World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1184

Fire God Palace seeks for the Profound Ice speed to make Shen Xiang exclaim, in this warehouse also had much, but the quality is not very high, before not, that batch that he steals, but also is the medium quality, has more than 2000 probably. The cold air that these Profound Ice send out was gathered together, rushes above, for resurrect Ice Emperor. Profound Ice wondrous use, Shen Xiang by seal time has experienced, sees at present such gorgeous Profound Ice, in his heart wild with joy, hastily will receive in own storage equipment. In this Fire God Palace nobody?” After Shen Xiang fast these Profound Ice receive, still nobody comes this warehouse. The warehouse place above is the place that Ice Emperor is, Shen Xiang condense formidable strength, is hitting a fist to the above bang, intense Qi Energy transforms a lightning glow glittering golden color great fist, strokes above slate. Bang bang! Entire underground palace suddenly violent shakes, every large or small stone falls, the above thing is in the avalanche to get down. Comes again!” Shen Xiang sees hole to be not very big, Shocking Heaven Palm rumbles, this shake was more intense than before, shakes this huge warehouse place above full is the crack. It seems like insufficient!” Shen Xiang makes several to hold Shocking Heaven Palm, holds the strength impact on these fissures, causing above warehouse to connect the giant stone of that stone chamber to disrupt thoroughly! Bang! At this moment, the boom always, falls from above together, pounding of heavily falls on the ground, curls up bone-chilling cold cold air, with thick Qi mist, causes in this tattered warehouse full is incorruptible. Shen Xiang, was shaken again and again retreat by that intense cold strength, the cold strength seeps to his body, making him feel that the incomparable coldness, the body cannot help but trembles. After covering white Qi mist here diverges, Shen Xiang sees in this huge warehouse middle, has a very big ice coffin, seems can lie down a giant. Sees this ice coffin, in the Shen Xiang heart to jump, he has guessed that Ice Emperor in this ice coffin, felt a moment ago that fearful cold strength, making him feel this Ice Emperor probably was living was the same.

If this fellow is also living, was troublesome!” Shen Xiang puts out Divine Craftsman's Hammer, has the courage, walks toward this giant ice coffin. More approaches, that cold strength is intense, the potential of that king, makes him feel to dread, but before he is stepping step by step, before he comes to here, has set firm resolve, must destroy completely this Ice Emperor thoroughly, ruins the Fire God Palace's plan, implements him to the first step that Fire God Palace retaliates. Shen Xiang from ice coffin, only then ten steps time, that coffin covered suddenly to move, exuded ka, reverberated in this deathly stillness huge warehouse! The Shen Xiang's forehead has emitted the sweat immediately, clenches teeth retreat several steps! Bang a bang, that coffin covers the suddenly ball to start, by person heavily has hit a palm, after shooting, broken becomes a piece of ice crystal, but at this time the cold air was stronger, moreover is bringing an imposing manner as well as intense killing intent of gang of ruler. Troubled!” Feels this sudden imposing manner, knows that this was that Ice Emperor comes out from the ice coffin. Snort, you were second time come to here, the previous time my deep sleep, cannot prevent you, but I actually remembered your aura, damn fellow!” This is together the gentle and reserved sound, at this time is having the anger, sounds appallingly. White fog floats, after diverging, presents a skin snow white delicate and pretty man, on the face is bringing anger, that eye looks at the person time, making people feel that the inexplicable chill in the air, the body cannot help but shivers. Shen Xiang suddenly felt that an intense cold strength from is used in all directions, invisible cold air, but such as the sword generally is threatening, Shen Xiang can feel clearly, if he moves these cold air, certainly will bleed. At present this person is Ice Emperor without doubt, but didn't he die? Now can actually run from the coffin! Shen Xiang hastily wields the hammer, chops cold air that hits these unable to see, releases one to restrain by force intermittently, scatters these cold air.

Ice Emperor saw Shen Xiang 2-3 to melt this move, moreover discovered in the Shen Xiang hand that not to be very simple the hammer, unexpectedly can strike the invisible cold strength that he released. „Are you Ice Emperor?” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, was been slightly calm by oneself, at present this is Ice Emperor, but the strength is actually not very strong, Shen Xiang guessed that he should fully not restore, but strength has. „Do you know me?” Ice Emperor is very surprised, knows his given name, unexpectedly also dares not awfully provokes him, he cannot see Shen Xiang at this time strongly, will otherwise not be frightened a moment ago by him. In the Ice Emperor eye, Shen Xiang is the fellow who can pinch at any time. Shen Xiang smiled, reorganizes the good fallen hair, said: Be honest with you, my these, to let you returned to the western paradise thoroughly, drifted along like you barely alive is really too tired, I can finish the day that your this pain compelled.” Ice Emperor that pair of snow white slender hand fierce grips tightly, the blue vein sticks out suddenly, the muscle on face twitches slightly, he has not seen this wild fellow, he is a emperor in Nine Emperors and Ten Kings, the strength before, has fought with Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, dares to say the person of this boastful talk with him, how many old antique also has Great Emperor of Ten Heavens , what at present is this fellow? unexpectedly threatened that made him die thoroughly, this matter Great Emperor of Ten Heavens could not achieve in the past! You, since knows that I am Ice Emperor, why you should know me to be able here! In the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens cannot kill me thoroughly, did you think you to be able? You think that who you are? Even if the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens rebirth, he cannot achieve same.” Ice Emperor said with a sneer. Regarding Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, Ice Emperor very admires, in the past he and Fire Emperor collaborated, cannot take Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, but also was hit by Great Emperor of Ten Heavens half dead. Shen Xiang calculates that this goods do not have what strength at present, although is Ice Emperor, but does not have strength of genuine goods at reasonable prices is also useless, the light has the imposing manner to have the bird to use, wants the fist to suffice hardly is Wang Dao (The Way of King). „Can Oh? achieve, did not say with the mouth!” Shen Xiang brandishes the hammer, an arrow step flies to leap up, to that attractive handsome face of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens is being a hammer maliciously. Ice Emperor is angry, he has not thought that this person of unexpectedly so very ruthless, directly hits his face, he loves the face such as the person of life! Who is he? But Great Emperor of Ten Heavens has battled Ice Emperor, fight is experienced . Moreover the vigilance is greatly strengthened, especially when some people attack his face, he can flicker the compartment to keep off.

Shen Xiang does not certainly think an own hammer can beat Ice Emperor attractive alchemy, when he strikes very hard thing, is not accidental. That was a hand, Ice Emperor blocks own face with the palm, the palm was also congealing an ice, hitting of Shen Xiang's divine hammer heavily on that palm, but knocked some shaved ice. divine hammer has not hit, but Shen Xiang another hand actually whips toward the Ice Emperor abdomen, the strength and the Dragon Force fusion Saint Body, strength is wild, after displaying the Shocking Heaven Palm strength, strength of that shake is extraordinary. Bang! Holds vigor one, blows out the Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering deafening sound, shook retreat Ice Emperor more than ten steps! Shen Xiang sees this, the complexion is somewhat dignified, the body of his Shocking Heaven Palm direct hit Ice Emperor, Ice Emperor any has not resisted, but was only retreat several, obviously Ice Emperor fleshly body was how formidable, perhaps was also Heavenly Saint Body, moreover or that rank was higher than him. Dragon Force...... also has physical strength! This is not very balanced, your physical strength unexpectedly can be more formidable than Dragon Force, what's all this about?” A moment ago that palm, making Ice Emperor see through Shen Xiang's strength, which time this matter regardless in, very did not conform to the common sense. You think that such strength, can massacre my words, your some were too arrogant! On your this strength, let alone kills me, injures me unable, dying will be you!” Ice Emperor thinks one have seen through the Shen Xiang's strength. Ice Emperor suddenly turns into Qi mist, toward Shen Xiang spraying in the past, was similar to a beam of light was ordinary, that strong strength, as if must start out big hole on the Shen Xiang's body. Shen Xiang brandishes divine hammer, saw that said Qi mist must shell , on him, his hammer has pounded, hits to fly Ice Emperor. You court death!” Shen Xiang looks at that to roll the direction of Qi mist region, coldly snorted, his in the heart is confident at this time, because this Ice Emperor is only a crude person. Either a bit faster solves this fellow, either a bit faster leaves here, you came here to have a period of time, if Fire God Palace's Immortal King arrived, perhaps you must get up by the seal.” Long Xueyi running together of two syllables in rapid speech urging.