World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1170
Shen Xiang by in the mountain village of seal in Profound Ice City, he in wholly absorbed alchemy, he is not being hoped from the beginning at this time who saves him, only if White Tiger or is the strength is very strong, otherwise comes here words, without doubt from jumping fiery pit. 5000 air/Qi Divine Pill herbs launching-crew-training together, in which quality can be imagined, concentrates grain of pill pellet so many herbs, the quality is quite terrorist! Air/Qi Divine Pill in Shen Xiang hand is very heavy, although only then thumb such big grain, but in the hand, is actually similar to raises that side Divine Craftsman's Hammer same to sink! This grain of pill made him refine for two months! He looks in the hand that grain to spray intense green light pill pellet, thinks that a such grain of pill must swallow into his belly, his fear, was worried herbal Spirit Qi that cannot control when the time comes tyrannically spout. After Shen Xiang present cultivation base is arrived at Nirvana Realm the stage, he crossed Nirvana six to plunder, to this stage, has only depended on pills unable to break through, but also needs to sense, otherwise he is unable to build up the absorption strength, only then senses the Martial Dao true meaning, strength that can faster absorbing, for developing own dantian, strong own body and spirit, this is very important. If not because Shen Xiang has Enlightenment Stone, perhaps he does not dare to eat up this implication boundless energy all of a sudden air/Qi Divine Pill, if not understand something, within the body has formidable strength spatially, but is unable to divulge, that will only be injured by oneself, qi deviation. The sensibility, is directs strength to develop in the body latent strength, simultaneously the strong body and soul, are what kind of as for the process, everyone differs from, therefore at this time, can only depend upon itself. After Nirvana Realm stage, on the one hand needs many strength, needs to become aware, both are indispensable, how some people can the suddenly sensibility obtain to utilize strength to expand itself, but he actually lacked the resources to go to practice at this time, some people have the resources spatially, but is very difficult to become aware, therefore bogs down, finally passes away. Eats up that grain super to be mad Divine Pill, Shen Xiang revolution divine art will build up fast, refined into True Qi and Divine Power, condense in the dantian become Heaven Dan, Divine Power opens Divine sea. Soon , the Shen Xiang's forehead seeps out sweat, on the face full is the dignified color, obviously when is the practice has encountered the difficulty!

Although Divine Power can in crazy emerging Divine sea, but is actually not able to open Divine sea, is unable to expand Divine Soul, True Qi can also smoothly enter the dantian, but is actually not able to enter in that five beast image, is unable to breed Heaven Dan! After he has met Nirvana Realm , the bottleneck that obviously the stage can encounter frequently, he has attempted slightly, with the beforehand practice method, altogether pours into the dantian and Divine sea these vigorous strength, but these strength were not controlled obviously by him, after entering the dantian and Divine sea, cannot make him direct at will, completely static there, is extruding mutually. Shen Xiang hastily puts out Enlightenment Stone, seeps Divine sense to Enlightenment Stone, in his mind presented many mysterious spirit pattern immediately, making him be similar to falls into piece of spirit pattern to constitute ** the sea was ordinary, unknowingly, his suddenly discovered that Enlightenment Stone inside spirit pattern has the wisdom to be ordinary probably, unexpectedly turned into an appearance of person gradually! Words that carefully looks , the human form of these that innumerable spirit pattern constitutions, look like probably are in the human body that innumerable meridians. What's all this about?” Shen Xiang only felt that this spirit pattern human form floats toward him, suddenly threw, afterward in his Divine sea and dantian these probably stopped strength, was similar to the flood breaks through the dike like that in a threatening manner crazily has welled up! Shen Xiang fell into a very marvelous condition at this time, he could not say clear that is anything felt that he only thought in own dantian five beast image, had the vigorous energy to emerge, Divine sea under the impact of Divine Power, little was also expanding! He knows that Enlightenment Stone can make him more relaxed, but has not thought that unexpectedly such will quickly help him get through the difficult time, Enlightenment Stone so is no wonder precious! Before he also uses Enlightenment Stone, can smelt these Profound Ice! This Enlightenment Stone is really the good thing!” In the Shen Xiang heart acclaimed one, then wholly-absorbed exercising martial arts, so long as condense in each beast image leaves a Heaven Dan pill embryo, Nirvana Tribulation will arrive. But Shen Xiang is unascertainable, whether Nirvana Tribulation can penetrate this so fierce barrier, if not good, he cannot cross Nirvana Tribulation, the strength is hard to promote!

Three months pass by, he super is mad Divine Pill to digest finally completely this grain, but the seventh grain of Heaven Dan pill embryo is very gloomy! Grain of such air/Qi Divine Pill also plays this effect!” Although Shen Xiang in the heart early is prepared, but does not have to think one air/Qi Divine Pill that used for three months to make, the effect of playing was minimal. „The Nirvana Tribulation following three tribulations are most difficult, most is hard to break through, you can play a little effect in short six months, you should be content!” Su Meiyao said. „The words that Ah? spoke, in ten years, do I progress not in a big way?” Shen Xiang thought one must speed up speed alchemy to be good, otherwise ten years later he cannot exit. Is uncertain, if you can break through the Nirvana seven tribulations, perhaps will have very big opportunity!” Bai Youyou said: Crossed the Seventh Tribulation person, after the baptism of Nirvana seven tribulations, will have Perishing Golden Body strength fleshly body generally, based on actually fleshly body intensity , to promote multiple! Your present Immortal Devil Body Great Ascension, if fleshly body can promote multiple, then your fleshly body will be more formidable.” fleshly body was formidable, that may not escape here! Also, have I by seal here, the Nirvana seven tribulations been able to come is very difficult to say!” Shen Xiang sighed. Long Xueyi has hit a yawn, said: little rascal, do not think here only then you were stranded, this Dragon Emperor here is not good, if your fleshly body really enough formidable, when the time comes my strength can also fuse with you completely!” I do not want to attack you, to be honest, you, although was also a rare talent, but humanity after all, your practice speed was therefore fast, I, I may be more formidable than you quickly, crossed ten years of words again...... tut tut, your sycophancy cannot catch up with me.” Before Shen Xiang, had not considered that Long Xueyi's strength, he acknowledged certainly Long Xueyi be stronger than him, he to rely on Long Xueyi's strength, deeply had the understanding repeatedly. No matter can exit, I now the matter of primary importance is unceasingly formidable!” Shen Xiang makes a fist to say.

This is natural, I thought that your Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique can increase to 30 furnaces and 40 furnaces, even is 50 furnaces, this can make you save many time.” Su Meiyao said. Refines this pill to require the time greatly, even if Shen Xiang's alchemy technique is very excellent, first needs massive herbs, duplicates massive herbs to need Soul Creation Fluid, in refinement, needs to smelt, finally again all fusion together! If he can one time simultaneously refine 100 furnaces, then the time can be more economical, otherwise defers to his beforehand speed, takes three months to succeed to refine one grain . Moreover the effect is not big, therefore he planned carries on to refine ten thousand herbs ranks super is mad Divine Pill, such effect will be bigger, the energy in ten thousand herbs containing concentrates together, conceivable quality high! Shen Xiang can wholeheartedly multipurpose, he now concise Soul Creation Fluid, while goes to comprehend these Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, these Slaughtering Technique he touches to a superficial knowledge, the utilization is not considered as that too skilled, but makes him have strong strength, therefore he, so long as has the time, three Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique that goes to little comprehend he to obtain now. The time in a hurry, three years passed by suddenly, the room that Shen Xiang builds here has also increased, this in order to holds many pill furnace, he has been able simultaneously to control 80 pill furnace now! Shen Xiang has eaten several grains of that ten thousand herbs ranks super is mad Divine Pill, but also has the 1st Stage distance from the breakthrough at this time, but makes him feel what was happy , he use Enlightenment Stone, this not only can let practice that he does not hinder in the three years, but can also make him sense to some methods of Law of Space utilization! Perhaps in Law of Space this aspect, in the world does not have many people to have this strength, therefore nobody can instruct Shen Xiang, he can only sense depending on himself, will otherwise only leave uncultivated this divine object.