World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1176

Kills undying?” Shen Xiang avoids this law enforcement Heavenly Spirit a foot that flies to kick, in the heart is very anxious, he can feel this law enforcement Heavenly Spirit strength to be getting stronger and stronger at this moment, if cannot it defeating, he possibly have enough to do. Outside, that two formation plate in the devour huge energy, is taking crystal stones that the Fire God Palace's person keeps, maintains the revolution of large formation, if stops, perhaps Shen Xiang will run, they are worried about this very much. But this is that law enforcement Heavenly Spirit is absorbing outside strength, expands itself, quite can destroy completely Shen Xiang by oneself. „If no overwhelming strong strength opposite party fellow, perhaps is very difficult to defeat him, but he is not invincible, he uses Void Spirit Body, or by own fleshly body reorganization, was needed very formidable strength!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang was shouting one to that law enforcement Heavenly Spirit anger, has attacked, this time he used three in Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique to kill, fused in which three types in Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, the top of the head stars chart, the foot pedal sea mountains and rivers, atrium inside God Slaughtering Heart beat, released the intermittent terror Slaughter Qi, in the Divine Power fusion with his Divine sea, changed into one type potential, making his strength more formidable, was similar to has the formidable militant soul to be ordinary. Divine Blade cuts, the dragon roar eight sides, Azure Dragon leaps the dance, pair of eyes glittering the blood red multi-colored sunlight, is making threatening gestures, covers toward that law enforcement Heavenly Spirit! Roar! The dragon roar acoustic shock resulted in the earth to shiver, turned into the Azure Dragon shape the strength impact past time, that law enforcement Heavenly Spirit wants to make to move aside, but he was slow, the body by dragon head dashing maliciously in the past, wild strength was ripped more than ten hashed meat this law enforcement Heavenly Spirit! Shen Xiang at present suddenly one bright, although this law enforcement Heavenly Spirit is very strong, but fleshly body is very weak, by formidable the strength attack time, unexpectedly will break to pieces, even if can reorganize, but this is also his big weakness, the fleshly body reorganization also needs to consume many strength! You are also mediocre!” Shen Xiang dashes, pats to the several hashed meat palms of tread, his body is turbulent formidable strength, turns into a giant flame palm, whips ground these fragment maliciously, will hit vanishes in puff of smoke. hōng hōng hōng! Shen Xiang fast hits several palms, the hashed meat of ground turns into the flying ash!

However that law enforcement Heavenly Spirit had not been destroyed completely, unexpectedly suddenly appears concentrates now in front of Shen Xiang, even if fleshly body did not have, unexpectedly can also reorganize! This fellow...... I have used Spirit Slaughtering Technique obviously, his soul should also receive very serious injury to be right!” Shen Xiang clenches teeth to say. I am undying, so long as the world, will still provide inexhaustible strength to me, till cuts to kill you!” Law enforcement Heavenly Spirit sound ice-cold, that facial expression is similar to bends down to look at the ants to be common, resembles him to pinch dead Shen Xiang such at any time. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Do not think one are invincible, aren't you same kill undying I? You in my eyes, is one is granted the formidable strength heartless running dog, I feel sorrowful for your birth!” During the speeches, law enforcement Heavenly Spirit has attacked, that imposing manner of releasing is strong, his strength unexpectedly is more formidable than before. Bang! Law enforcement Heavenly Spirit fights with the fists maliciously in the Shen Xiang's abdomen! Shen Xiang moves aside, Zuo Lei the place was hit by that strong strength bang, there bone almost crushes, but he has not actually flown, but was retreat half step, but also rumbled a palm, hit to the head of that law enforcement Heavenly Spirit, wild Shocking Heaven Palm strength law enforcement Heavenly Spirit head engine'knock', flesh and blood flying in all directions. Law enforcement Heavenly Spirit sped up the rhythm at this time, although the head was rumbled to fall, but the body is complete, unexpectedly fast ejects two palms, is shaking the space, hits to the Shen Xiang's chest. Shen Xiang only felt that the skeleton break of chest, the severe pain wells up, the instance that is flying, his leg sweeps to the lower part of the body of that law enforcement Heavenly Spirit, sweeps that two thighs! Shen Xiang is enduring the severe pain, has put out under several grains of pills clothing/taking. „The body of this fellow is dregs, but he attacks, incurs the move to break to pieces the bone!” Long Xueyi said: This is the affirmation, fleshly body of this fellow just turned into, is not stable, moreover he does not need formidable fleshly body, does not have that necessity!”

It seems like this fellow kills undying, such being the case, I can only take risk, my not credit move of lane undying he.” Law enforcement Heavenly Spirit in condense own persons head, when he just condense almost, suddenly was covered by translucent golden big pill furnace! Heaven Refining Technique! Can burn to build up the super god technique of world, before had been urged many times by White Tiger, making him not use excessively, therefore he has restrained, has not refined these mountain anything again, but now this law enforcement Heavenly Spirit is nasty, he can only building up fall with this means! The day can build up, he believes that must build up efficaciousing that this world strength turns into people should not be the difficult matter, perhaps can also refine fierce pill! The law enforcement Heavenly Spirit strength is very strong, to build up him, must let him obediently in pill furnace is staying, or has extremely formidable Divine Power, is stranded him in pill furnace, does not let pill furnace that he breaks through in a short time, dragon brat, lends me your Divine Power!” Shen Xiang felt after that pill furnace must be broken through immediately, hastily shouted. Long Xueyi already had such preparation: Um, receive!” In Shen Xiang's Divine sea suddenly wells up Long Xueyi that vast and formidable Divine Power, making Shen Xiang shock, he has not thought that Long Xueyi's Divine Power unexpectedly is so formidable, this for him is the good matter! Do not want to come out!” Shen Xiang fuses Divine Power that Long Xueyi has transmitted quickly, will be used to consolidate that pill furnace. This is according to pill furnace that Heaven Refining Technique comes out concise, according to the Heaven Refining Technique above record, so long as there is enough strength, in the gods including Legend is unable to get out of trouble! Long Xueyi has so formidable Divine Power, making this alchemic furnace stabler, Shen Xiang does not know that Heaven Refining Technique is any background, but actually absolutely believes the Heaven Refining Technique might. Refines the thing with Heaven Refining Technique, isn't the need very strong flame? These flame are absorb strength of world to turn into, close Heavenly Fire might, external strength, now what to do haven't you planned?” Long Xueyi inquired, seeing Shen Xiang to refine the fierce thing with Heaven Refining Technique, she knows when the time comes will have her one.

Shen Xiang sees on that law enforcement Heavenly Spirit face to have some anger, said with a smile: Relax, Heaven Refining Technique inside has special copes with this situation the method, especially this type with world connected law enforcement Heavenly Spirit, he is very formidable world strength, makes him burn oneself!” Outside that translucent pill furnace, suddenly presents many spirit pattern, is similar to the silk thread is ordinary, formation gradually, covers entirely the entire pill furnace surface. This is Shen Xiang makes according to Heaven Refining Technique inside method, these spirit pattern will produce strange strength, can let pill furnace inside thing nature! Law enforcement Heavenly Spirit roars, body suddenly explodes, turns into intense flame, burns down in pill furnace! After law enforcement Heavenly Spirit fleshly body turns into the flame, condense leaves fleshly body to come immediately, then in pill furnace from exploding, turns into the flame, so repeatedly, making pill furnace inside flame stronger and stronger, more than ten days later, Shen Xiang does not remember that many law enforcement Heavenly Spirit fleshly body turned into the raging fire, but now pill furnace inside flame enough, he starts to burn to build up this law enforcement Heavenly Spirit now! The Su Meiyao doubts asked: little rascal, can this fellow build up the law? Can build up fleshly body, presents one? When this way can arrive?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: This actually, so long as I build up fleshly body of this fellow almost shatters, slightly stops, when he restores to complete time , to continue to refine again, such will come to form many herbal Spirit Qi when as to build up, I will not be clear, naturally the longer the better, perhaps when the time comes I can obtain very fierce Heavenly Spirit pill!” Was sent to kill people obviously, but actually fell into others pill furnace now, perhaps this law enforcement Heavenly Spirit first meets this treatment. Although law enforcement Heavenly Spirit can injure Shen Xiang, breaks to pieces the Shen Xiang's skeleton, but the Shen Xiang's resilience is also very powerful, therefore they this way are hard to have the result, but was now different, Shen Xiang does not need to fight, can consume this law enforcement Heavenly Spirit strength unceasingly!