World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1182

Sees this mysterious one, the people have been shocked, they think inconceivable, they have not thought that mosquito unexpectedly also has such high cultivation base, in this moment, the people thinks that at present this person the monster that is the mosquito turns into! Previous time mixes perhaps is also he! When people astonished, in the Shen Xiang hand that gray broken iron hammer has had the huge suction the buttress tower to hit to pound toward that strong pressure makes that hold the old man complexion big change of tower, in he knows when that hammer is not the ordinary thing, late, that Divine Craftsman's Hammer crazily fiercely has pounded to fall! Bang! Bang rumbled, golden light spout with a fragment, the strength bad person, the body was pierced by these fragments, whole body covered with blood! Shen Xiang uses Heavenly Saint Body strength, can have such might, strength that naturally, that Divine Craftsman's Hammer itself produces is also very fierce! That holds old man of tower to injure heavily, on had a very big blood hole, Shen Xiang that hammer is being away from him recently, the Heavenly Saint Body wheel moved this Divine Craftsman's Hammer, urged to send out the greatly strengthened penetrating power, collapsed a blood hole on that old man! Strikes, extinguished in them strength good expert, what most makes their panic-stricken is, they had not felt that any attribute strength fluctuates, the present person, probably attacks them to be the same with the brute force! Brute force unexpectedly is so fierce, the person who these come Zitian hears something never heard of before, this is their first time sees! Shen Xiang has swept an all around person, ten Human Immortal that is responsible for going on patrol, some body somewhat wounds, the fragment puncture by a moment ago that buttress tower were created, other also three old man, is the Human Immortal rank, but they are in Human Immortal late stage, initial stage of these patrols, the strengths and these old fellow are far from. The people here are Fire God Palace's, although everyone somewhat fears to Shen Xiang, but they also get rid, uses oneself strongest strength, attacks Shen Xiang. Overreaches oneself!”

Shen Xiang wields Divine Craftsman's Hammer, the speed arrives at peak with strength, these dozens to his sword, no matter has to bump into that Divine Craftsman's Hammer, will be destroyed by strong strength, they think that very fierce weapon, now is similar to is the same, collapses at the first blow, was swept away by a Shen Xiang hammer that the mud does, breaks completely broken. The people were shaken by a Shen Xiang hammer, but Shen Xiang also instantaneously vanishes in that such as the ghosts and demons present in old man generally, brandishes the hammer, is being like lightning strikes to that old man top of the head! Bang! The formidable strength instantaneous rewiring air, blows out one crack, the hammer head hits when that old man top of the head, vast and wild strength fierce pours into the body of that old man, explodes beach bloody water instantaneously, making the person look at creepy feeling, at this time no one is willing to be knocked the head by that black iron hammer, that radically is the hammer of judge, knocks someone dead. At this time the people somewhat regretted, if had not discovered that perhaps that hateful mosquito, this fellow mixes to steal a thing, they when the time comes were scolded several, but they discover this mosquito monster now, but also had the conflict, the experience to the strength of this mosquito monster, they were scared. After the Shen Xiang hammer died, is treading the strange step, flutters to the side of another person, is a lightning hammer, with powerful incomparable wild strength, pounds old man meets a cruel death. hōng hōng hōng! An intermittent dull thumping sound remembers in this hall, the person who these yell startled was knocked one after another with Divine Craftsman's Hammer by Shen Xiang, the Shen Xiang's attack was really too strong . Moreover the speed was quick, making people be hard to escape, runs away quickest that becomes the Shen Xiang's goal. Quick, here only remaining are controlling old man of Golden Bell, this old man is here strength is strongest, had very high vigilant person from the beginning.

old man that other died, the strength is not weak, but Shen Xiang quickly, makes first move and gets control from the beginning, all extinguished them, if they are vigilant, from the beginning on the joint defense, Shen Xiang is not perhaps easy to go well. „Who are you? You were not first time come in!” That old man to the present, was very calm, obviously he and other that is been different by the person who a hammer knocks. You are the Fire God Palace's people, you plunder in Profound Cold Ancient Domain in all directions, your luck is good, has snatched my one time, at that time the person had been destroyed completely by me, then I trace! If you have not snatched my head, will not have these many matters.” Shen Xiang said that but truth, he is besieged by a squad that Fire God Palace's sends on the same day, makes him know the Fire God Palace plot here. Fire God Palace thinks that they are invincible, can act in a self-serving manner in this Profound Cold Ancient Domain, but they have met Shen Xiang. You, since knows that we are Fire God Palace's, you also dare to provoke us, your this is not the wise action! Do not think that you can mix twice, think own unmatched in the world, our Fire God Palace has been possible not only this strength!” This old man said with a sneer, looks at his facial expression, unexpectedly does not fear Shen Xiang. These are the Human Immortal early stage middle stage strengths, you think that I am same as him, you made a mistake! You sooner or later can be in our hands, if you want to kneel to beg for mercy, is our Fire God Palace's slave, perhaps also has means of livelihood!” Oh? Shen Xiang will certainly not think this underground palace on a little person, but he did not fear, so long as does not have Immortal King this fellow, he must exit is also matter momentarily. That old man complexion, the body flame inspires greatly, that golden bell that he controls fierce dodges, afterward sends one buzz the bang, this clock makes a sound is intense, shakes the Shen Xiang tympanum to feel pain, unexpectedly makes Divine Power in his mind chaotic, lets some of his tingling pain.

The Golden Bell multi-colored sunlight four shoot, the deafening sound is unceasing, as if in summoning anything, but Shen Xiang also resulted in the headache to want the crack person by that intermittent sound wave impact, when he prepares gathers the strength to counterattack, at present suddenly one black, afterward more intense clock sound reverberation by his ear, that deafening sound, as if must break general his body. „......” The Shen Xiang rave, he knows that he lived by that golden big bell glass. Shen Xiang dantian inside True Qi suddenly surges, in 35 grains of Heaven Dan vigorous True Qi well up crazily, gathers, dashes, explodes and fuses in the dantian, melts the turn into dragon strength, afterward fires into the skeleton, muscle, meridians and blood Shen Xiang arm completely, making his entire arm inflate! Dragon Force and Heavenly Saint Body fleshly body strength fuses together, the might is boundless, in addition that formidable Divine Craftsman's Hammer, strength is the terror. Smashes your broken clock!” Shen Xiang roared, turned the hammer, hit lives in his Golden Bell to that mask, that strength that erupted, shook entire underground palace violently to shake, some places already avalanche. Bang! divine hammer strong strength driven by, has smashed that firm bell, the making into fragment, these fragment flying directions of fire in all directions, will penetrate to thick rock wall.