World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1190

Yang Wushuang truly cannot lose, especially this giant shop, if has given Shen Xiang, loses how in a big way, therefore he had made a moment ago the decision, in old man sound transmission with shop discussed that is completely sleepy the person here, solves Shen Xiang and that youngster, was combining threats with inducements, making the person who these came to watch not pass on this matter. In brief, they think that depending on the Saint Flame Sect present dignity, must not hoodwink the public in this Saint Flame City difficultly. Now their person that many, they think that must take Shen Xiang is also the easy matter, moreover they also saw that Shen Xiang must protect strength faint youngster. On the Shen Xiang face full is gloomy and cold, this Saint Flame Sect person so despicable, does not have the big sect's style, other these people also think. You are really fierce, round can also talk into is the side, no matter how but you said that this shop is my. Also, your fellow do not want to live, since you are so shameless, do not blame me being cruel and merciless!” Shen Xiang moved has killed the heart, suddenly roars, wielded divine hammer in fight, within the body that greatly strengthened True Qi attacks, fuses strength that his fleshly body released, turned into one intense and burns the hot strong winds, blew to Saint Flame Sect that group of people. Gets rid so to be intrepid, this lets several old fellow complexion big changes of Saint Flame Sect, when their hastily makes resists, they discovered that Shen Xiang has disappeared, but they cannot attack that youngster, because they must break through the scalding hot strong winds that raids to come crazily. Disappearance Shen Xiang, suddenly appears in several old man sides, he wields that divine hammer, probably a moment ago struck the profound steel to be the same, pounding maliciously to the head of that several old man, knocked instantaneously several, heads of each hit these old man maliciously! The people can see in the nearby clearly, that several head of old man maliciously was hit hard to explode like the watermelon, the blood red thing scatters! The Saint Flame Sect old fellow strength is not weak, but actually collapses at the first blow at this time, the Shen Xiang's strength has shocked all people! Holds that little rascal quickly, I constrain this fellow!” Yang Wushuang sees the Shen Xiang so savage strength, in the heart one startled, loudly shouted.

Sees several old man to fire into that youngster, Shen Xiang displays Form Displacement Shadow immediately, that youngster getting so far as side oneself! Yang Wushuang grasps a flame steaming giant sword, toward the Shen Xiang leap in the past, divided a very strong blade, raised a burning hot the hot wave, covered Shen Xiang and that youngster. Shen Xiang releases Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover immediately, covers him with that youngster, simultaneously wields the hammer to hit to the giant sword that chops to chop! Shocking hammer!” Shen Xiang uses Shocking Heaven Palm that catching up way, making this hammer have that terrifying shake strength! In the hot wave, spreads a clear sound, then looking like very fierce sword, unexpectedly was given to break the swarthy broken iron hammer by that the fierce treasured sword was made rottenly, in the Yang Wushuang heart the anger to several points, his treasured sword was broken, was shattered including his tigers mouth, a skeleton on his palm almost breaks to pieces completely, at this time he felt that the opposite party strength has far exceeded him. Shen Xiang Heavenly Saint Body strength is not cracks a joke, fleshly body strength may cut Human Immortal, let alone was this only crossed the people of Nirvana Realm eight tribulations? What awfully is, Shen Xiang has also utilized True Qi, because in his heart also full is the anger! Nobody can save you!” The Shen Xiang anger shouted to clear the way, appeared in the Yang Wushuang top of the head suddenly, both hands were grasping that divine hammer, pounding maliciously fell! Death!” Shen Xiang roared angrily, divine hammer pounded to fall, the strong pressure that released, pressed strength of Yang Wushuang within the body completely to collapse.

Puff, the after body of Yang Wushuang that wild strength attacks, immediately explodes one group of bloody water to splatter the four directions, old man that these planned to clash, both legs suddenly one soft, Dean son unexpectedly died, moreover dies such miserably, now they are clear the Shen Xiang's strength, kills them is similar to pinches the ant to be equally simple, they have angered a powerful fellow! The people looked scared, matter developed such situation, before was them, has not thought that their atmosphere does not dare to leave at this time, by looks in nearby Jing Jing (quietly), in the heart has different panic-stricken, was worried one will be struck to kill. You are Saint Flame Sect!” Shen Xiang both eyes kill off glittering, has not waited for these old man to answer that grazes, wields that the hammer, being battered to death, made that everywhere is the blood. Person who the Saint Flame Sect expert complete destruction here, these surround, at this time has much is two legs trembles, murderous aura that because on Shen Xiang releases is very scary, in addition here that strong smell of blood. Shen Xiang brings that whole face astonished youngster to arrive in front of that leaf of iron gate, a fist driving out. Exits, this shop now is my.” Shen Xiang coldly said, that group of people leave immediately quickly. But in the shop other Saint Flame Sect disciples knew other after Yang Wushuang and elders were killed completely, flees in abundance, he does not want dead, dares to kill including Yang Wushuang, their this small the nature is a cinch. change appearance, takes these crystal stones to leave Saint Flame City!” Shen Xiang gives that that youngster he has refined some blades and crystal stones, enough he transmitted leaves. Takes, walks quickly!” Shen Xiang sees this youngster dull standing there, said that his sound has one type the dignity that makes people unable to resist, enabling that youngster only to receive these things, then changed simply own appearance, left from a leaf of unmanned back door.

Then, all things of Shen Xiang in this shop loads own storage pouch completely, second layer and in the third layer show cabinet, places is the quite valuable thing, Shen Xiang gratefully taking away, later he must bring to go to Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire. He cuts to kill the Saint Flame Sect Dean son, but also has killed several strength good elders, even if he obtains this shop, definitely cannot continue here, that will only draw on the unceasing trouble. Plunders after here is clean, he has put a fire, has traded an appearance, then leaves this city from Teleportation Formation. Saint Flame Sect as the quite powerful influence of Fire God Palace, died now these many important character people, but also encounters in own entrance so shames, the face countenance damages greatly, moreover does not know that is who behavior! Only knows that is Refiner Grandmaster . Moreover the weapon that uses is a very fierce hammer, can all of a sudden disintegration 9th Stage treasure tool. At that time witnessed this matter had the person who passed through to be many, after passing on, everyone knows that Saint Flame Sect lifted the stone to pound own foot, was Saint Flame Sect brings upon oneself. At this time the Saint Flame Sect business suffers a disastrous decline, dignity originally is gone forever, Shen Xiang wants this effect, who lets Saint Flame Sect continuously and Divine Weapon country is hostile? Moreover requests Fire God Palace's strongest strength to put down Divine Weapon Sect expert again and again, this does radically.