World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1185
Shen Xiang also wants to fight a battle to force a quick decision, but this Ice Emperor is very strong, to defeat it, needs a period of time, but now time not and the others! The Ice Emperor ability is very fierce, can turn into the Qi mist shape, even if hits on him, he will not receive anything to injure, no wonder he can live such a long time. In the past I ran amuck Nine Heavens and Ten Earths time, annoys my person, almost completely soul destroyed, including being reincarnated the Samsara opportunity does not have, today you are also such fate.” Ice Emperor suddenly appears in Shen Xiang behind, in the hand left Ice Sword, punctures like lightning toward Shen Xiang, the sword shade is intermittent, blotting out the sky covering Shen Xiang, releases an ice cold strength of penetrating to the bone, making Shen Xiang almost be frozen is unable to move. That was also only you in the past, if you now are very fierce, so will not fight with me, already cut to kill me.” Shen Xiang shouts wildly one, the sound wave that releases shakes disperses these Sword Qi, afterward wields the hammer to Ice Emperor that Ice Sword. kā chā! Ice Sword that then becomes cold strength condense was destroyed by a Shen Xiang hammer, turns into a piece of ice crystal! The Shen Xiang's words poked the Ice Emperor sore spot, once one generation of rulers, looked disdainfully Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, but actually falls into to struggle hard with a peon during now, he thinks that this was the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens evil, making in his heart the anger soar to the heavens. Quick, I patrol to feel that outside Divine sense some people are approaching here, moreover is a troop person!” Long Xueyi hastily shouted: Could not kill this fellow, hurried!” Ice Emperor also perceived probably the reinforcements are approaching, in the heart likes secretly, if continues to hit at present with this person, he thinks own undying, meets Yuan Qi to damage severely, especially that the fierce hammer, and he had met Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is equally fierce, destroys the hardest defenses, a hammer breaks his Ice Sword, moreover can probably thrash the myriad things. This fellow is also the flesh and blood does, such being the case, then he should also fear the toxin!” The Shen Xiang heart said that afterward secret revolution preserve in Devil Decaying Death Qi in within the body. If misses this time, he wants to cut to kill this Ice Emperor next time again to be difficult, if Ice Emperor restores to the actually strength, that will make Fire God Palace without doubt more formidable, Fire God Palace had Fire Emperor, perhaps also many Ice Emperor, later this Emperor Heaven will have the larger part is their.

Is now, I must kill you to be also same, you eventually are only a weak one!” The Ice Emperor lower part turns into Qi mist, floats toward Shen Xiang, that pair such as the palm of jade spout the bone-chilling cold cold air, is pushing intense cold strong winds, covers toward Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang fierce took a deep breath, does utmost, shuttled back and forth the space by oneself, arrives at that Ice Emperor, but the Ice Emperor soldier had not realized, because Shen Xiang emitted illusion to transfer. However Ice Emperor instantaneously had not realized in that when he discovered that is illusion, his whole body one cold, a multi- year has not experienced sense of crisis suddenly well ups, feeling of this danger(ous), compared with past years facing the attack of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens. In the heart full is frightened Ice Emperor suddenly shouts wildly one, but Shen Xiang had hit his palm at this time! This palm no small matter, condense massive Devil Decaying Death Qi as well as Intoxicating Spirit Powder, infiltrate in the body of Ice Emperor completely, two strange poison mix together, the toxicity is more terrifying, after entering Ice Emperor body inside, eruption suddenly, instantaneous paralysis Ice Emperor strength! This is...... Any toxin!” Ice Emperor is panic-stricken, he does not know that is any toxin, but actually knows that this type of toxin absolutely is strange poison. Two strange poison fused together, toxicity had very huge change, Ice Emperor had not discovered that this was any toxin. Delivers the toxin that you start off!” The Shen Xiang sinking sound shouted to clear the way. The Ice Emperor whole body is incapable, his strength had not restored the peak, facing wreaking havoc of these two strange poison, is at wit's end radically, at this time his suddenly saw familiar azure light...... Shen Xiang has put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, a blade chops, quick ruthless, cuts the head of Ice Emperor! However Ice Emperor had not died immediately, in the antique time, in trillion people emerges, can the character of Emperor to seal|confer, so be can it be that easy dead?

Even if now in him fierce toxin, but cannot suddenly putrefy his powerful fleshly body. „Who Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade...... are you? Will you have? Do not think that your this can kill me, in the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens cut 18 me, I can live now!” Ice Emperor cold voice asked that but in his heart has the fear, because he has not thought that Shen Xiang such quickly can compel this type him certainly. Next Hell asked that these by the fellow who I massacre, so long as you said that was killed by Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, they very much on own initiative will certainly tell you, who I am!” Shen Xiang waves to sprinkle grey powder, falls when two sections of bodies of Ice Emperor, immediately emits black smoke, unexpectedly is corroding Ice Emperor that powerful fleshly body. This Ice Emperor was poured into massive Devil Decaying Death Qi by Shen Xiang a moment ago, the body immediately is putrefied by Devil Decaying Death Qi, but actually fast is being corroded by these powder now. „...... Is Soul Eroding Powder and any thing mixes together...... the bastard, your this by the scourge fellow, your fate will be been certainly more miserable than Great Emperor of Ten Heavens............” Ice Emperor has whinned several, body melting gradually. These Soul Eroding Powder are Shen Xiang mixes in Soul Eroding Powder to refine massive Devil Decaying Death Qi, he has refined long time, obtains such one pinch, all scattered a moment ago, but the effect is good! Initially Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable is unable to destroy completely Poisonous Beast Devil God, by Shen Xiang with this move killing, this aspect perhaps was inferior to him including Great Emperor of Ten Heavens. Speech should not be absolute, now was good, you soul destroyed, including being reincarnated the Samsara opportunity did not have! Must blame on strange Fire God Palace this group of idiots, if not they must help your resurrect, simultaneously offended me, perhaps you can also live very long a period of time.” Shen Xiang looks at tread that beach dark purple liquid, releases raging fire, burning down will be clean. Fire God Palace's Palace Master came, but is actually waiting for in some outside many people, these people planned to break in warehouse, but obtains Ice Emperor sound transmission, lets them in the outside waiting, knew that Ice Emperor get rid personally, these people naturally very felt relieved, but they do not know the fellow who Ice Emperor faces is Shen Xiang, otherwise they now not a face relaxed waited for outside.

Fire God Palace's Palace Master came, as soon as he steps into underground palace time, does not think right, afterward the complexion becomes the dying embers, only then he can feel clearly that Ice Emperor that aura vanished! Ice Emperor that will not die, unexpectedly died! This fact makes this Palace Master be hard to accept, almost cannot come to a stop, because he knows that this means anything, must know Nine Emperors and Ten Kings, although for many years did not have what news, but also is living, this Nine Emperors and Ten Kings is very difficult dead, now actually Ice Emperor die here, moreover dies from some unknown cause, does not know that who kills, does not know how dead. Shen Xiang has been far away from that underground palace, he is a pity taking that Ice Emperor Heaven Dan, but takes not to be useful, he pours into Devil Decaying Death Qi and Intoxicating Spirit Powder time, Heaven Dan is the most important toxicant place, there estimate congealed acute poison, this made afterward Soul Eroding Powder easier to perish the body of Ice Emperor. The resurrect Ice Emperor matter was very secret, Ice Emperor already resurrect most probably, but actually died, this time was died truely, died not entire corpse, soul destroyed, this regarding one generation of rulers, was the tragic death. This Ice Emperor had been killed by his good friend Fire Emperor, if not that Fire Emperor is letting Ice Emperor resurrect anxiously, quite makes them rule Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, perhaps will not bump into you.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile: That Fire God Palace's old fellow, knows the Ice Emperor time, almost faints.” Good play still in behind, who lets his seal I, but also thinks that Xianxian coerces me, this is he is doing, no wonder I!” Shen Xiang dashes in Profound Cold Ancient Domain, at this time his is happy. Shen Xiang planned to return to Profound Ice City, but he actually saw one group of people when the road, in this crowd has one is he knew that was initially in Profound Ice met, sold Golden Dragon Profound Ice that Bi Xian, this fellow knows that was rich in the high quality Profound Ice underground river specially, if were not at that time suddenly by the Fire God Palace seal, Shen Xiang already looked for that underground river with this fellow.