World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1171
Shen Xiang was stranded for almost four years, but nobody has actually saved him, this stems from Fire God Palace's to anticipate very that they think Shen Xiang has had an accident, the Shen Xiang's friend will catch immediately up. This is also place that Fire God Palace misjudges, because they do not understand Shen Xiang, so long as with the Shen Xiang relationship extremely good person, knows if Shen Xiang do not have the means to get out of trouble, they will rescue only will also implicate Shen Xiang, will only degenerate into the hostage. Fire God Palace starts to publicize several months ago, must get down the Shen Xiang permanent seal, moreover said that Shen Xiang by seal in inside, could not absorb any Spirit Qi, so long as the time were long, the resources that carried along used up, consumed the situation that Shen Xiang the strength backed up, publicly handled the Shen Xiang's time. Naturally, these words are say frighten these and Shen Xiang relationship extremely good person, to let these people rescues Shen Xiang! But what Fire God Palace does not know, the Shen Xiang's friends are clear this pills wealthy and powerful family consume undying, perhaps Fire God Palace gives way, the Shen Xiang's resources do not have the failure. Shen Xiang by the Fire God Palace seal almost four years, that mysterious and formidable Great Elder has not come to rescue Shen Xiang, therefore many influences think Shen Xiang at this time possibly by seal very long a period of time, therefore they took advantage of this time, started to plan to attack Chenwu Mainland! Chenwu Mainland now is not continent, because the sea area vanishes completely, during the new emperor day, the people such called, moreover this land also will be regarded as the future god earth in Emperor Heaven. Has the news rumor, Chenwu Mainland might be born very much second Dragon Vein in the present! Shen Xiang already knows that Chenwu Mainland is not very simple, otherwise Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade these Four Beast's Divine Weapons will not appear in such a place, more mystical also had that secular world that he once was born, suddenly vanish from sight, has not appeared to the present! Initially Huang Jintian, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou have told him, that place will come back, they know why obviously that secular world will vanish, but always did not say with him, therefore he suspected that this matter was not very optimistic, perhaps that secular world did not come back. Some people prepare to attack Chenwu Mainland, this news travelled quickly, this was some people divulges a secret intentionally, to have a look at Chenwu Mainland that side reaction capacity, when as for attacked, did not have accurately time. So long as is not Realm of Immortal Monarch Immortal King this abnormal immortal expert participates, the Chenwu Mainland's pressure is not very big, but Chenwu Mainland will never have this mentality, they become the strength very strong fellows the intruder imagination, but also plans to deal with the plan of thunderbolt. Chenwu Mainland's influence Big Shot does not count on the help of bystander now, they originally formidable ally Subduing Dragon Sect and Bewitching Sound Paradise, now because being in power person has an accident, causing these two powerful influences to decline rapidly! ......

Cannot find out, that has conducted outside the mountain village of Profound Ice meeting four years ago, the old man is looking at inside that seal the Shen Xiang's huge construction. This old man is bringing the bamboo hat, attire is simple, an eye is somewhat listless, looks like he is very exhausted, likely is the bad old man who year to year works hard. Situation has not calculated too terrible, at least in Fire God Palace that old fellow has not dared fight, does he also fear plotting of Shen Xiang this brat?” This old man heart said that shakes the head to smile. suddenly, this old man frown concentrates, suddenly has concentrated very strong spiritual power, direction of fire that seal Shen Xiang's giant building. Shen Xiang...... you in how?” Shen Xiang in alchemy, suddenly is hearing this weak sound, is very the accident! You were......” Shen Xiang astonished, almost shouted. Old Duan! You are also living, was really good!” Shen Xiang said excitedly. When with the person who he talked on the same day transmitted from the Heavenly Thunder Purgatory transmission, falls into chaotic space inside Duan Chong, he was Duan Family Patriarch, the Duan Sanchang grandfather, was an extraordinary character, on the same day can hit with that Purple Moon Dean in Heavenly Thunder Purgatory does not know one's place, moreover attack method that he used, was very bloody, Shen Xiang thinks now that had a lingering fear. Duan Chong has also used very strong Divine Sense, can the surface reluctantly and Shen Xiang talks: Hehe, your this brat is so energetic, you should cross very merrily in inside.” Also good...... Old Duan, you help me pass on to my friends as far as possible, do not come to save me! Moreover told them on the quiet, Fire God Palace later fight ten years, they want to rule entire Emperor Heaven at that time......”

A Duan Chong head pain, hastily receives Divine Sense, because he encountered that formation to attack . Moreover the sound that Shen Xiang passed on a moment ago was also very weak, but he actually heard clearly! Duan Chong can find the road to come back from oppressive chaotic space, the strength definitely improves, but is unable to rescue Shen Xiang depending on his present strength, he is forced to give up, goes to Subduing Dragon City. Old Duan is also living!” Shen Xiang is very happy, on the same day in Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, Duan Chong helps him be many, he can obtain Spirit Slaughtering Technique in inside, is the Duan Chong merit. He believes that Duan Chong goes certainly to Subduing Dragon Sect's, when the time comes Subduing Dragon Sect has such expert to assume personal command, perhaps will be definitely calmer and steadier, Duan Chong can also give to call entire Duan Family, although the Duan Family population selects, the words that but plays truly, many ancient influence fear them. Duan Family follows Great Emperor of Ten Heavens few, but the inheritance one of the present minority influences, can survive now, calculates that is not easy. „More than six years of time, you grasp time practice! Although is mad Divine Pill to be very good, but I thought you refine 20,000 herbs super is mad Divine Pill, perhaps cannot break through at that time!” Su Meiyao said in a soft voice: little rascal, you should be clear your Sister Meng'er to be stranded in this stage for a long time, is not only she, many expert are this!” Shen Xiang nodded, he felt that now enters into the Nirvana seven tribulations how difficultly, he felt when the time comes Nirvana Tribulation will be more terrorist. Sister Meiyao, how should I now do?” Shen Xiang is also at wit's end, although he many high level herbs, Sacred Level dragon medicine has, but these are he cannot withstand, will eat will toss about dead him, but Heaven Level herbs, will need refined into pill to play the effect to come, although the effect will have, but will not be obvious. Now he must study to refine the Heaven Level pill not Taihang, only if his Multiple Refining Simulation Technique grasps well, otherwise is very difficult to build up, even if builds up, needs long time, does not suit his present environment. Su Meiyao had pondered, said: Profound Ice! Don't you have many Profound Ice? Previous time you used some Profound Ice powder to refine, almost ruined a city, moreover these Profound Ice were quality very bad that! You have that many quality extremely high Profound Ice now, if can succeed from Profound Ice withdraws these mysterious strength, perhaps super will be mad Divine Pill to have the effect compared with these.”

Before Shen Xiang, has to think, but he will be worried to waste the too much time in this above! little rascal, don't you have two valuable boxes? You begin to study these Profound Ice now, not only with promotes cultivation base through Profound Ice, you must for the Ice Dragon Sword sheath supplementary energy, making you open that two valuable boxes, perhaps in the valuable box has the thing that can wish you to get out of trouble!” Su Meiyao knows that Shen Xiang is worried about anything, because the Shen Xiang's time is tight, cannot waste carelessly. If before me , the two methods of saying both do not work, that only then the last method, is you fuses all Primal Chaos Fire Token! I believe when the time comes is not only makes you have to summon Nine Heavenly Devil Palace strength, but can also promote your strength!” Primal Chaos Fire Token is Shen Xiang's pulls down the box, after this is also the Shen Xiang plan exits, with this kills that Immortal King only means that therefore he has not thought here fuses completely, moreover this also very much take risks, if fused seven Primal Chaos Fire Token, does not have to his help, did that waste? Shen Xiang has thought that said: „It is not good, the escape route has, but not necessarily walks passes. Also escape route that needs one to grasp to pass very much, I dare to do!” You do not have choose, you should understand you if now wants to break through in six years, and crossed the words of Nirvana seven tribulations smoothly, this is the quite good means!” Su Meiyao said. These shatter Profound Ice, after his refinement, strength that erupts he had asked for advice, at that time Su Meiyao can also feel clearly, therefore she is very confident, but the premise is Shen Xiang can complete control these strength, can become Shen Xiang breaks through the boost of bottleneck.