World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1179
After Fire God Palace thinks Shen Xiang struggles, other means had not run, they also start to implement their plans at this time, sends for and some wants to attack the Chenwu Mainland's influence to chat, wins over these influences, when the time comes listens to their Fire God Palace's only meeting, this can let Fire God Palace more relaxed capturing Chenwu Mainland . Moreover the loss is also others. Can comply as for other influences, that must look at the Fire God Palace's sincerity and Fire God Palace's concrete strength. Shen Xiang was stranded here for almost nine years, he can guess correctly that Fire God Palace currently will have definitely many petty actions, he makes to worry that Fire God Palace's that Immortal King, has this Immortal King to get rid, in Chenwu Mainland, except for White Tiger, other people cannot contend. If he can exit , can only go to kill that Immortal King with these Primordial Strange Poison. Was only poor, insists!” Shen Xiang the streaming with sweat, Long Xueyi's Divine Power soon was also consumed at this time by him, in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace that is similar to the watermelon big ice hockey, at this time is similar to the walnut is equally big, quick was compressed successfully, concentrates destruction frozen pill! After half double-hour, Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace that sways violently has stabilized, Shen Xiang long relaxed, then lies down in the ground gasps for breath in gulps! Finally has succeeded, I can exit quickly!” The might of Shen Xiang to this grain of destruction frozen pill is confident. He needs to rest now, so long as restores the peak, can carry on the next step motion. This seal large formation some people have looked that the person strength of guarding is not weak, is Human Immortal, is at present in Fire God Palace quite strong strength, they leisurely and carefree very sitting there, do not know that at this time inside Shen Xiang has prepared to come out. Shen Xiang eats up pills, quick restores, vigorous dragon and ferocious tiger, thinks one can exit, uses oneself that Heavenly Saint Body formidable strength to retaliate Fire God Palace, in his heart excited incomparable. Lends me strength!” Shen Xiang put out that grain of destruction frozen pill, the hand cannot help but slightly shivered, if he threw this destruction frozen pill, so long as were stimulated violently, will explode.

Shen Xiang reappears a shining formidable armor, making him seem is similar to Heavenly God. Long Xueyi's vigorous Dragon Force, has been able, whatever he transfers! Prepared!” The Shen Xiang deep breath, after adjusting good condition, his fierce leap arrives in the upper air, simultaneously throws destruction frozen pill, making here contain the terror to destroy strength pill pellet hits upwards is covering that invisible seal. Meanwhile, he changes into Dragon Force his within the body strength of 35 grains of Heaven Dan, fuses boundless Dragon Force that Long Xueyi that transportation comes, in addition his Heavenly Saint Body strength, at this time his strength becomes formidable incomparable. Bang! Destroys frozen pill to explode, the intense cold air rushes with very strong Qi Energy in all directions, in that instantaneous, Shen Xiang supports this explosive force to rumble a fist to the transparent seal, this is formidable strength that condense he has been able to use, with that grain of destruction frozen pill's explosive force impact in the past. Prosperous rumble! In the bang, the entire bidding block shakes violently, turns into Land of Ice and Snow instantaneously, but the Shen Xiang whole body congeals Profound Ice, the body is being under the impact of that strength, the severe pain is incomparable, but this is quite good, the soldier has not let his severe wound. Is there!” When Shen Xiang suddenly glimpses the above place intense strength attacks, had a crack. Shen Xiang immediately toward that crack ejection in the past, but that crack is healing rapidly, he had underestimated fierce of this seal large formation, he thinks can cause big hole, but only this crack. I must exit!” In instance that crack soon heals, he exhausts Divine sea inside Divine Power, displays in Transformation Technique quite excellent changes the movement technique gate, was turned into wisp of smog by oneself, fast across that crack......

The guarding seal large formation person, felt that this violent shaking, has a big shock immediately, hastily shouted Palace Master, the sound was extremely fierce, they think that does not understand why Shen Xiang can use formidable strength, shake this terrifying seal large formation. After Palace Master arrives, examines seal large formation carefully, has not discovered any damage, moreover he cannot open comes to see, he was worried, once opens, Shen Xiang braves on suddenly, was when the time comes difficult to grasp. Spent force, this seal large formation is impregnable, he also in inside! He is making senseless struggling, snort|hum!” That Palace Master said with a sneer, he is Immortal King, he fully realizes fierce of this large formation, because is he by the seal in inside, is unable to come out. The people relaxed, but what they have not discovered that in instance that swayed a moment ago violently, flutters wisp of light smog, flutters along with breeze to a Profound Ice City peripheral zone piece of thick patch of grass. Profound Ice City has the large formation protection, therefore in Land of Ice and Snow Profound Cold Ancient Domain, can grow the flowers and plants trees, and extremely luxuriant. Shen Xiang has exhausted all strength at this time, when sees to cover warm light glow that Profound Ice City that light cover shines, his corners of the mouth reveal wipe the smile. Finally came out, ahead of time one year!” Shen Xiang is very satisfied, he will definitely not make Fire God Palace know him to come out, he must in the Chenwu Mainland ambush Fire God Palace's army. After more than two double-hour, he fully restored, he turned into a middle age of undistinguished appearance, walked in the city, inquired matter that in the nine years has. Those who make him quite pleasantly surprised is, the Chenwu Mainland's defensive power is very strong, the overall strength is above his anticipation, can resist many influences of Human, Devil and Demon three territories to invade in these years. They are all right, I felt relieved! Fire God Palace Fire God Palace, you should not hate the hand to me, should not have with Xianxian threatens my idea!” Shen Xiang look suddenly becomes ice-cold incomparable, then moves toward the city gate.

Profound Ice City in Profound Cold Ancient Domain, Fire God Palace that secret underground palace also here, that is also the place that Fire God Palace attaches great importance, Shen Xiang now overtakes in that direction. That underground palace constructs not to be very easy, he thinks that Fire God Palace will not migrate inside Ice Emperor, moreover he thought that position possibly most suits Ice Emperor to absorb strength to come resurrect. Shen Xiang does not know that Fire God Palace and Ice Emperor have any relationship, but he knows Fire God Palace anxious resurrect Ice Emperor, so long as knows that this has sufficed, he must go to ruin together with Ice Emperor that underground palace now! Just went out of town shortly, Shen Xiang saw the ground to have some ciphers, these ciphers only then Duan Chong understood, initially Duan Chong gave his contact method. He seeks to subpoena the jade symbol following the cipher together! Old Duan...... you where?” Shen Xiang subpoenaed to Duan Chong with the jade symbol, Duan Chong fell into the chaotic space to live coming back, had talked with him outside that seal large formation.