is unable to bring in Nirvana Tribulation! If can bring in Nirvana Tribulation, can perhaps to rely on Nirvana Tribulation give to break this barrier, but this barrier arrangement technique from Heaven World, the worry when the time comes Nirvana Tribulation forms in the interior, then you, only then depends upon own strength to break this seal.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang can only give a try now first, now also has no other alternative, Air/Qi Divine Pill to be very good to refine, Shen Xiang also stockpiles to have massive Soul Creation Fluid now, can duplicate massive air/Qi Divine Pill. 5000 herbs refined into air/Qi Divine Pill, the effect will be certainly good!” Shen Xiang such plans, he first uses for one month, condense leaves massive Soul Creation Fluid, then duplicates 5000 air/Qi Divine Pill herbs, finally uses Ten Thousand Refinements Technique again, the fast refinement is mad Divine Pill. I can exit quickly, the Fire God Palace's bastards, wait to be pinched by me! unexpectedly such plans me, I and your hatreds are not very big!” Shen Xiang was been tranquil by own innermost feelings, then closes the eye slightly, starts revolution Dragon Saliva Art, condense these mysterious Soul Creation Fluid.