World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1188
Can safeguard the person in this Saint flame shop, the strength will not be definitely weak, this middle-aged person was one crossed the people of Nirvana eight tribulations, at present this day is very strong. With weapon that three hundred thousand crystal stones materials refine, regarding the person of this rank, that was really too inferior, the casualness can make rottenly, this was very normal. Said such words to come in the Saint flame shop entrance, making many people think that Shen Xiang says the boastful talk, therefore that middle age of Saint flame shop heard this such words, then laughed. Let alone three hundred thousand crystal stones, even if you use three hundred million crystal stones purchases the materials, do not want to build up me unable to make rotten weapon with ease!” Shen Xiang said: weapon that I refine, you can certainly make rottenly, but I ensure you cannot toss about rotten that's it very much with ease, if three hundred million crystal stones materials refine to me, perhaps I cannot build up anything to come, because I am not skilled to refiner very much.” I said that but wants to make everybody know how your Saint flame shop cheats, this type of radically unusable thing, can sell five hundred thousand crystal stones, I will not sell this type of trash to injure someone absolutely!” That middle age said while loudly laughing: You, since is not skilled to refiner, pill emits this type to talk that is really laughable! I said again one time, in our Saint flame shop, five hundred thousand crystal stones weapon is this goods, moreover was much better compared with other shops.” If you weapon that uses three hundred thousand crystal stones to refine can make me take the trouble really to make rottenly, I give you this entire within Saint flame shop!” In Shen Xiang heart one happy, but actually shakes the head smiles: Gives me the shop, I thought that you could not have made such decision!” Isn't a shop? But my father Saint Flame Sect Dean, you said that can make such decision? Here has that many people to look that I do not renege on a promise! Words that you cannot achieve actually, you must kneel for three days in my shop entrance three nights, kowtowing that must keep every time admits mistakes to us!” That youngster sees the matter to develop this, somewhat was worried that he feared has harmed Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang including saying with a smile: Does not have the issue, I in your shop choice value three hundred thousand crystal stones refiner materials, hoping your shop not to be black, otherwise also really some difficulties.” That middle-aged said with a sneer: You are really a layman, you thought too simply refiner! The refiner material is convenient, but Refining Master is not casual can have!” Shen Xiang asked: Then you thought that refiner and alchemy that is more difficult?”

That person replied: Naturally is alchemy, but is the alchemy master wants refiner, must need a period of time to come familiar refiner.” I exactly am the alchemy master.” Shen Xiang spoke these words, then steps into the shop, but the complexion of that middle age slightly changed. If other people, perhaps this middle age does not need that to be worried, but alchemy master refiner, the foundation definitely has, after he is also clearer the alchemy master transfers Refining Master, has great accomplishment, some are alchemy refiner is better. When the refiner material truly worthily, especially refines the low level spirit tool material, many, and is not scarce. A moment ago that youngster blade, was 3rd Stage spirit tool, but this 3rd Stage spirit tool standard based on weapon and magic treasure inside formation, generally 3rd Stage spirit tool, was inside has three ordinary formation, but the refiner material was very ordinary that. From the cost, that that little rascal buys the blade, should the material that only then five ten thousand crystal stones, use is very cheap, these formation that above quarter drawing, spirit pattern is not very accurate, crooked, looks like such that a novice makes, such thing unexpectedly has sold five hundred thousand crystal stones! Said that is 3rd Stage spirit tool, but was only the condition standard has achieved, the quality specification actually missed far, can only be ordinary tool at most!” Shen Xiang reads these materials, while shakes the head to say. The words that he spoke, making behind these people change countenance slightly, especially here these Refining Master, if because wants to see this issue, generally is the refiner experienced people. These follow up to come to see the lively person, seeing this Saint Flame Sect person not to refute, in the heart secret remembering, at this time they had very bad impression to Saint Flame Sect, especially the person here, knows frequently before , the person who causes trouble are many, that youngster has had good luck ever, took that to hit Demon Beast the trash, finally also had the life to come back to ask for the explanation, perhaps has purchased the magic treasure weapon person from Saint Flame Sect, had been killed by these inferior things. Thinks of this, many people have cannot help but had a shiver, if they trust this Saint Flame Sect, thinks that has purchased very good thing from here, if not reasonable in the fight, that definitely will kill the person. Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's weapon and magic treasure are quality go through a strategic pass, this everyone knows . Moreover the price will not be black, but must go to Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire not to be easy, if the average person wants to transmit the past, but must pay for an expense of large sum of money transmission. 100 jin (0.5 kg) profound steel hundred thousand crystal stones, I take 300 jin (0.5 kg)!” Shen Xiang planned that refines with profound steel most common material, this compares convenient, moreover can obtain.

Only uses the profound steel? Can this become?” old man said silently, the characteristics of profound steel are firm, moreover does not break off easily, but the shortcoming is hard to temper, therefore many Refining Master when will smelt the profound steel to increase other things, making the profound steel is easy to hammer. Wants the profound steel, gives me to come 300 jin (0.5 kg)!” Shen Xiang saw the man who that sells profound steel is in a daze, shouted one again. The people do not know that the Shen Xiang plan must make anything, three hundred thousand crystal stones buy 300 jin (0.5 kg) profound steel, cannot buy again other, moreover refines a blade, cannot use up 300 jin (0.5 kg) profound steel, ten jin (0.5 kg) have sufficed, is more than 10,000 crystal stones. 300 jin (0.5 kg) profound steel, can refine more than 30, the people suspected that the Shen Xiang plan must practice acquiring a skill with some profound steel. Saint Flame Sect Dean son named Yang Shuangquan, he as the Dean son, is it can be said that young, strength on close his father, moreover after he perhaps, could not take over control of Saint Flame Sect, wanted transcend, he also had very high level in the refiner aspect. But he does not know that now the Shen Xiang plan must do. Here should have the place to me refiner.” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally has, but we need to watch at the scene, in order to avoid you cause to cheat.” Yang Shuangquan said. Um, this should be, lead me to go quickly!” Yang Shuangquan has hit a meaningful glance to old man, after seeing that old man nods, then brings Shen Xiang to walk into a front door, but in some behind also watching the fun with, but these people are the comparison have the status, is the bosses in nearby some shops, this is Yang Shuangquan tacitly consented to that they arrive, for supervises Shen Xiang. That youngster has followed side Shen Xiang , he meets this scene young, silent is he best way, this situation he could not interrupt, moreover he was also worried about Shen Xiang because this matter was retaliated by Saint Flame Sect, he was not worried about himself, but actually cannot make others take risk for him. They came to a very big forging room, here very big hammering stage, could see that this place uses for many Refining Master cooperation refinement large-scale magic treasure.

Shen Xiang does not have the furnace, after this lets many Refining Master see, on the face full is the ridicule. Without the furnace, cannot smelt the profound steel, cannot smelt, is unable to hammer, but Shen Xiang is very calm, he had already thought this issue. Here has to hammer the stage, he tried this to hammer the stage, the specification was standard, can withstand very high temperature and strong impulse. He places that huge section putting up a stage above these fragmentary 300 jin (0.5 kg) profound steel, then deeply inspires, releases intense flame from the palm, the roasting section puts up a stage the above profound steel. unexpectedly does not plan to use the furnace, burns directly like this? When can this burn? If there is a furnace, can through furnace inside formation enhancement flame, making the flame stronger, the speed of smelting can be faster. In people heart ridicules again and again, these snow white profound steel unexpectedly blushed! The profound steel is hard that became famous, is hard to hammer, is hard to smelt, hundred jin (0.5 kg) profound steel were unbearable, let alone 300 jin (0.5 kg), but also shortly, like this is used the flame heat by Shen Xiang now! Originally Refining Master that taunted in the, at this time could not smile, because they saw that the Shen Xiang's flame was fierce, had the person of this type of flame is far from the generation of commonplace, even if there is Fire Spirit also to be hard to achieve this step, in these alchemy Master Yanli, Shen Xiang was a terror appalling monster!