World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1180

Shen Xiang little rascal? You ran really! You stay there, I quickly look for you!” Duan Chong is very the accident, his seat Duan Family Patriarch, he glances through many family inside old books, fully realized that fierce of that large formation, that is the seal Immortal King thing, he thinks that Shen Xiang can come out, that was also many year later matters. Duan Chong arrives at Profound Ice City through Teleportation Formation, he discovered that here is very quiet, he understands immediately, Shen Xiang runs nobody knows, he exclaims in surprise the Shen Xiang's skill secretly, unexpectedly can runs away from that fierce seal large formation! He goes out of town fast, seeks Shen Xiang. Duan Chong at this time is also change appearance, although few people have seen him, but Shen Xiang sees him, immediately recognizes him. Duan Chong sees at present this middle age, is somewhat accidental, if not bury the pass on message jade symbol in this place, he does not believe that this at present this middle age is Shen Xiang, seeing Shen Xiang to smile to him, he also nodded. Comes with me!” Duan Chong brings Shen Xiang to enter a city, arrives at one to arrange many formation basements. Shen Xiang sat, said with a smile: Old Duan, can see that you are really good!” Duan Chong also said with a smile: I also want to speak these words to you, has not thought that your unexpectedly that Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord killing, regretted really I had fallen into the chaotic space at that time, cannot witness that you strike to kill the Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord instance, this fellow harmed to be miserable I.” Can come back well!” Shen Xiang has felt to this matter guilty, because at that time was Space Gate that he opened, but Duan Chong stepped into Space Gate time discarded. Duan Chong had not asked how Shen Xiang comes out, he said with a smile: I now was also your Subduing Dragon Sect's elder, other person skill of our Duan Family did not have, but understood to rob a grave, you will not shut out!” After Duan Chong comes out, found Duan Sanchang this in the grandson who Subduing Dragon Sect mixes enjoys the sight and sound of the wind whipping up the water, knew that Dragon Vein in Shen Xiang, that Iron Lion Divine Army also in Subduing Dragon Sect, not saying anything further, directly leads Duan Family few several people to invest Subduing Dragon Sect, ended their for many years vagrant.

Has joining of Duan Family, Shen Xiang will certainly not shut out, Subduing Dragon Sect very scarce Duan Family this type practices dirty tricks secretly very fierce talented person. Shen Xiang says with a smile: Naturally welcome, welcome Elder Duan to join my Subduing Dragon Sect!” Duan Chong said with a smile: Hehe, has not thought that I and my grandsons are elders, unexpectedly was peer a!” Matter Shen Xiang that these years have had understood approximately that he does not have anything to be inquisitive, he compares to care history that Duan Chong acquired these lose. „Has Elder Duan, in your acquired history, been related at the Ice Emperor matter?” Shen Xiang asked this, he did not report anything to hope, but has not thought that the response of Duan Chong is very intense. Duan Chong is surprised, anxiously said: „Do you know Ice Emperor? This is an extraordinary character!” Shen Xiang is excited immediately, said: First said you know, I understood urgently needed his matter, Bewitching Sound Paradise's Demon Empress told me not to be many, was little, said that Ice Emperor was a emperor in Nine Emperors and Ten Kings.” The Duan Chong nod said: Right, Ice Emperor in Nine Emperors and Ten Kings, manner very ruthless, ice-cold heartless, bloodata-titlehirsty, so long as Ice Heaven has to refuse to accept his, was put to death the entire clan by him completely! Afterward enraged Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, with Great Emperor of Ten Heavens great war!” Shen Xiang asked: Demon Empress said that an arm of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens was cut by him, is this real?” Duan Chong shakes the head: Great Emperor of Ten Heavens truly is cut off in that great war an arm, Yuan Qi damages severely, but is not a Ice Emperor person does, Fire Emperor!” „When initially great war, only then Ice Emperor and Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, but to finally, ambush Fire Emperor suddenly has braved, plots against Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, makes Ice Emperor have an opportunity, the ice lives in an arm of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, then falls that arm broken!”

Shen Xiang was surprised, unexpectedly is double emperor collaborates, and such low! Finally?” Ice Emperor and Fire Emperor in pairs die!” Double emperor collaborates, unexpectedly was struck to kill by Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens influence makes Shen Xiang admire. Shen Xiang has pondered half sound, said: I know that Fire God Palace does want resurrect Ice Emperor...... Fire God Palace to be related with Fire Emperor Ice Emperor?” Duan Chong frowned, somewhat with amazement said: „Does Fire God Palace want resurrect Ice Emperor? Ice Emperor in Emperor Heaven, like the characters of their this rank, basically was very difficult dead completely, initially Great Emperor of Ten Heavens perhaps was also the severe wound, has not killed cleanly!” Fire God Palace is related with Fire Emperor, should be Fire Emperor establishes! I thought that Fire Emperor possibly is only the fleshly body destruction, the soul also in! Otherwise Fire God Palace is unable to continue now, because after initially Fire Emperor die, Fire God Palace rapidly vanishes, bursts until Emperor Heaven, appears in Heaven World, becomes a formidable influence! Is very likely Fire Emperor to want resurrect Ice Emperor.” The thing that Duan Chong knows are really many, Shen Xiang regarding this is very excited. Elder Duan, why did you know initially Great Emperor of Ten Heavens to be able die?” Shen Xiang wants to know this matter very much. As far as I know, is the matter that because Great Emperor of Ten Heavens must make, shook the status of some fellows, therefore these fellows cope with Great Emperor of Ten Heavens in the back supporting secretly rebel influence, sets out some Devil Lord anything to behind, then also had Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering great war, it is said Emperor Heaven also at that time burst.” Shen Xiang has put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, is caressing the knife lightly, asked: Ice Emperor and Fire Emperor have opportunity resurrect, perhaps Great Emperor of Ten Heavens also energy! Great Emperor of Ten Heavens is also living, or his rebirth?”

White Tiger on rebirth, therefore this does not have anything not to be impossible. Does not know that after possibly where in brief true Emperor's Tomb nobody knows, you collect Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, will have other way to find the place of his burying bone. How many Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique was your present collection uneven?” Duan Chong knows that Shen Xiang had found Heaven Slaughtering Technique in Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, before also had Earth Slaughtering Technique and Spirit Slaughtering Technique, should be three. same as usual, but I have the Beast Slaughtering Technique whereabouts, in Saint Beast Ancient Domain.” This was Ancient Fire Beast tells Shen Xiang's, Ancient Fire Beast has added that here was the place that he and Great Emperor of Ten Heavens was born. Duan Chong exclaims: Really here, this is the place that the past formidable beasts were born, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens was here was also born, how also did not know now, but in that very danger(ous) that's it!” Shen Xiang has wanted to know that very much this Saint Beast Ancient Domain where, he planned looks for White Tiger to ask, has not thought that this Duan Chong knows probably. Where?” This must wait for me to look, during the Emperor Heaven reorganization, the positions of many places changed, my going back from calculates the position newly.” Duan Chong knows that collects Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique to be very important regarding Shen Xiang, but that place very much danger(ous), he now planned that first did not tell Shen Xiang.