World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1186

Shen Xiang had discovered in the distant place this group of people, but this group of people have not seen him, seeing expression some of this group of people not to be right, he hides immediately. This Bi Xian had been coerced probably, looks at his complexion, probably disagrees with this group of people!” Long Xueyi said. Right.” Because Shen Xiang discovers this, immediately hides. In Land of Ice and Snow, Bi Xian takes the lead, but in his behind person whole face ominous color, looks like very bad, the Bi Xian complexion is tying tight, but also was drunk by behind People once for a while, can see him at this time is involuntary. Really, in that group of people, person shouted: Gives you again ten days of time, if cannot lead us to find together quality excellent Profound Ice, we chop your son's persons head.” This fellow definitely in all directions sells that high quality Profound Ice, makes him invite trouble, this fellow really thinks that crystal stones was insane!” Shen Xiang secretly said in heart, he is just thinking now how to help this Bi Xian, he can determine that now this Bi Xian can seek for these quality excellent Profound Ice. Coerced Bi Xian that male suddenly to put out medicine cauldron a moment ago, after he shook that medicine cauldron, only in heard to spread yells together. Relax, I led certainly you to find Profound Ice within ten days, do not suffer my son again!” Bi Xian said immediately, on the face is having the anger, very looks at that medicine cauldron distressed. The Bi Xian son was stranded in that medicine cauldron, Shen Xiang sees this, hastily flew, then displays Form Displacement Shadow, has made that medicine cauldron. That grasps medicine cauldron male originally very haughty, but the complexion is ugly at this time, medicine cauldron unexpectedly in his hands disappeared! „Who are you? You do not know that this is my too Profound Ice ancestor's domain? Hurries to kneel to knock several heads, otherwise do not think or leave here, unexpectedly disturbs me to sleep!” Shen Xiang model that old fellow sound, moreover is having very strong anger, but also releases frightening thick murderous aura. Too Profound Ice ancestor? Who is this? That group of people simply have not heard, but they know that this old fellow very fierce that's it, has not made an appearance, takes away that medicine cauldron. „Don't you have the ear? Haven't you heard the words that I spoke a moment ago? Hurries to kneel down to kowtow, otherwise dies!” Shen Xiang gets angry shouted, strengthened murderous aura, making this ice colder.

Was robbed the thing for no reason, moreover must kneel to kowtow! This group of people can come here, the strength is good, even though the opposite party is very strong, but such will not submit. Does not kneel!” The Shen Xiang's sound is ice-cold, sneers again and again: Then forever do not kneel, only then the deceased person does not need to kneel.” Shen Xiang suddenly comes, emerges out of thin air, in hand is taking that Divine Craftsman's Hammer, just appeared, the people have not seen clearly his appearance, felt that intense murderous aura, Shen Xiang broke in them These people strongest crossed the Nirvana eight tribulations, Human Immortal Shen Xiang can cut to kill with ease, let alone the person of this rank! Shen Xiang's divine hammer is wielding horizontally, sweeps to the front several people, these people have not recovered, that ice-cold divine hammer has hit in their heads. Suddenly, was swept by divine hammer the person, the upper part is given the bang to be broken by the air wave that divine hammer releases. Makes you kneel, you do not kneel, now may not have that opportunity.” During Shen Xiang speeches, several people knocking the whole body explode broken by that divine hammer, is killed violently at the scene, dies pitifully incomparable, looks that makes the persons head skin tingle with numbness. Do not kill us...... We are the Saint Flame Sect disciple, Fire God Palace and our Saint Flame Sect relationship are significant, if you offended......” this man not saying that top of the head by Shen Xiang heavily has pounded, powerful strength fierce pouring into to that soft body, exploding will become the smashing, turned into blood fog, scattered with the wind. Father most hated Fire God Palace, this way, I certainly will go to Saint Flame Sect to stroll!” Shen Xiang wielded divine hammer, savage is striking to kill these a moment ago also the show off one's military strength person. Snow white ice incarnadine, but quick was covered by the snow and ice, Shen Xiang puts out medicine cauldron, detaining to release in inside person, that is shiwuliu-year-old youngster. Bi Xian looked to stay in the one side, he did not fear death, but was actually worried that own son, he saw Shen Xiang not to kill the heart to him, moreover put his son, immediately relaxed, he saw immediately at present this old man is helping him. This makes Bi Xian be moved, almost kneels to thank politely.

Your son strength is not too strong, you hurry to lead him to leave here!” Shen Xiang indifferently said, an appearance of person of high skill. Many thanks Senior rescues.” Shen Xiang waved, then asked: I want to ask that your matter, have you heard Shen Xiang?” In the Bi Xian heart jumps, hastily nods: Naturally has heard.” He now how? He is my good friend, I knew that he was stranded in this Profound Cold Ancient Domain city, but after I enter the Profound Cold Ancient Domain deep place, delayed a period of time, does not know that he is dead now lives.” Shen Xiang said that also after letting he looks for this Bi Xian time, this Bi Xian warmer cooperates with him, leading him to seek for these Profound Ice. Oh, he was stranded for almost ten years, dies has not died, but , must be surrounded! Has Fire God Palace's Palace Master guarding in that city, it is said that Palace Master is on Immortal World top rank expert! If Senior wants to save him, but also hopes that you can need further consideration.” Shen Xiang nodded, then the fluttering body departs, rushes to Profound Ice City, on vanish from sight, that speed has made Bi Xian suck the tongue all of a sudden secretly. That medicine cauldron is very fierce, can be used for the trapped|sleepy person, inside formation is very ancient, the technique of refinement is of being lost . Moreover the material is very special, in Heaven World, was very difficult to find.” Su Meiyao said. It seems like that any Saint Flame Sect is very fierce, has this type of thing, but the present was my.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Later can make an arrest with this thing.” This thing specifically is used for the trapped|sleepy person, in inside four wall one sharp thorns, sways this cauldron the time, inside person is very easy by to bind.” Su Meiyao hee happily said with a smile. medicine cauldron only then a brick is so big, but can actually increase. Shen Xiang cancelled this four foot medicine cauldron above Divine Sense, then drops blood owner recognition, he has been able to control this cauldron to increase now freely.

He arrived at Profound Ice City, near distance looked at that seal large formation, still maintains to revolve with massive crystal stones, but Fire God Palace's Palace Master has not come back, it is estimated that is seeking for the clues in that underground palace, wanted to find that to kill Ice Emperor. Shen Xiang investigated to have the matter about that Saint Flame Sect in Profound Ice City, really and Fire God Palace's relationship was very good . Moreover the overall strength was very strong, was refiner sect, attacked the Chenwu Mainland's time, always wants to seize Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's these mines, wants to take Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, because Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire was also very strong refiner sect. Some rumors said that this Saint Flame Sect Dean once several times looked for Fire God Palace's Palace Master, requested that this Fire God Palace's Palace Master has the person to kill Chenwu Mainland, because only then Fire God Palace's Palace Master gets rid, can take Chenwu Mainland with ease, otherwise their many influences collaborate, even if takes Chenwu Mainland, will lose seriously. Fire God Palace did not have what sound in the nine years, but Shen Xiang actually knows that Fire God Palace has a ten years of deadline, so long as the seal his ten years, White Tiger does not come to rescue, Fire God Palace will get rid to Chenwu Mainland. Now Shen Xiang came out, he did not allow such matter occurrence, Chenwu Mainland is his root, he walked from there, cannot make there a battlefield! Saint Flame Sect, many thanks you made me currently have the matter to do!” Shen Xiang inquired place that Saint Flame Sect is, he planned that while Fire God Palace Yuan Qi damages severely, Saint Flame Sect extinguishing. Before Fire God Palace has not attacked Chenwu Mainland, he must weaken the Fire God Palace's influence as soon as possible, but this Saint Flame Sect is the Fire God Palace's top little brother, now was known by Shen Xiang, he will definitely not make this Saint Flame Sect attack Chenwu Mainland's one year later with Fire God Palace. refiner influence? Should have many good things!” Shen Xiang looked in the hand that medicine cauldron, he thinks in this Saint Flame Sect definitely to have many this type of antiques.