World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1173
Several years ago, Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire had been harassed by Mo Clan, that time was Mo Clan two is bringing Golden Heroic Sword Sect and Ghost Killer Sect person goes, but they completely were actually cut to kill, now Shen Xiang by the seal, Bewitching Sound Paradise was retired, Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire did not have what asylum, and held many mineral lode, this made Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire stare again by Mo Clan. Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and Icewind Valley are the same places, being in power person is two females, a Shen Xiang's wife, another is Shen Xiang sworn sister, in some people eyes, even if these two females are strong, has the talent again, but is still the woman, is very delicate that where strong to will not go! Because some people believe that therefore not awfully seizes various Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's mineral lode! Protects the mineral lode person, so long as sees some people to rob, will run away immediately, the people who therefore these seize think that the opposite party ran away in fear, then asked many elites to guard, but also has mined, but when their haughty, Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's has killed, moreover sent out was very strong expert, one was the white hair beautiful woman in that Legend. Leng Youlan is truly beautiful, the beautiful woman causes the downfall of the nation, but kills people, is actually similar to such that in Hell comes, savage is incomparable, that wild attack, looks make the blood boil. So long as had seized the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire any mineral lode influence, finally will be criticized, majority exterminated an entire family, has that Golden Heroic Sword Sect. Not only so, Extreme Martial Sect also crosses such experience, then comes the Extreme Martial Sect's motion way to be also same as Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, completely exterminates these influences. Many outside influences discovered at this time, on Chenwu Mainland big sect is joins up, so long as there is a side to be bullied, hits time does not hit, immediately runs away, then to other front door request assistances, after waiting quietly expert collects, goes back to kill a wiped out to the last man! Such one, causing many big influences to be destroyed completely by the reason of directly and honestly by the Chenwu Mainland above influence, but also was looted cleanly. But what is unknown, is also hiding Subduing Dragon Sect and Devil Subduing School's expert in Chenwu Mainland, their motions are secret, will not be looked, then, these, so long as attacks the Chenwu Mainland's influence, quite in facing many powerful influences, was not destroyed completely is strange!

Had these to learn from another's mistakes, wants to attack the Chenwu Mainland's influence to understand, to take Chenwu Mainland, the go it alone was incorrect, because that was similar to faced with a colossus, only if they also united. However some people are up to mischief in secret, causing these influences somewhat to be somewhat contradictory, is unable to join up, even also many influences hit, this good deed was Duan Family does certainly, Duan Family most excelled at this matter. Since Shen Xiang by seal, the new emperor day becomes very not tranquil, original Demon and Devil is attacking Human Territory, but Human Territory many influences are actually staring at Chenwu Mainland, then, makes Demon and Devil have an opportunity, expands Demon Territory and Devil Territory territory gradually! Shen Xiang also guessed correctly that outside will be very chaotic, therefore he wants a bit faster to exit, he planned that before consolidates in the Emperor Heaven foundation, transcend Heaven World that can feel at ease, if must make here stable, must first expand his Subduing Dragon Sect and Chenwu Mainland strength, then destroys completely Demon and Devil of monster Devil Territory inside these bloodthirsty, finally frightens Human Territory these ambitious influences! Ten days of time, Shen Xiang that Golden Dragon Profound Ice, therefore Profound Ice powder inside Rune Force separates, Rune Force that separates will enter in his dantian, had a grain of Rune Force bead when his dantian, although now cannot use, but later he must arrange fierce large formation, these Rune Force will blossom in radiant splendor. Golden Dragon Profound Ice is quality excellent Profound Ice, after the pure energy that inside contains separates completely, unexpectedly is equal to air/Qi Divine Pill that grain of 5000 herbs refinements become! Can have such effect, making Shen Xiang very satisfied, because such Profound Ice he also has many, he Profound Ice that makes from Fire God Palace warehouse has not used together! Fire God Palace, you, since starts to me, moreover wants to threaten me with I most intimate person, do not blame me!” Shen Xiang thinks that these matters are angry, he most hates others to threaten him, especially threatens him with his woman. Fire God Palace such has not done now, but had this decision, but the time has not arrived, now governs Fire God Palace's that Immortal King to have the patience, he must wait for ten years to determine that nobody rescues Shen Xiang.

If nobody rescues Shen Xiang in the ten years, but that seal does not have any sound, then has decided on the general situation, can get rid. Shen Xiang knows that Fire God Palace handles the matter of primary importance here is being resurrect that Ice Emperor, but Shen Xiang from Lu Qinlian there learned that Ice Emperor is not the good bird, therefore he decided that once exits, if no other urgent matters, he first goes to Profound Cold Ancient Domain, ruins that Ice Emperor! Otherwise hate of difficult solution heart. Profound Ice pill is the pure white, the name of this Shen Xiang air/Qi, although is called Profound Ice pill, but does not have too strong ice cold strength, but releases weak cold air. That grain of Profound Ice pill in Shen Xiang palm, is the powder refinement of that bulk Golden Dragon Profound Ice, but this is actually equal to 5000 refinements is mad the Divine Pill herbs sum total, obviously value very high of these high cerebral cortices. Eats up here Profound Ice pill, Shen Xiang starts to build up, but makes him feel what was happy, why this Profound Ice pill does not know, builds up time is relaxed, very natural entered in his dantian, enters in that five beast image, condense these Heaven Dan pill embryos! Was right, these pure energies are to receive these Rune Force have affected, but Rune Force was called the strength of nature, gradually, these Profound Ice inside energies also become so, has the nature Great Dao spirit rhyme, therefore I practice so to be relaxed now!” Shen Xiang is very excited, he has not thought that will refine Profound Ice to have the so big harvest, at this time he will be confident, if not have the accident, can smooth transcends tribulation, he think that one can certainly get rid of this seal in ten years of deadline. Year after year, Shen Xiang by seal already eight years! In the eight years, Shen Xiang crosses actually comfortably, Profound Ice refined into pill, is not eats up Profound Ice pill then the deep sleep practice, in his opinion, he only thought one stayed here for several months, did not think quite the same as for eight years, moreover his alchemy time, will always fall into a crazy condition, will not think arid, is always full of enthusiasm!

These days, he built up more than 800 Profound Ice, must know that these Profound Ice have much is giant high quality Profound Ice, although seems like some fine ice sculptures, but he is not take pity on, shivers with Divine Craftsman's Hammer, builds up these Profound Ice powder. At this time his acquired Rune Force were also many, for these years acquired Rune Force, enough he arranged one to protect city large formation! Two years, you best to exit ahead of time, otherwise when the time comes will present the matter of accident.” The Long Xueyi urging said. Although Duan Chong comes back, but the strength is limited, Chenwu Mainland is not small, if by several with the Fire God Palace strong presence joint strike, that Chenwu Mainland definitely will almost fall to the enemy! If Shen Xiang exits, so long as some people force Fire God Palace's Immortal King, he has the means to weaken Fire God Palace's strength, even can also destroy completely Fire God Palace, because Fire God Palace has vented anger he, making him wish one could Devil Decaying Death Qi and Intoxicating Spirit Powder altogether puts completely! Naturally, when that is only his anger the thought of sprouting, this is unrecommendable, if were discovered that his auspicious day was to the end, perhaps also will implicate many people! „The Heaven Dan pill embryo has almost completed, eats up Profound Ice pill who these ten high quality Profound Ice refine, should be able to help me to be concise the seventh pill embryo to come.” Shen Xiang closely has grasped Enlightenment Stone, in recent years, is Enlightenment Stone, when is most essential makes the direction, can let his breakthrough bottlenecks, at this time is only poor, he can bring in the Nirvana seven tribulations! But he most is worried is the Nirvana seven tribulations can arrive, if arrives, will be what kind of? Because at this time he in a very strong seal!