World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1191

Fire God Palace knew after Saint Flame Sect event, immediately sends for investigating, because they know that initially created a disturbance underground palace, cuts to kill the Ice Emperor person, is a hand with the fellow of black hammer, now goes to Saint Flame Sect to cause trouble, understood at a glance that intends to do with their Fire God Palace right. In this crucial point, suddenly presents one with Fire God Palace makes to expert, this makes the Fire God Palace aspect have very tremendous pressure, especially such person can kill Ice Emperor, a person gives to destroy completely that underground palace, inside expert was struck completely to be killed violently! Shen Xiang must immediately by the seal ten years, but Fire God Palace attacks the Chenwu Mainland's plan to implement, in the nine years, Fire God Palace has been promoting own strength, has consumed very many resources, this to let them attacks the Chenwu Mainland's time to be easier, but suddenly presents such mysterious expert now, making them have to suspect that is Subduing Dragon Sect's that mysterious Great Elder. Fire God Palace's Palace Master is the Immortal King rank, if not the important matter, he does not want to get rid, because such matter passes to the Heaven World's words, is not the honored matter, therefore attacks the Chenwu Mainland's time, he does not want to get rid, but he must from consider at this time newly. After Shen Xiang leaves Saint Flame City, is sauntering in other urban cities, in collecting Saint Flame Sect this time trend, he planned a Saint flame mountain, but knew that in the Saint flame mountain has mysterious expert, he does not dare to act unreasonably. The person who Saint Flame Sect offends is very strong, it is said two moves have withered that Yang Wushuang! In the past refiner congress time, this Yang Wushuang that called one Chinese zither, has not thought that died that miserably!” „The Saint Flame Sect Old Ancestor master came out, it is said this old fellow once was in the Fire God Palace important personage, was one has the fierce Fire Spirit old ghost.” Comes out to be also what kind of? Their others' name does not know that a shop natural was ruined by others, they had not found to present others root hair continually.” Hehe, the Saint Flame Sect Old Ancestor master comes out naturally to protect Saint Flame Sect, that person has killed including Yang Wushuang, definitely does not fear Saint Flame Sect, that Celestial Beings is perhaps sad, goes to Saint Flame Sect to be greatly noisy, making Saint Flame Sect exterminate an entire family is uncertain.” Nearby city is Saint Flame Sect governs, is centered on Saint Flame Sect, but Saint Flame Sect has come to be overbearing, the impressions in many person hearts is not good, especially Saint Flame Sect shop, person who if not and Saint Flame Sect has relationship went, died by the pit.

For serveral days, Shen Xiang heard the news that has made him be interested in very much, was Fire God Palace seeks for together very giant unusual Profound Ice in Profound Cold Ancient Domain. This Profound Ice unusual place, several aspects, first, this Profound Ice cannot put in storage equipment, second, this Profound Ice is very difficult to break, since seeks in Profound Cold Ancient Domain, that stays in Profound Ice City Immortal King definitely has gotten rid, but cannot break it, third, will be this unusual Profound Ice not like other Profound Ice the eruption cold air, but that will be together Profound Ice without doubt. In order to break this Profound Ice, Fire God Palace's expert used many methods not to be good, finally they decided to ship to the Saint flame mountain, gave a try using Saint flame mountain that fierce crater inside flame, can melt that Profound Ice. Shen Xiang is interested in Profound Ice, especially this unusual Profound Ice, moreover he had planned the Saint flame mountain has a look, knew after this news, he leaves immediately, goes to the Saint flame mountain. It is said that Profound Ice has a house to be so big, ships from Profound Cold Ancient Domain, is very difficult. Shen Xiang returned to Saint Flame City once more, here inquired that more detailed news, is quick he to know that many influences send out some elders to come, it is said is the Fire God Palace invitations. He thought that this is Fire God Palace taking this opportunity, other wants to attack the Chenwu Mainland's influence to gather together, the plan attacks the Chenwu Mainland's matter. Regarding such matter, how could does Shen Xiang absent? „The Ghost Killer Sect fellow also came, we saw broad face ghost killer a moment ago, is really rare! Must show due respect for feelings Fire God Palace including Ghost Killer Sect!”

Shen Xiang walks on the road, suddenly hears some people to discuss. Ghost Killer Sect ghost killer usually little makes an appearance, especially broad face ghost killer this type in Ghost Killer Sect status extremely high fellow. Came broad face ghost killer? Suits me!” In the Shen Xiang heart said with a smile, hastily told Long Xueyi, making Long Xueyi use her formidable Divine Ability, traced that broad face ghost killer whereabouts. Also in the city, this fellow very high-sounding talk, after he and one group of people meets, moves in the Saint Flame Sect luxurious inn.” Long Xueyi found that broad face ghost killer quickly. Shen Xiang goes to that inn immediately, he plans to sneak attack that broad face ghost killer, he also wants to taste copes with the feeling of this fierce killer in secret. He turns into a very small mosquito, flies into that inn, enters in that room, then sees that ghost killer to sit on the bed rests, although seems like is resting, but Shen Xiang actually perceived that this broad face ghost killer releases very weak Divine Sense fluctuation, for investigating all around sound, is vigilant very much. However he actually cannot investigate Shen Xiang, has the mosquito to fly is very normal matter, Shen Xiang has not released any aura, therefore this broad face ghost killer had not realized. Shen Xiang flies this broad face ghost killer, releases greatly strengthened Divine Power, separates to empty to this broad face ghost killer displays Grasping Soul Devil Curse! Sudden spiritual attack, making this broad face ghost killer be unexpected, caused heavy losses instantaneously, Shen Xiang at this time also appears the main body, according to the head of this broad face ghost killer, searches the memory in his mind!

After obtaining this broad face ghost killer memory, Shen Xiang knocking down, will take off that black clothes as well as the golden mask, then turns with this broad face ghost killer same build, same appearance. He can certainly change with Transformation Technique these masks, but he worried that can be familiar with this broad face ghost killer person to appear, when the time comes was recognized not to be good. Had that broad face ghost killer memory, Shen Xiang has been able to pretend to be this broad face ghost killer to mix in that Saint flame mountain, but this broad face ghost killer he was also remaining, will put in medicine cauldron that just obtained, if this broad face ghost killer had any life bead to link, after dying, definitely will be discovered. Therefore that medicine cauldron sends the use now, when this is also Shen Xiang initially obtained this medicine cauldron very happy reason. He learned from that memory that tomorrow will have Saint Flame Sect to send for taking their this group of people to go to the Saint flame mountain, their this group of people were invited, in surface to jointly process that giant Profound Ice, but is discussed in secret jointly attacks the Chenwu Mainland's matter, this before Shen Xiang guessed was the same. Shen Xiang this time goes to Saint flame mountain, definitely will not make them prevail, has a look at that giant Profound Ice, really and hearsay such, if inside has treasure, his trip will have the large harvest.