World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1183

The intense sound penetration thick stratum, recalled that in the Profound Cold Ancient Domain sky, but this underground palace was shaken by that sound repeatedly. You......” that old man magic treasure are many, at this time puts out at the same time the black great shield, blocks fragment that these explode shoot, his fierce Golden Bell was ruined, making him love dearly, that is good immortal tool, places Heaven World is the rare thing, but actually by that common black hammer shivering. Shen Xiang took a deep breath, that clock gave the pain that he comes to drive out a moment ago completely. This old fellow really a little way, is not an ordinary old man!” If ordinary Human Immortal, perhaps was already pounded the completely squashed dregs. Some many people are catching up, although the strength is not much, but must tie down your a period of time not to have what issue.” Long Xueyi urged one. Although Shen Xiang has formidable Heavenly Saint Body, strength was also very powerful, lets only cross him of Nirvana seven tribulations to kill potential middle stage Human Immortal, but faced this to have late stage Human Immortal of rich fight experience, perhaps he also needed good a period of time to be able it defeating. Knows that other people soon arrive, that old man complexion revealed has wiped the happy expression, so long as and other can tie down Shen Xiang, he can have the opportunity to strike to kill Shen Xiang, so long as now he kept off a while that's alright again. Other haughty!” Shen Xiang suddenly waves, that old man one startled, hastily keeps off that black great shield before the body, but actually anything attacks does not have, but has light fragrance. Shen Xiang waved a moment ago, sprinkles black powder, this is the Black Blood Devil Sunflower powder that he refines, is the thing of acute poison. He by seal time refines, these powder that sprinkled a moment ago, after the highly enriched refinement, were only that point a moment ago, has used ten Black Blood Devil Sunflower, so long as inhales a point, quite in inhaling massive toxin! After the toxin of refinement, the toxicity greatly is stronger, the spread is quicker!

That old man has not thought that this fellow so is at present cloudy, unexpectedly has this type of fierce toxin, making him virtually impossible to guard against, although inhales a point, but he actually felt that the toxin rapidly spreads in within the body! despicable!” That old man cursed angrily one, he felt that the blood of own within the body has the fierce change, moreover was inflating, his skin was black is common with black ink. The Black Blood Devil Sunflower symptom of poisoning is this, the blood grow darks, moreover inflates crazily, making the person blast! „After is Black Blood Devil Sunflower......” this old man discovery is any toxin, hastily puts out under a grain of green pill pellet clothing/taking, but Shen Xiang already the merit, Dragon Force and physical strength fused together, a hammer struck. Bang! Although that old man is poisoned, but strength in within the body can also use, hastily blocks with the shield, but that powerful impact actually shakes his whole body tingling pain, speeding up the toxin in within the body to spread. Shen Xiang is thrashing continuously crazily, instantaneously is more than ten hammers, moreover strength each time is similar, sometimes strengthens some, after having pounded several hundred hammers continuously, this old man shield presented the fissure! Shen Xiang sees this, gathers the strength to strike, the iron hammer light glow sparkle, restrains by force intermittently, the space was shaken by that strength, ripple piece by piece. Bang! A hammer pounds to fall, that great shield crushes finally, fragment is similar to together the ray of light bunch, flies violently, but that old man was shaken the mouth to spit the black blood by this hammer, he is poisoned now, is unable to exhaust strength to stimulate to movement that shield, otherwise that will quickly not be crushed by Shen Xiang.

Snort, making me be your slaves? You pull on shoes to me do not match!” A Shen Xiang hammer pounds to fall, hits on the left shoulder of that old man, formidable strength was torn by the arm of black blood sprint that. Fire God Palace, I told you, the father comes to you today, I was not steal any thing, I came to destroy here, I had already said that you annoyed the wrong person! Ruins here, start that but I retaliate to Fire God Palace!” During the speeches, Shen Xiang has pounded down several hammers, in this old man acute poison, although there is fierce Detoxification Dan, but that also requires the time, these days encounters Shen Xiang this type to attack crazily, he can also undying, be the life is hard. Black Blood Devil Sunflower disperses after is not Primordial Strange Poison, otherwise Shen Xiang had already finished up, but he is very satisfied to this Black Blood Devil Sunflower loose effect, after all use this type of toxin does not have the extra worries . Moreover the toxicity is very strong, at present this has high level Detoxification Dan and formidable strength old man can resist such a long time, trades to make the words of other people, already turned into a beach black blood. Who regardless of you are, offends Fire God Palace dead like a dog, but our Fire God Palace strongest Palace Master future Great Emperor of Ten Heavens!” That old man ferocious sound track. Who regardless of he is, I will tidy up his!” A Shen Xiang hammer pounds on the head of this old man, the bang will kill. Shen Xiang already knows that Fire God Palace that strongest person is Fire Emperor, he did not certainly fear that he living Dragon Emperor sons dare to butcher alchemy, what does he have to be good to fear? Where found that warehouse?” Shen Xiang inquired Long Xueyi. Had found, has many people to clash in that road.” Long Xueyi said. That warehouse place above, is Ice Emperor whereabouts!

I kill!” Shen Xiang is taking Divine Craftsman's Hammer, this forged divine tool divine hammer specially, but is brought the murder by Shen Xiang now, if were known by that Divine Craftsman, does not know that will have any feelings. Enters in spacious passage, Shen Xiang is running fast, quick sees front to have one group of people to run over, this group of people have not responded that felt very strong strength attacks, that strength is bringing a aura as well as very wild fleshly body strength of dragon, the time of attacking, is similar to a big dragon hit not awfully. This is only a hammer that Shen Xiang wields, has raised very strong strength Qi Aura, coped with these to cross small of Nirvana 78 tribulations at present, was a cinch radically, was similar to the harvesting straw like that Qi Energy rush over time, rumbled to kill place fragment this group of people. If I can cross the Nirvana eight tribulations, coped with Human Immortal late stage to be easier!” Shen Xiang wishes one could to break through immediately, but he just crossed the Nirvana seven tribulations, moreover is not easy, in a short time he was hard to arrive. Dashes about wildly, so long as the front some people clash, his hammer makes a Dao Qi vigor, sweeps away the front all hindrance, only if Human Immortal, otherwise was killed by the instantaneous bang completely. The Fire God Palace person here are many, this is Fire God Palace hideaway strength here, if attacks the Chenwu Mainland's time, adjusts such a group of people, this is not weak strength, can sweep away many big sect. Here really does not have the character of Immortal Monarch rank, otherwise already came out!” Shen Xiang arrived in front of that warehouse entrance, then the bang of violence breaks that sliding door, after inside comes out two old man that to see him, has suffered two hammers, is killed violently completely.