World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1174

Two years, were Fire God Palace attack the Chenwu Mainland's time, but in recent years, Chenwu Mainland has not been short is attacked, had the Demon and Devil influence, there is a Human Territory influence, some joining up influence, but most can seize some mines temporarily, was unable completely to control, now during this new emperor day, can swallow the entire Chenwu Mainland's influence not to be many, but Fire God Palace was. But Fire God Palace also has the worry, they worried that Subduing Dragon Sect that mysterious Great Elder, but ten years are the deadlines, they believe that so long as the seal Shen Xiang ten years, Subduing Dragon Sect that Great Elder has not appeared, they can feel relieved that attacks Chenwu Mainland! Before Duan Chong came to relate with Shen Xiang, at that time Shen Xiang made Duan Chong pass on to that side Chenwu Mainland, making them prepare for ten years later, when the time comes Fire God Palace will attack. If smooth, I should be able ahead of time one year or a half year exit, hope smoothly!” Shen Xiang eats up that grain of Profound Ice pill in hand, this is his final crazy impact, he must leave the seventh Heaven Dan pill embryo in this condense. Vast such as the energy of sea is turbulent in his body, is washing out shinbone fleshly body, finally was built up the depuration by him True Qi, emerges in the dantian, attacks in the beast image seventh Heaven Dan pill embryo, under the direction of Enlightenment Stone, these True Qi will become very intelligential, will be following natural Daoist magic, continually will be tapping the Shen Xiang's potential, strong Shen Xiang's fleshly body, will develop Heaven Dan for him. In normal situation, only then crossed Nirvana Ninth Tribulation to be able condense to leave Heaven Dan to come, but Shen Xiang had long time ago, not only and a grain, but is in each beast image has many grains, for example now, he seventh grain of Heaven Dan in condense each beast image. Has the direction of Enlightenment Stone, boundless True Qi very nature smooth emerges that in Heaven Dan that forms gradually, True Qi compresses together crazily, in this way, with the high-quality energy, condense leaves one to hold massive True Qi Heaven Dan, if no help of Enlightenment Stone, Shen Xiang now how also in sensing to be guiding that huge True Qi to fuse in nature Great Dao, expands own dantian. Ten huge Profound Ice smelt Profound Ice pill who becomes, quality very high, but Shen Xiang in the breakthrough edge, this grain of Profound Ice pill certainly can help his condense to leave five pill embryos now! Suddenly passed for a half year, Shen Xiang built up to melt that grain of Profound Ice pill at this time completely, he success condense left five grains of Heaven Dan pill embryos, this made him somewhat excited, but at this time he only needed to wait for the arrival of Nirvana Seventh Tribulation, after crossing Seventh Tribulation, he obtained the strength of that mysterious and formidable granting, was true transformation, means that he strided in the Nirvana Realm latter stage! Also is the most difficult stage. hōng hōng hōng!

He has put out Divine Craftsman's Hammer, strikes seal formation that cannot be seeing crazily, dashes with that formidable seal strength, at this time his strength was more formidable than before, he wants to give a try to shake these seal strength, but same as usual, a point with does not have. What Shen Xiang does not know, Fire God Palace seal his time, but becomes his imagination Immortal King comes the seal, has used Fire God Palace fierce formation plate that brings from Heaven World, as well as large amounts of resources. If Fire God Palace cannot be able to seek to suit in short time as this seal large formation energy resources massively, Fire God Palace cannot consume, because of this type of fierce seal, the consumption of each double-hour is astronomical figures. If not Fire God Palace thinks that seal Shen Xiang very value place, they will not do, because this is equal to is burning crystal stones, every day to maintain this fierce seal, they do not know that has ruined many crystal stones here. Nirvana Tribulation? How not to have come, but I have to feel that Nirvana Tribulation must come, meets is what kind of?” After Shen Xiang is concise seventh Heaven Dan pill embryo, several days, he had the feeling that Nirvana Tribulation must arrive. But he is sealed now in this secluded from the world seal, he worried very much that Nirvana Tribulation will therefore be affected, then does not fall, when the time comes he is unable to break through. You underestimated Nirvana Tribulation, only if you hid in Mysterious Realm, otherwise was very difficult to escape, especially regarding you, you were the alchemy master, Tribulation Force that presented will be very formidable, if induced to the thing that the body had again, Tribulation Force will also continue to increase, this required certain time!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang sits there honestly is waiting, he hopes very much his Seventh Tribulation will be very fierce, had better be able rumble to break this seal, when the time comes he crossed Nirvana Tribulation, can leave directly. Palace Master, is not good!” Middle-aged suddenly breaks in a luxurious study room, the complexion is bringing startled, has shouted.

What matter? Said quickly!” The Palace Master hastily inquiry said that the middle age that because this suddenly clashes safeguards that seal. formation plate had the problem probably, in the crazy absorbed energy, we was just shipping past crystal stones this morning, is only half double-hour, almost by suck dry! What has Shen Xiang made in inside? This situation has not appeared.” Palace Master is Immortal King, he knew about these formation plate very that he shook the head: Should not be Shen Xiang does, if he has this skill, he had already done, will not wait to be so long absolutely, I have a look first.” Fire God Palace's Palace Master arrives at outside that seal, at this time many people bustle about are putting in many crystal stones in the assigning place, supplemented that the formation plate energy, maintains several fierce large formation revolutions, can make the seal forbid to become impregnable. Outside that bidding block that at this time Shen Xiang is, airborne float formation plate crazy revolving that two pile up one on top of another, the absorption maintains the seal revolution crystal stones, these crystal stones basically just put, several suddenly time vanished, turn into the transparent Qi mist condition completely, enter in that two formation plate. These two formation plate not only at the energy that the absorption maintains, but also crazily devour world Spirit Qi in all directions, causing sky over Profound Ice City to present a huge energy vortex, was revolving slowly, massive world Spirit Qi turned into a ray of light column, dropped from the clouds, emerges in that two formation plate! „The words that Palace Master, this continues, will lose very many crystal stones!” That middle age is sweating profusely said that now the speed of that two great large formation plate devour energies is getting more and more fast, as if can swallow the monster of sea. Regardless of loses many crystal stones, must continue to fill to me! If Shen Xiang runs while the present, our these eight years losses were useless, will attack the Chenwu Mainland's plan to be also finished.” Why that Palace Master does not ravel like this, but he has no other alternative, can only continue to pound crystal stones, will otherwise fall short. This news travels quickly, making many people think that was Shen Xiang must come out, many plan alliances attacked the Chenwu Mainland's influence, at this moment stopped planning, if Shen Xiang this Slaughter God came out, then they attacked Chenwu Mainland, quite in brought death.

Although Subduing Dragon Sect just established, but the bystander actually never knows that the Subduing Dragon Sect's strength how, Subduing Dragon Sect does not have Dean now, therefore did not have other motions, but if Shen Xiang comes out, leads Subduing Dragon Sect this mysterious and formidable strength sweeps Emperor Heaven, everyone fears, especially these Demon and Devil. Many people think that Shen Xiang must come out, in the heart has mixed emotions, especially these influence Big Shot, but Shen Xiang actually lies down in that seal at this time, is very peaceful in this, does not have a wee bit, but sound, this makes him burning with impatience, if Nirvana Tribulation does not come, he made this plan to the end. Is Nirvana Tribulation? This situation wants to cross Nirvana Tribulation very much.” That middle age asked. „It is not Nirvana Tribulation, because does not have Tribulation Force, if Nirvana Tribulation, will not absorb our crystal stones, possibly was Shen Xiang has used some methods in inside, wants to weaken our seals through such means that according to looked like this, shortly after he insisted, we must consume with him, moreover cannot turn on the seal, this brat was very sly, a point mouth was unopenable, otherwise he will escape.” That Palace Master considers very completely. This truly is Nirvana Tribulation causes, but this Nirvana Tribulation and normal Nirvana Tribulation are different, is rare, even though is Fire God Palace's Palace Master, has not heard Nirvana Tribulation of this way, therefore he will deny. Lies down in Shen Xiang of ground, suddenly felt that has anything to appear here, he sits to set out fiercely, sees only has a translucent person to appear . Moreover the body gradually is becoming obvious!