World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1177
Law enforcement Heavenly Spirit in the furnace of that Heaven Refining, the body is gradually feeble, but prepares to the completely melted time, Shen Xiang will stop slightly, making the body of this law enforcement Heavenly Spirit restore to actually such, then continues to burn to build up, is only short three days, in pill furnace accumulated very many energies, can be used to produce the flame, can be used to congeal pill! No wonder that big white cat will make you use this Heaven Refining Technique carefully, was really too abnormal, this fellow refined into dog!” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile White Tiger Senior has said that in the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens was because used this Heaven Refining Technique to draw on the disaster excessively, I do not have the means to use now, did not hope like Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, otherwise was hard to resist that strength depending on my influence.” In the Shen Xiang heart also has to worry. Shen Xiang built up crisply in inside, but outside Fire God Palace was actually miserable beyond description, more than ten days, they were consuming massive crystal stones every day, but must establish from their Fire God Palace in many industries of Emperor Heaven adjusts crystal stones, they in Profound Ice City has used up. Now they use crystal stones, is similar to burns paper resembling money equally quickly, moreover does not know when is a head, if they know that their crystal stones by Shen Xiang refined into pill, they definitely will spit blood now! Profound Ice City was being protected by many fierce large formation, therefore in this Land of Ice and Snow warm in winter and cool in summer, but in Profound Ice City is flooding now Spirit Qi by seal Shen Xiang's that two formation plate crazy absorptions, but absorption these Spirit Qi that law enforcement Heavenly Spirit. Not only let is consumption massive crystal stones that Fire God Palace stamps one's foot stands firm that seal, at this time also has that several to protect city large formation, has the sign of feeble acceleration, in other words, several protect city large formation strength to drain, in rushing surrounds in Shen Xiang's that seal. Palace Master...... we have not known when must consume, words that continues, our Fire God Palace must pull out to empty, simply massacres to consider as finished Shen Xiang.” old man suggested. Massacres Shen Xiang? I will not do this foolish matter absolutely, so long as captures alive the Shen Xiang's wife, when the time comes Shen Xiang hands over on him on obediently the good thing, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and that Dragon Vein, the value far exceeds our present all!” That Palace Master said: Now cannot stop, this may be Shen Xiang fiddle with any thing in inside, he wants to run, cannot give him this opportunity!” You are clear, if relieves the seal now, even if I am not possibly able to surround him again, cannot have any lax absolutely, wanted the seal he one time to be too difficult.”

Formidable law enforcement Heavenly Spirit, submits in Shen Xiang's pill furnace at this time, why does not know, he had insisted inside one month later, stopped struggling, sits cross-legged there, body also gradually was cremated by the flame, no longer rebirth! This makes Shen Xiang somewhat accidental but actually, he also hopes the time that this law enforcement Heavenly Spirit insists is longer, he can not spend any strength to refine a furnace good pill, pill but who must refine now is not bad. If insisted again one year or so, outside Fire God Palace could be consumed to step, at this time that seal stops devour strength, making Fire God Palace's each high level relax, for serveral days simply was their nightmares, if continued again, what to do they did not know should. Shen Xiang does not know outside matter, but that for him is the good matter, he dedicated concentrates now pill, pill furnace inside is gathering the massive energies, so long as the compression fusion, can to become pill! Moreover what is worth Shen Xiang cheering, he felt that the strength of granting entered in his body, he strength of fusion granting, while compressed pill furnace inside strength, he did not have to think own this transcends tribulation, unexpectedly this so fierce Nirvana Tribulation building up. If he does not understand Heaven Refining Technique, perhaps he is still hard to eliminate the law enforcement Heavenly Spirit fight that with that consumes finally, dying is he! Profound Ice City in these days that law enforcement Heavenly Spirit presents, the unusuality that presents, was known by many people, after this news spreads, lets many people surprisedly, they think that is Shen Xiang in that seal, has used for one month, almost completely consumes Fire God Palace's all crystal stones! However now that seal restores the actually appearance, does not have the slight sound, the people think that Shen Xiang gathers the strength to strike, perhaps, cannot again like this, this somewhat regrettable. The appearance of law enforcement Heavenly Spirit is related with Shen Xiang, therefore can also say these crystal stones is because Shen Xiang was consumed, but Shen Xiang does not know, but Shen Xiang actually also indirect obtains these crystal stones strength, is that grain of pill who he refines at this time!

After crossing the Nirvana seven tribulations, he obtained the strength and the past difference granting, these strength of granting not only gradually let his seventh Heaven Dan forming, meanwhile transformed his fleshly body, making his fleshly body based on actually stronger. What is mysterious, his fleshly body was very intrepid, but under these transformations of strength of granting, unexpectedly also has very big promotion! So long as crossed the people of Nirvana seven tribulations, fleshly body will obtain the multiple enhancements, therefore crossed person generally Perishing Golden Body of Nirvana seven tribulations, this crossed Nirvana seven tribulations the symbol of person's, was physical strength can also have destruction strength! Naturally, if the actually fleshly body foundation is very strong, then Perishing Golden Body will be also more intrepid, many people after crossing the Nirvana six tribulations, will strengthen fleshly body more diligent than before! Like Shen Xiang at this time on the Immortal Devil Body Great Ascension person, perhaps through the ages only then his, therefore he does not know his fleshly body strongly! Three days, his seventh Heaven Dan has formed, moreover constantly is strengthening, later his practice, improves this seventh Heaven Dan, then the condense eighth Heaven Dan pill embryo comes! But the strength of granting has not ended, but also in transforming his fleshly body, at this time his body glittering shining golden light, light glow glittering time, releases an intermittent formidable aura, he feels inconceivable, because this is his physical strength! pill furnace inside pill built up, is two grains of white pill pellet, but Shen Xiang does not have the time to eat now, but is the hand grasps Enlightenment Stone, enabling these strength of granting a better display, now this time is for him important, he felt that his fleshly body must break through Immortal Devil Body, arrives at brand-new Realm, thinks of this, he is excited! Great strength of fleshly body, can make him have powerful strength, the strength and True Qi strength of union fleshly body, the might is infinite, in his opinion, fleshly body is formidable, can make True Qi formidable, True Qi is formidable, can let Divine Power become stronger.

Like this according to the words that looks, this time should be able to break through Immortal Devil Body, what fleshly body when the time comes can be? This little rascal Immortal Devil Body 1st Stage time, but we witness with own eyes, but now shortly, he already Immortal Devil Body great accomplishment, but must step into formidable fleshly body Realm that I do not know!” Su Meiyao recalled that this matter comes, to sob, initially they initially met the Shen Xiang's time, has not thought that Shen Xiang meets adolescence to be so rapid. In the Bai Youyou heart is also the feeling extremely, she cannot help but recalled when first time with Shen Xiang meets, she and Su Meiyao whole body smooth scene, this makes her elegantly beautiful jade face cannot help but somewhat feel hot...... „The little rascal's fleshly body again upward adolescence words, perhaps are Heavenly Saint Body in Legend!” Long Xueyi exclaims: Humanity must go to this situation not to be easy, if is really such, then his fleshly body abnormally to be stronger than his True Qi, perhaps he uses Dragon Force not to compare his fleshly body strength!” Heavenly Saint Body and Heavenly Saint Body......” Bai Youyou low mumble several, said: „Isn't this fleshly body Realm that Master he has pursued?” Xueyi, if this little rascal arrives at that Realm, physical strength strong?” Su Meiyao inquired pleasantly surprised. Possibly is strength of Human Immortal rank, Heavenly Saint Body also has the rank, Heavenly Saint Body initial accomplishment should have this strength! Has not thought that on him will present this strange event, fleshly body Realm in advance that many, after his fleshly body, was difficult to be progressive.” Long Xueyi also very anticipated at this moment after Shen Xiang fleshly body transforms, meets is what kind. Shen Xiang closes one's eyes, wholly absorbed is grasping Enlightenment Stone, then according to the direction of Enlightenment Stone, uses these strength of granting, achieves the best effect, but now he can feel his fleshly body become stronger that speed clearly how quickly!