World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1169

Suddenly, Shen Xiang was stranded for one month. On the same day when bidding block, many people at the scene, this matter are also very difficult to conceal, moreover Fire God Palace did not plan to conceal, moreover indulged in unbridled propaganda that Shen Xiang by the matter that Fire God Palace grasps. Reason that Shen Xiang was stressed that is because in Profound Ice meets causes trouble, but the Shen Xiang soldier does not have, this is Fire God Palace makes out of whole cloth, if were known by Shen Xiang, this will certainly make Shen Xiang angrier! Shen Xiang's many acquaintances know that he was grasped, but majority are very calm, did not plan that saves him, because including the Shen Xiang surrounded place, they are unable saving, them, if rescues Shen Xiang, perhaps also will be grasped. Knows with the Shen Xiang relationship extremely good people that the Shen Xiang very ghost essence, was surrounded there including Shen Xiang, the words that they go, definitely also will be grasped, although in the heart somewhat worries, if they went, perhaps also will add to the chaos to Shen Xiang. Truly is also this, Shen Xiang does not hope that other people save him. Naturally, if White Tiger, he welcome, other person of very formidable strengths, not having come to here to save him are the Fire God Palace's snare. Finally sufficed 5000 air/Qi Divine Pill herbs!” Shen Xiang has bustled about for one month, if makes Fire God Palace have this crazed ability in him, definitely will spit blood, because this is really too danger(ous), is stranded Shen Xiang, is equal to letting the Shen Xiang relieved practice promotion strength! Shen Xiang is very repugnant this type by the feeling that others seal gets up, therefore he to be quicker leaves this place, definitely will try harder to promote the strength, will soon be left this damned place by oneself. For does not make others peep, Shen Xiang puts out some materials from Hidden Jade Ring, has constructed a house in this hall, then arranges many formation in the house, does not make others spy on his inside situation. Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique can simultaneously refine multi- furnace pill, these Shen Xiang grasp extremely good that specially, if this were seen by others, that certainly very danger(ous), because beforehand White Tiger has warned him, making him not reveal to have the matter about Heaven Refining Technique. Heaven Refining Technique compared with a Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique more fearful thing, therefore he is very discrete! This place should suffice to refine 15 furnaces!” Shen Xiang must refine 5000 herbs super is mad Divine Pill, he such planned that simultaneously burns to build up the certain extent with Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique herbs first, then burns down similar herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder these inducts in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, fuses in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace!

Then, can pick up the speed! If in the outside Spirit Qi rich place, he can absorb massive Spirit Qi to enter within the body, releases very strong flame, can melt to be mad Divine Pill herbs instantaneously, because he can friendly Divine Pill herbs establish the relation, can cremate from the interior! Shen Xiang places the middle Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, then drinks one lowly, displays Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique, condense leaves 15 translucent pale golden pill furnace, surround middle Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace! Fire God Palace, best not to surround ten years me, if has been stranded my ten years, my strength arrived at any situation is very difficult to say!” In the Shen Xiang heart is thinking. 5000 herbs super is mad Divine Pill, that is quite formidable, is equal to Heaven Level pill, this also only then Shen Xiang has so abundant background to refine! This to leave this place, then crusades against Fire God Palace! 15 furnace gas Divine Pill start to refine, pill furnace inside flame incinerator herbs, inside light glow glittering, is illuminating the entire room, the glare also releases warming up slightly, making people very comfortable. Quick, 15 pill furnace inside herbs arrive to concentrate pill's stage, after Shen Xiang immediately smelts inside herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder puts in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, then from newly refines 15, meanwhile must control Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace inside herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder fusion. He must so duplicate repeatedly, moreover to finally, the pressure is bigger, because in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace fused many herbs at that time. ...... Senior Sister...... the brother he is caught now by Fire God Palace, I want to save him very much!” Leng Youlan knew after Shen Xiang was seized, all day and Xue Xianxian is shouting, she also knows that her strength is limited, rescues Shen Xiang is similar to likes a moth to the flame, but in her heart worries very much, therefore she can only through such shouts to ease the mood.

Xue Xianxian is, the reason that but her very clear Fire God Palace such makes, Fire God Palace does not massacre Shen Xiang, but surrounds Shen Xiang, thus it can be seen, is they have other fish to fry, she does not believe that Fire God Palace has the skill to surround Shen Xiang, but actually cannot kill Shen Xiang while convenient. Waits again, so long as his undying, he will certainly get out of trouble! I thought that Fire God Palace will certainly surround his 1st Stage very long time, has a look to have the influence very formidable person to save him! If no, they can fight!” Xue Xianxian complexion sank: Possibly is to Subduing Dragon City fight, or is...... as well as our these and he most own person to Chenwu Mainland!” Leng Youlan big angrily said: These bastards, they when the time comes must come, looked how the old lady kills them!” The Xue Xianxian nod said: Therefore we let us not go to give your brother to put to trouble, we only need to promote the strength, do not let grasp that's alright, on your Brother good thing to be too many, moreover very much can withstand to suffer, if they want to make your brother hand over these treasure, that is the absolutely impossible matter, but if through threat......” Bewitching Sound Paradise now has gone into seclusion, the place that our Chenwu Mainland is at some that many people are staring, quite fierce Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean was grasped only, in the following day, we should defend Chenwu Mainland, cannot make others seize!” Nod of Leng Youlan heavily, she looks forward to some people to come Chenwu Mainland to cause trouble, when the time comes she can unfold the skill greatly, extinguished these bastards. Reason that because Shen Xiang was grasped by Fire God Palace, Chenwu Mainland's each influence Big Shot is once more anxious, before Bewitching Sound Paradise went into seclusion, they have prepared momentarily great war, but after Shen Xiang holds now, means that Chenwu Mainland lost last to protect their powerful influences. In Subduing Dragon City, Li Baojun and the others also together discussion! If that day truly arrives, we must go to the Chenwu Mainland support, many people think that Subduing Dragon City does not have Shen Xiang , is very easy to capture, actually they have made a mistake, the formidable defense of Subduing Dragon City, is not they can imagine.” Li Baojun said. The Duan Sanchang nod said: We must pry the news these days much, moreover must grasp the time promotion strength, in a short time these fellows will not have any action, could several years later, when they determined Great Elder will not rescue Dean time, they meet fight!” Before outside on hearsay, Subduing Dragon Sect's Great Elder, although powerful incomparable, but was surreptitious, Shen Xiang suddenly could not find him, if very long a period of time did not rescue the Shen Xiang's words, these coveted the Chenwu Mainland's big influence, dared fight.

Sends for Devil Subduing School informing one, there Dean and Dean relationship is good, when the time comes makes him take care of!” Li Baojun said. Then Dean? Didn't save him?” Lan Lan asked. Does not go, except for is greatly long, who saves him, who will be grasped! If Great Elder does not appear, then also only then he can rescue itself, regarding his ability, we do not need to suspect that we only need to protect good here, when the time comes supported Chenwu Mainland that's alright!” Li Baojun said. Yan Yanran said: Then I pry the Fire God Palace's news these days with emphasis, moreover starts a rumor, making these want to flatter the Fire God Palace's influence to know that some Fire God Palace's dirty matters, discredit Fire God Palace again.” The people divide the work respectively, although their strengths are not very strong, but the action is greatly strengthened, moreover there is a Duan Sanchang this escape Deity here, they also study the skill that many escapes maintained life. In White Tiger Mysterious Realm, White Tiger has learned of the news, is White Tiger Fighting Clan Patriarch Bai Zhan tells him! „Didn't prophet, we save him?” Bai Zhan asked. Looks at the situation, does not save him instead is the good matter, I believe that his friend knows this, in brief I do not allow some too formidable fellow to come Chenwu Mainland to cause trouble, this is the new emperor day, is the world of new generation of person!” White Tiger said.