World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1189
Before Shen Xiang had said are alchemy, but the people thought otherwise, thinks that he was only a not much alchemy master, but sees this type of fierce flame now, again according to his immeasurably deep strength, making people think that he was that type does not know lived multi- youngster old undying. Shen Xiang is first refiner, but his refiner theoretical knowledge told very that he obtained a book before Refiners Scroll, afterward also obtained divine book, in addition him, and Liu Meng'er also had Dongfang Xinyue together, therefore this low level thing was not for him difficult. But following, making the person look scared, saw only Shen Xiang loudly shouted, stretched out that pair of meat palm, the red fragmentary profound steel rubbed together these fever completely! By the heat profound steel, temperature was been much higher, even if they and Shen Xiang have the 1st Stage distance, feels that fearful temperature, but some unexpectedly person of pair of palms touch this type of thing now! What is most incredible, these fever the red fragmentary profound steel resembles the pasta to be the same, was rubbed together by Shen Xiang three a few tricks, turns into a big group! Regarding cultivates refined into Heavenly Saint Body him fleshly body, this point is not difficult, truly like rubbing pasta. After all profound steeloplis rub one group, Shen Xiang has put out a black iron hammer, looks like extremely ordinary, but was Divine Craftsman had actually used. Sir Divine Craftsman, I did right by finally your hammer, finally was used for refiner!” The Shen Xiang heart said that before he this hammer, when weapon uses, many people were knocked divine hammer by this have exploded the head, he thought that somewhat is unfair to this specially refiner divine hammer. Divine Craftsman's Hammer is very certainly uncommon, in the past Shen Xiang also used long time to lift to wield at will. dāng dāng dāng! Shen Xiang holds that profound steel with the hand, changing, is having the rhythm to thrash, several sub- hammer the strip shape this. Like hammer head simple!” In the Shen Xiang heart is musing. Shen Xiang's each hammer, is equal to thrashing the hearts of nearby these Refining Master, because the unexpectedly of profound steel in the Shen Xiang hand becomes so frail, three a few tricks hit distort. The Yang Shuangquan complexion is gradually ugly, he understands that Shen Xiang took 300 jin (0.5 kg) profound steel to do! Really, with is the same, Shen Xiang that Yang Shuangquan thinks that entire profound steel hammers the similar time, will then fold, puts the produce fire flame warming again, after the heat, starts to thrash.

It was big an profound steel, such repeatedly was folded after by him hammers, changes is gradually small, this also explained that the remaining profound steeloplis are the quality are extremely high, moreover in which impurity was also rejected! Also can several folds, before each fold hammers, carved to draw mark that's alright!” Shen Xiang discovered that refines this initial level weapon, does not have refiner to be so difficult, at most is quite laborious, compared with is easy to cross the threshold . Moreover the material are also many. And he imagines is equally easy, but he is also clear, this is only the initial level thing, if to high level these treasure tool immortal tool anything, were quite difficult, with refining high level pill is the same. That many profound steel temper together, is very definitely heavy, I add one to reduce the weight first a mark!” Shen Xiang has the matter to be all right will have a look on Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade these marks, will study, moreover before him, devour several memories of formation masters of great learning and integrity, therefore the attainments in formation aspect have been very high. Difficulty of this mark regarding him does not have, he carved to draw quickly, but what then must pay attention, when the fold hammered cannot mess up these marks, otherwise was useless. He the quarter on a grain of very young pill had drawn mysterious spirit pattern before, that difficulty may be much bigger than this, therefore he at this time is also handy, on this matter, his foundation is solid. „The second mark, can buy in a user True Qi mark fast, meanwhile can absorb the outside world Spirit Qi!” The Shen Xiang quarter draws the second mark time, the quality of that profound steel was extremely high, arrives at that rank the quality, the value also far exceeds these 300 jin (0.5 kg) profound steel's values, was one rare refiner material. Is no one can such with ease turn into the treasure that 300 jin (0.5 kg) profound steel, the Shen Xiang's flame is fierce, moreover fleshly body strength is powerful, divine hammer, let alone profound steel, even if some more stubborn materials, he can take. When burns down of these refiner materials, when burning down spirit herb is easier than to obtain, burns down the refiner request of material to controlling the crucial moment is not very high, but burning down spirit herb time, the temperature difference is so little, may cause the failure. The people know that Shen Xiang is carving to draw a mark, but does not know that is making any mark, moreover two, are 2nd Stage spirit tool.

„The third mark, is one type can strengthen True Qi, can make True Qi have the explosive force!” Then is the fourth mark, is quite complex one, when square keeps off, can counter-balance others majority of formidable strength.” unexpectedly is 4th Stage, four marks, is this three hundred thousand costs? Moreover is so quick, is more than two double-hour! In the people heart is very clear, if this refines successfully the blade, the quality far exceeds these 5th Stage 6th Stage that in this shop places. This is Shen Xiang, alchemy or refiner, he must achieve meticulously, 4th Stage has completed, then makes into an appearance of blade, finally polishes the blade edge, made more attractive, this final working procedure was not relaxed. The alchemy master who other shops watch, in the heart secret estimates the blade to this, they think that at least can sell to two million crystal stones, moreover is Yang Wushuang must make the rotten words, is not definitely easy! Yang Wushuang felt at this time the pressure is very big, because before him, has said that can get so far as this price with ease any weapon, blade that but these three hundred thousand crystal stones refine at present, but was not relaxed, that many profound steel temper together, is not three a few tricks can break to pieces. Three double-hour later, 4th Stage . Moreover the quality extremely high blade has completed, Shen Xiang pours into True Qi toward inside, immediately releases white Guan Xia, seems looks like that treasure tool is the same. 4th Stage spirit tool!” Shen Xiang indifferently said: Now also asks your excellency to try, can look break off with ease? This is first spirit tool that I refine, how I also want to take a look at my level!” First? Cracks a joke! However also some people saw Shen Xiang to be unfamiliar in some aspects a moment ago, even if were one just basic Refining Master, not that poor hand, but the whole looked like, he was skilled, can forge this 4th Stage spirit tool in three double-hour, perhaps even if were some refiner many years of old Refining Master candidly admits defeat. The Yang Wushuang forehead full is the sweat, but now many people look that if he exhausts strength, could ruin this blade, but this actually did not calculate with ease.

Looks the blade that hands over, the Yang Wushuang fist grasps very tightly, wished one could to kill the present Shen Xiang bang, ended this letting his worried matter, if he lost, then this shop must hand over, this shop was very big, hands over, lost is very big, moreover magic treasure weapon that in this all materials, placed with the counter also same was others. After Yang Wushuang received that the blade, felt that but the component is heavy, he pours into True Qi, discovered that these marks carve to draw very well . Moreover the mark is not the ordinary mark, such 4th Stage spirit tool, truly by far compared with these inferior goods that they sell! Good, is a good blade!” Yang Wushuang by praised of heart, but complexion at once one cold, is grasping this blade, chops fiercely toward Shen Xiang, sees only the knife flame to well up crazily, emits very intense scalding hot blade Qi, covers toward Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang is angry immediately, he has not thought that this Yang Wushuang unexpectedly plan massacres him, avoids handing over this shop, he fends immediately, but blade edge actually suddenly one, cuts to that in not far away youngster. Bastard!” The Shen Xiang anger shouted one, the shuttle space in the past, a fist scattered that Dao Qi vigor. The people are startled immediately, this Yang Wushuang unexpectedly such rascal, and cannot lose! Everybody do not walk!” Yang Wushuang coldly said, simultaneously the big iron gate of this hall has closed, but also several have looked like very strong old man. „Can't this you lose?” Shen Xiang stands before the body of that youngster, the double fist grasps giggle to make noise. Yang Wushuang said with a sneer: Snort, you obviously are very strong Refining Master, actually intentionally comes our to pick a quarrel! You are deliberate, but also kept on proclaiming own first refiner, mouthful lie! You want to swindle our shops, your this person does not coordinate me to discuss the victory and loss, today you must die with that brat here, you form a partnership here to find fault, must die! Do not may our Saint Flame Sect, when easy target!”