World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1181
Shen Xiang wants a bit faster to collect Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique very much, now but where several parts he does not know, he can only now first by his powerful gets up, when later knows other parts the whereabouts, can a bit faster taking. „Can you return to Subduing Dragon Sect now?” Duan Chong asked. Temporarily does not go back, Subduing Dragon Sect nobody I , can also develop very well, I was not worried! After you go back, can only tell the matter that Elder Li I get out of trouble, making him formulate one to aid the Chenwu Mainland's plan in secret, should better make him go to and Devil Subduing School's Dean relates, I thought that Fire God Palace when the time comes attacks the Chenwu Mainland's words, certainly will draw in the monster Devil Territory influence.” Shen Xiang must go to one that underground palace, destroys the plan of Fire God Palace resurrect Ice Emperor thoroughly, Ice Emperor unexpectedly is the so fearful fellow, cannot let his rebirth during the new emperor day. I knew, I will find the position that Saint Beast Ancient Domain is at as soon as possible.” Duan Chong nodded, where he already knew that Saint Beast Ancient Domain, but the Fire God Palace's crisis has not relieved now, he worried that Shen Xiang will come up in this crucial point the Saint Beast Ancient Domain risk, he thought that at least waited for Fire God Palace to attack the Chenwu Mainland's matter in the past, can tell Shen Xiang the Saint Beast Ancient Domain matter. Shen Xiang and Duan Chong distinguish in Profound Ice City, Duan Chong returns to Subduing Dragon Sect, but Shen Xiang is goes out of town to seek for that underground palace. Before he knows that underground palace was very important, therefore made Long Xueyi remember the position that underground palace was , after can let him, sought fast. He goes out of town, quick sets the direction, rushes toward that underground palace. Fire God Palace's Palace Master also in Profound Ice City, that was also the Fire God Palace fiercest character, Shen Xiang thought that in that underground palace will not have too many expert to guard, some very much powerful formations, he estimated at most Fire God Palace's expert was not many, moreover now needs to go to a native of Latvia to join union in all directions, must have guards the Fire God Palace's headquarters and Profound Ice City. Previous time in underground palace, Shen Xiang also killed two to be quite strong, if this time he met that rank again expert, he will use directly Primordial Strange Poison, he has now despised Fire God Palace, will not be lenient. Two days pass by, Shen Xiang hurries along using Earth Shrinking Step and shuttle space, at this time can see that mountain from afar, underground palace establishes under that mountain.

With is the same, that mountain that he suspects was being covered by formidable formation, after previous time had the accident, Fire God Palace reinforced the formation defense, Shen Xiang does not know that this time can mix like the previous time. cave entrance that going in disappears!” Shen Xiang turns into the floating snow, is observing the entire great mountain with Divine Power, that goes in the mountain side cave entrance to vanish, but underground palace also. Very strict formation, if Divine Power moves, may make very big move, has any powerful formations as for inside, I could not look, I do not dare to spy on with Divine Power now, will otherwise arouse their vigilance.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang observed, discovered that formation has prevented including the wind and snow . Moreover the space is also stable, is hard to penetrate, this Fire God Palace has gotten down the initial capital. Some here people fixed time will go on patrol outside, I can induce to the remaining aura.” Some Long Xueyi excitedly said. Shen Xiang is understanding immediately, says with a smile: So long as and other coming out of patrols, when the time comes I find the way to hide on them, then makes them lead me to go in!” Transformation Technique this fierce Divine Ability, still little knows, even if some people have heard, does not think that is humanity can display, that is Imperial Dragon Clan inside advanced Divine Ability, therefore Shen Xiang can display this Divine Ability, was changed various types of things by oneself, can facilitate him to submerge. Shen Xiang waited for less than half double-hour, some discovery people passed by, that is a squad, ten people, are throwing over the white robe, wears the white clothing, is bringing the white big hat, is the Human Immortal ranks, Fire True Qi in within the body is vigorous, look at them is the Fire God Palace's skilled person. These ten people place this new emperor day, is very strong, surmounts existence of Nirvana Realm, depending on their strength, must destroy completely in one large-scale influence not to be difficult.

Turns into the flying snow Shen Xiang, controls itself to fall gently to a body of person, was then turned into a snow white small mosquito by oneself, hides in that person clothes is wrinkling inside, then waits for these people to go on patrol to return to that underground palace patiently. These people go on patrol around that mountain, mainly for the earliest possible time discovered that approaches here person, generally by them was discovered that so long as is not Fire God Palace's, will be killed by them, this is Shen Xiang hears from their talks. They go on patrol three talents to change shifts continuously, being in shifts time, is ten with their strength same level person. Finally has changed shifts, Shen Xiang felt that these people lead him to enter in that powerful formations, then in secret Teleportation Formation transmits to following underground palace. Following underground palace very strong formation are also covering, reinforces the space, making people be hard the shuttle space, this is the reason that because previous Shen Xiang mixes, makes Fire God Palace use this big talent. But now Shen Xiang mixes, moreover previous time is much more relaxed. This Fire God Palace inherits remote, understood that arrangement fierce ancient formation, has unusual strength. For example now, that ten just the person who came back from outside needs to enter in formation, can distinguish their blood and aura through this formation, this was mixes for the person who to prevent some people pretended to be these patrols. After entering that formation inside, Shen Xiang suddenly felt that mysterious strength drills into his body, afterward only sees this large formation to send out intense light glow, but also vibrates! terrible, was discovered!” Shen Xiang has not thought that this large formation unexpectedly has this ability, he also planned to attach on the body of that person, enters the deep place, but has not thought that unexpectedly was induced by this large formation to his existence, moreover makes the so big move.

That mysterious strength can enter in the Shen Xiang's body, lets turn into Shen Xiang of mosquito to send out white light glow, at this time had several old man to arrive at outside this formation, sees the mosquito that only sends out a flash item of multi-colored sunlight. Can make this formation have this sound, this is not the ordinary mosquito!” A old man face darken, has put out a buttress tower, he stimulates to movement this buttress tower, making this buttress tower have a very strong suction. Shen Xiang feels own body erect to that buttress tower, if continues again, perhaps he will again get up by the seal, he felt the fearfulness of that buttress tower. Spelled!” The people see only that to be only small mosquito suddenly glittering to leave intense golden light, then presented a look average middle age, in the hand is also taking a black iron hammer!