World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1172

Shen Xiang has massive high quality Profound Ice, if refines the majority, can the smooth success, be able to erupt very formidable strength! Before he penetrated Enlightenment Stone, can induce to Profound Ice is containing the strength of very intense destruction and seal, if he can a massive Profound Ice refined into grain of pill, be then used to attack, destruction strength that erupted perhaps, can make him leave here. However he in this, when the time comes he does not have the place to avoid that explosive force, therefore this method is invalid, can only withdraw purest strength from Profound Ice, pill who refined into can eat, for promoting strength, making him bring in the Nirvana seven tribulations! These people will not monitor you every day, they are confident to this seal, therefore you do not need to worry that they will spy on!” Long Xueyi said that she frequently is also staring in this, if there are other strength to fluctuate, she can induce immediately obtains. If others must examine this inside situation, must seep Divine Sense, at that time must make this seal weakly, but such does, they worried that Shen Xiang will run away, therefore they have had to monitor Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang puts out that Golden Dragon Profound Ice ice crystal powder, that Golden Dragon Profound Ice is not small, the powder that turns into are many . Moreover the quality is very high, if refined into pill, his previous time wants to be fiercer than time in of Heavenly Thunder City refinement! Now Shen Xiang does not dare all of a sudden on crazy refinement too many Profound Ice, if cannot control, perhaps will be planted by oneself. „One side Golden Dragon Profound Ice do not move first, places, for increases in behind!” Shen Xiang does not need this high quality the Profound Ice powder to come alchemy from the beginning, but uses some ordinary Profound Ice first. He obtains, now him in Heavenly Demon pavilion there puts in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace these Profound Ice powder, then puts out Enlightenment Stone, this has this, he can cremate these Profound Ice powder with his flame, making these powder turn into the Qi mist condition, will then fuse together. The Profound Ice powder releases light glow to come in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, he may not pour into the flame, this is because between Profound Ice and Enlightenment Stone have produced the resonance, why as, Shen Xiang could not say, in brief Enlightenment Stone was mysterious, before also because of this Enlightenment Stone, he can in the practice smooth. He pours into Universe Fire, can burn down to send out intense light glow Qi mist these Profound Ice powder very much easily, but these Qi mist are wild, in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, is similar to Purgatory inside Evil Devil struggles is being same, momentarily wants to flee Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace!

The Shen Xiang forehead projects together light golden light, massive Divine Power emerge in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, turns into two golden palms, in raging fire flaming pill furnace, rubs these wild Profound Ice Qi mist, does not make its scattered in disorder in pill furnace. At this time Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace inside flame is strong, this was almost the strongest flame that Shen Xiang can release, but after these Profound Ice turned into Qi mist, the temperature of flame became very low, if Shen Xiang suddenly received the flame, perhaps entire Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace will be frozen. Originally formed bulk Profound Ice, so long as were stimulated, will turn into the sand common ice crystal, but after these ice crystals were stimulated by strength again formidable, can stimulate in that unusual ice cold strength, that strength is also Shen Xiang now most needs. Profound Ice inside strength should have two types, if I have not guessed that wrong, one type should be Rune Force! Another type is the formidable pure energy!” Long Xueyi is also observing Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace inside situation with Divine Sense at this time, although inside is flooding ice cold strength, but she has not actually discovered too many genuine ice cold strength. What? Inside has Rune Force!” Shen Xiang asked with amazement. Rune Force was also called natural strength! If said according to Long Xueyi this type, that inside Rune Force should be inborn can breed change energy attribute spirit pattern, moreover these spirit pattern are very small, sees very much ugly. Um, therefore these ice cold strength are quite strange, is not ice cold strength that forms naturally, but is the pure conversion of energy, but this is more formidable!” Long Xueyi said. Initially in Heavenly Thunder Purgatory crossed that formidable Nirvana Tribulation, has presented Rune Force, but there are by Shen Xiang devour, compressed in the dantian, he did not have the opportunity to use, moreover these Rune Force were also very precious, he cannot use carelessly. If in these Profound Ice has Rune Force, can withdraw, can obtain many Rune Force? But these Rune Force priceless treasure, even if places Heaven World, is very expensive things. You must use strongest Divine Power, has a look in these Profound Ice pellets, reason that I think break to pieces to turn into the pellet, is very likely in each pellet, has Rune Force constitution natural ice cold spirit pattern, but slightly is very very small, in granulose Profound Ice!”

Although Long Xueyi is gluttonous and lazy, but she has the memory inheritance of White Dragon, that massive memory from first year to year accumulates in her white Dragon Ancestor, therefore she does not need to study, can know that many things, why this will have the dragon so formidable reason of memory inheritance! Shen Xiang according to does, carefully observed these very slightly very small Profound Ice pellet that Long Xueyi said that this matter he little has not done, by his current ability, does not have what difficulty, before he in this manner, saw these to be mad the Divine Pill herbs internal world, but also has established the relation with inside spirit, thus let him, when the refinement was mad Divine Pill handy. Not long, Shen Xiang sees in these small pellets, really several wisps of very tiny spirit pattern, these spirit pattern are vibrating, vibrates to release the certain ice cold energy each time, on these spirit pattern, Shen Xiang also sees some lavender Qi mist to wind around above, these purple Qi mist these Rune Force! At this time Shen Xiang admired Long Xueyi secretly, unexpectedly is said accurate by her, if did not have the Long Xueyi's words, why he perhaps does not ravel these Profound Ice to be able now so. Actually Long Xueyi also after oneself investigate is clear, draws such conclusion. These spirit pattern not only can release ice cold strength, so long as time, but also periphery can assimilate does not have the thing of cold strength.” Long Xueyi said: You give a try can separate these Rune Force!” These Profound Ice powder such, if needs such to do completely, that certain non- current expense brain, Shen Xiang's cultivate Spirit, has formidable Divine Soul luckily, vigorous Divine Power, this to other people possibly is the matter that is hard to complete, but in the Shen Xiang eye, this is not too difficult, but requires the time. Enlightenment Stone is sensibility natural strength, senses three thousand Great Dao, but Rune Force is also nature strength, therefore he, when uses Enlightenment Stone, can produce the resonance with these Profound Ice powder. Profound Ice powder by flame incinerator time, inside Rune Force fluctuates intensely, but these cold air release through the spirit pattern vibration, therefore the ice cold strength is strong at this time, but this also helps Shen Xiang coming out these Rune Force minutes. Rune Force is supports spirit pattern the pure conversion of energy for the ice cold strength source, so long as extracts Rune Force, Shen Xiang can obtain the massive pure energies, will fuse together again, he can be carried ice cold strength Profound Ice pill slightly!

If not separate these Rune Force, will fuse, terror destruction frozen pill who then can be used in the attack. Clarifies this, following matter is easier! The pure energy in these Profound Ice containing are many, if will withdraw refined into Profound Ice pill, super be mad Divine Pill to be much more effective than the refinement, must know that the refinement is mad Divine Pill, but also needs to reproduce massive herbs, this process costs the time. Shen Xiang adds into on some Golden Dragon Profound Ice toward Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace at this time these high qualities Profound Ice powder, he discovered that these high qualities in Profound Ice powder, Rune Force is more, spirit pattern is also quite long, the pure energy of implication is ordinary Profound Ice many times, this makes him very delighted, if refines the high quality Profound Ice, the pure energy of then withdrawing are more! Withdraws in any case, withdraws the high quality with low quality Profound Ice is the same work loads, therefore he stops refining these low qualities the Profound Ice powder, changes to completely refines the high quality. But the Profound Ice powder of low quality, for later refines these aggressive very strong destruction frozen pill!