World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1187
Shen Xiang by seal nine years, but in the nine years is actually the time that Saint Flame Sect rises, at this time Saint Flame Sect is known very well by many people, Saint Flame Sect to earn many crystal stones, causes a giant city, specifically is used for weapon magic treasure that sells his Saint Flame Sect to refine. Saint Flame City is very hot, because this city approaches the Saint flame mountain very much, but Saint Flame Sect constructs on that Saint flame mountain, it is said the Saint flame mountain is a very mysterious volcano, but Saint Flame Sect has controlled this volcano, can withdraw the flame to come refiner from this volcano. Moreover this volcano deep place, rare and precious ore, but does not have the person of certain strength, is hard to submerge the volcano the deep place. The Saint flame mountain is Sacred Mountain that the member of many practice flame yearn, because this mountain can release very rich Fire True Qi, to cultivating the flame person has the enormous help, therefore Saint Flame City inside person majority are to practice the flame at this time, even if here is very hot, this group of people could not feel. Here has many sells the weapon magic treasure shop, Shen Xiang walks on the street, many people shouted him in the distant place, because the people in these shops could see that he just entered a city. Although Shen Xiang is alchemy, but he to some refiner also certain understanding, Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue is Refiner Grandmaster, he with these two female together a period of time, had studied some abstruse spirit pattern and large formation with them, but usually he has free time, he will also put out that record many fierce large formation divine book to come to see. Four Beast's Divine Weapons lacks one, is he very regrettable matter, although Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon in Liu Meng'er there, but actually and Liu Meng'er had the sentiment, he must bring cannot, therefore he can only from refine one newly. New Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon had whereabouts, the blueprint and material had, but was actually short of one to refine Divine Weapon Divine Craftsman. At this time, if Divine Craftsman's Hammer his here, after he thought that wants to refine new Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon, can only depend upon him and Liu Meng'er as well as Dongfang Xinyue. Shen Xiang enters a city, sees to have a very grand construction in the city center place, does not need to ask that knows that is the Saint Flame Sect shop, he arrived at this decoration luxurious shop entrance now. When he just wants to enter shop, actually hears a painful scream, many people outside shop looks immediately to the shop entrance, sees only the middle-aged guys of several wear Saint Flame Sect clothing to lift youngster that a whole body is scarred, gets to the entrance time, has thrown this youngster, making this youngster tumble from that stair. This is the result that comes to our Saint flame shop to cause trouble, oneself have worn out weapon, unexpectedly blamed our Saint Flame Sect refiner level, this was your matter, had nothing to do with us, will have again next time, will certainly hang you in the Saint Flame City entrance three days three nights!”

The guy said that the blade throws one, throws, in that lies down is calling out side the ground youngster, the people see this, keeps silent, but shakes the head is sighing lightly, then respectively was busy at own time, looked at their appearances, probably was unalarmed by strange sights. This youngster purchases a blade from the Saint flame shop, but has actually been cut off, this youngster feeling is deceived, asked to understand that was beaten savagely one to lose. Shen Xiang looked understood, but he must come Saint Flame Sect to look for exactly troublesome, therefore he did not fear that became enemies with Saint Flame Sect, therefore he arrived at that youngster side, unexpectedly has put out grain of Life Returning Pill, put in that youngster mouth. This made the people look was shocked, that several guys of Saint flame shop entrance also frowned, some unexpectedly people dare to be in front of their to rescue this by Saint Flame Sect has hit the person, this clearly did not give the Saint Flame Sect face. This youngster quickly restored, his strength is not very strong, Life Returning Pill is very big to his function, after he is restored to health, is looking angrily at that several guys in Saint flame shop, but before him, had been punched one time, now was not impulsive, hastily expressed gratitude to Shen Xiang. „Did this big brother, you call is the name? I owe you grain of Life Returning Pill, I later went all out also certainly to give back your.” That youngster asked that Life Returning Pill was precious regarding him, moreover Shen Xiang ate up to him, quite Yu Jiu his life, otherwise depending on his wound, towed the long words, he discarded. Grain of Life Returning Pill, does not need on the heart.” Shen Xiang hearty laughter, if not see him to put out grain of Life Returning Pill casually, perhaps Saint Flame Sect these guys already came up to find fault. Big brother, can you go to go shopping? Do not go, they sold to our things, is...... Some waste.” This youngster sees that several guy devils is staring him, finally has the courage, reminded Shen Xiang. Young bastard, are you court death? Your this is equal to is ruining our Saint Flame Sect advertisement!” Guy angrily said, must go forward, but Shen Xiang stared his one eyes maliciously, releases might, making that guy break into sweat immediately, retreat several steps, two legs became tender. The people saw a strength good person to with the Saint Flame Sect bar on, having a relish is looking at the same time.

Shen Xiang picks up ground that blade, has shot with the finger gently, only hears biting, looks like thick knife unexpectedly cracks, turns into a piece has broken to pieces the iron slab. Really is some trash! Does the little brother, this buy in Saint Flame Sect really?” Shen Xiang asked. Gently a ball, together looks like very firm steel and iron disintegration, making the people cannot help but suspect, moreover for many years, frequently some people of here asked for the explanation, but was punched one to lose finally by the violent. Right, they received my five hundred thousand crystal stones, I use to come to see an corner/horn of rhinocero beast, the strength was slightly bigger, this broke the blade, I look for their theory, but their actually not saying anything further, directly gangs up on me.” This youngster knows that at present this big brother is talented, he probably held a life-saving grass, narrated own grievance. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: This tattered unexpectedly receives five hundred thousand crystal stones, if you go to the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's words, this type of trash does not allow to sell, because this is equal to murdering for money, this Saint Flame Sect also kept on proclaiming must compare with Divine Weapon Sect, actually was only this goods, was really laughable!” Said such words to come in others entrance, clearly was wrecks the event, Saint Flame Sect that several guys were also the fellow of that bullying the weak and fearing the strong, does not dare to Shen Xiang fight, when they must enter the shop to call the person. Shen Xiang hastily drinks them: Hand that but a moment ago you moved to this little brother? What he said is the truth, your things are truly not much, he is only asks for an explanation, you almost hit him remnantly, do you want such to consider as finished now?” That several guys usually arbitrarily have possibly been used, in the heart full is the anger, is looking angrily at Shen Xiang, loud voice drinks: „Are you what kind of?” Naturally tits for fat!” During the Shen Xiang speeches, turned into gust to graze, how no one has seen him to get rid, but that several guys had been rumbled to enter in the shop, lies down calls out in the ground, but can also obvious sees their these skeletons to break the broken trace. Beats a dog must look at the master! You are so noisy in our Saint flame shop entrance, too did not pay attention to us.”

A black clothed middle-aged person walks from the shop, the complexion sinks coldly, brings to wipe anger. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Your Saint Flame Sect deceives including the children, some special sell inferior things give others, this quite therefore makes others lose one's life, like your this influences, was inferior including the dog in my eyes that at least the dog only will bite, will not deceive people, will not injure someone to lose one's life.” You cause trouble specially?” That middle-aged sound became colder. „It is not, I want to purchase weapon of name hand, but has not thought that runs into you to humiliate the small and weak matter in your entrance, I cannot get used to seeing.” Shen Xiang puts out that the blade, was saying to that middle age: This is your Saint Flame Sect refinement, can this type tattered also sell five hundred thousand crystal stones?” Right, is our Saint Flame Sect! Five hundred thousand crystal stones also can only buy this type of thing in our shop.” That middle-aged said with a sneer: Looks at this fracture, should be you a moment ago with formidable strength pulverizes, weapon of this rank, cannot certainly withstand your strength! Changes me, I can also pulverize with ease, five hundred thousand crystal stones were such goods!” Oh? I looked that is you cheats intentionally, I use three hundred thousand crystal stones to purchase the refiner material your here, then refines a blade, I ensure you cannot make with ease rottenly, although I am not the refiner expert, but also slightly browses to this aspect!” Shen Xiang truly is not an expert, but he is confident.