World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1178

In this total wreck auction market hall, Shen Xiang sits in the middle, golden light glow explodes dodges dazzling, is similar to noon fierce positive general, making people be hard to look straight ahead. fleshly body accepts the strengthening of strength of granting, gradually is strengthening, Shen Xiang starts to feel that some body aches, he discovered body inside blood, skeleton and muscle, under nurturing of strength of granting, by unceasing destroying, the rebirth, again were then destroyed, the rebirth, so much eats again circulates repeatedly, probably is duplicating Nirvana to be the same. Only skeleton inside that [say / way] powerful Bone Spirit had not been destroyed, that is his fleshly body soul is, Bone Spirit and Jade Dragon Bloodline, both unify, cause the speed ten losing concentration techniques that he restores! He does not know how long this situation will continue, what a little can affirm, his fleshly body constantly is strengthening! Continuously in become stronger, good fearful fleshly body strength!” Long Xueyi is spying on Shen Xiang's fleshly body with Divine Power, that astonishing enhancement speed, making her unbelievable, if Shen Xiang's fleshly body evolves really Heavenly Saint Body, then his physical strength will surmount True Qi strength. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou have not heard this condition, moreover their fleshly body have not achieved Immortal Devil Body great accomplishment, fleshly body surmounts Immortal Devil Body, this generally is Realm that the Immortal King peak Realm person pursues! But Shen Xiang present range that many Heaven World expert long-awaited Realm were getting more and more near! In Profound Ice City, all restored in the past like that Shen Xiang has not gotten out of trouble, making the Shen Xiang's friend gate feel very regrettably, but they feel to admire to the Shen Xiang's ability, because Shen Xiang consumes Fire God Palace's these crystal stones, said that will make person chest cavity be dumbfounded, even if Shen Xiang has not come out, but also let the Fire God Palace massive hemorrhage! The people said what does not know, the seal devour massive energies, are, Shen Xiang that law enforcement Heavenly Spirit creates crosses the Nirvana seven tribulations to meet formidable law enforcement Heavenly Spirit, but this law enforcement Heavenly Spirit finally actually by Shen Xiang refined into pill, later became the Shen Xiang formidable part. „......” Shen Xiang suddenly sent out a long and loud cry, the howl erupted the greatly strengthened penetrating power, shook these seal large formation to shake, the sound penetrated, reverberated in the Profound Ice City sky, the imposing manner that type was bringing the looking disdainfully world, making in many hearts be afraid, was similar to facing one has destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth strength Gods to be ordinary.

Shen Xiang golden light vanishes, looks like he does not have the big change, however his fleshly body inside strength, has the earth-shaking great change, formidable did not know many times, in addition his within the body that 35 grains of Heaven Dan strength, his present strength can direct duel fairyland expert! fleshly body becomes an immortal!” Long Xueyi took a deep breath: „Is this Heavenly Saint Body?” Shen Xiang has grasped the fist, feels formidable strength that in this Heavenly Saint Body is containing, he thought that he can a fist bang kill Human Immortal! Ha!” Shen Xiang stands up, drinks suddenly, to is making a fist void, without any True Qi, but that strong strength, can actually make the space swing the ripples! I can exit quickly, the Fire God Palace's bastard, washes the clean neck to wait for me to cut!” The Shen Xiang double fist grasps vigorously, is choked up with emotions. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou are very excited, because they witness Shen Xiang to practice Heavenly Saint Body with own eyes step by step, but Shen Xiang is they now the most intimate person, was later can make them restore in those days the peak strength person! Your fleshly body although now is formidable, but later was hard to have the progressive space, arrived at the demarcation line of humanity!” Long Xueyi emotionally said: Heavenly Saint Body is the formidable dragon has been able to practice, has not thought that your humanity, succeeds long time ago, although is initial accomplishment, but was very rare.” Long Xueyi that usually likes boasting, has to admire Shen Xiang at this moment.

Shen Xiang has laughed several, said: Rare Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor praised me, making me feel extremely flattered!” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said: humph, humph, other haughty, you, although broke through, but you same cannot exit now!” This seal is very strong, establishes according to the seal Immortal King standard, Shen Xiang had hit a fist a moment ago, knows that this inside space is stable, although his present strength is formidable, but actually cannot use the strength of Law of Space to leave here! It seems like can only like this!” Shen Xiang has put out dozens Profound Ice, said: I destroy frozen pill these Profound Ice refined into!” Shen Xiang further explanation: I borrow all your strength, perhaps is unable to break this seal, but adds on that instantaneous, we who this destruction frozen pill erupts perhaps have the opportunity, my present fleshly body does not fear frozen! I have Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, can resist the might that destruction frozen pill erupts that to have instantaneously.” Destruction frozen pill who Profound Ice refines together can destroy completely the entire city, but the present is dozens fuses, the might may not only strengthens dozens times! Understood, you start quickly!” Long Xueyi said. So long as extracts Profound Ice powder inside Rune Force, the remaining pure energies will not have the ruination, if retains these Rune Force, can refined into destroy frozen pill! Possibly dozens Profound Ice are insufficient, with 100 Profound Ice!” Shen Xiang has considered, increases are many some Profound Ice.

Refinement destruction frozen pill and refines Profound Ice pill to be different, destroys frozen pill is fierce, needs very discretely, Shen Xiang is very careful, if explodes, perhaps his Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace will shatter. His first refinement time, because insufficiently knew about Profound Ice that the preparation is not full, will therefore explode, but was now different, he knows very thoroughly about Profound Ice, but also has refined many times, therefore he has the confidence hundred quality excellent Profound Ice refined into grain of destruction frozen pill! More than ten days pass by, more than hundred Profound Ice vanish completely, in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, at this time Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace is shivering, but inside condense one group of watermelon big Little Bing balls! This ice hockey was too big, the might is very small, only if can compress the grape size this ice pill, can improve the quality. Divine Power borrows me, I want to be quicker!” Shen Xiang said to Long Xueyi. Long Xueyi has sufficient strength to lend Shen Xiang anytime, she before and Shen Xiang spiritual bond, her Divine Power has been able, in flickering to check fuses together with Shen Xiang's Divine Power perfect. Shen Xiang controls huge and strong Divine Power, wraps Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace inside ice hockey, simultaneously releases the intense flame, making the ice hockey structure loosely, then controls the formidable Divine Power extrusion ice hockey, compresses the ice hockey. Must know that in this ice hockey is Rune Force and vast such as the pure energy of sea, if erupts, the might is hard to imagine. Shen Xiang the little careful compression, his spirit is tying tight now, is sweating profusely, the pressure that withstands is very big.