World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1192

Next day, the Saint flame mountain sends for receiving and instructing them, makes great ship that has been able to fly, has very luxurious room and living room on this ship, comes up later to be able very comfortable goes to that Saint flame mountain. Saint Flame Sect is the refiner influence, the thing that although sells is very inferior, but they use to themselves is never ambiguous, great ship that for example this time this can fly. The place that Saint flame mountain is at has the 1st Stage distance from Saint Flame City, flew one to go all day, broad face ghost killer that Shen Xiang pretended to be usually was uncommunicative, even if others questioned, he can answer, can not answer, others will not dislike, therefore Shen Xiang also little spoke. He stands in the deck of great ship, feels one heat, in the front has a giant volcano, in that crater unexpectedly has the lava that leaps get lost, looks from afar that is similar to a giant lava great lake, but on this crater, is floating islands, on this islands has many constructions, that is Saint Flame Sect! This volcano is really unusual, these hot thick liquid should from earth core, year to year here practice, to cultivating the person of flame really has very big help, moreover under this environment, must breed the produce fire soul not to come difficultly!” Su Meiyao said. „A such good place, won't Fire God Palace want?” In the Shen Xiang heart moves, suddenly has thought of anything. Bai Youyou said in his heart to think that said: This should be the Fire God Palace's headquarters, the islands of this float are no one can make! Moreover the defensive power is very strong, to avoid volcano change, measure of this islands definitely guard.” Saint Flame Sect also exists, on this islands, but the Fire God Palace's headquarters should also hide in this, this to cover their ears and eyes!” A Fire God Palace control such fierce volcano, lets the Shen Xiang saliva, from some significance, this unusual volcano quite in Dragon Vein. It seems like I and other wanted more careful.” The Shen Xiang heart said that but before him, knew from some population that Fire God Palace's Palace Master will not come, is protecting that seal in Profound Ice City.

Seal Shen Xiang, is the matter that on this ship most people love, now there has Immortal King to defend, they thought that the opportunity arrives, can attack Chenwu Mainland relieved. Ghost Killer Sect in this alliance, has the pivotal status, because when the time comes assassinates some Chenwu Mainland influences expert to be important, if that Immortal King does not get rid, to capture Chenwu Mainland smoothly, but must look at Ghost Killer Sect inside broad face ghost killer. But the broad face ghost killer that Shen Xiang pretends to be now, is the second in command in Ghost Killer Sect, above also has Red Faced Ghost to kill, that is Ghost Killer Sect Dean, the strength is immeasurably deep, few people had heard his matter, has been very mysterious. This second in command kills to that Red Faced Ghost did not understand that Shen Xiang knew from this memory of present this second in command, that Red Faced Ghost kills never speaks, sound transmission, does not convey the news through the note, therefore nobody has heard his voice, does not know these years, has traded Dean, but strength absolute great strength. The great ship lands, the people mount that float in the giant crater above island, the people who comes are expert, can therefore adapt to here that intense heat. They saw that huge Profound Ice quickly, the giant houses were ordinary, although this Profound Ice will not erupt that type of intense cold air, but stood near this giant Profound Ice, felt very coolly. Brings Shen Xiang of mask, correct use Primal Chaos Spirit Eye carefully to observe this giant Profound Ice, this Profound Ice is he has seen greatly, is thousand zhang (3.33 m), the shape is anomalous, but Profound Ice without doubt, because the people can feel that Profound Ice unique aura. „Does inside have the thing?” Long Xueyi inquired. Has, very giant thing, but I had not determined, if can open Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, could look at a clarity.” The Shen Xiang's sound is having a shock, such in giant Profound Ice, unexpectedly really has the thing, and is very huge.

Profound Ice inside thing is not ordinary, although this Profound Ice quality is not that extremely high quality, but does not mean that inside thing is very ordinary. Very big thing...... What can be? Is living a giant beast?” Su Meiyao asked with amazement. „It is not clear, I have not felt the life the aura, moreover this Profound Ice is very firm, must break is not easy, that Immortal King has gotten rid, I can feel that old fellow aura, but he how this Profound Ice.” Shen Xiang also very much wants to know in this Profound Ice the frozen any thing. Saint Flame Sect Dean came, named Yang Jiutao, is wear fiery red magnificently dressed old man, bird white beard, he just died the son, this time mood is not very good. Yang Jiutao sees the people interested to this giant Profound Ice, then said: Fire God Palace's Palace Master said that in this definitely has the thing, but actually cannot break, if everybody does not have what good means that can only thrust the following crater this Profound Ice, looked that can melt it.” Shen Xiang thinks this improper, he worried that inside good thing to be affected, but he does not have the good means now. If not he pretends to be broad face ghost killer, concerned about this environment, he definitely will not have that Divine Craftsman's Hammer to give a try, can perhaps it breaking. Words that pushes, what spirit herb if inside has, therefore to be ruined?” A person said. But does not have the means that in must have a look to have the thing, has been putting like this, waits to think of the means? How this Profound Ice Palace Master.” Yang Jiutao shakes the head to say.

If there is any fierce Divine Weapon, can perhaps it breaking! Perhaps Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, is only a pity in Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang by the Fire God Palace's Palace Master seal.” A person sighed. Your isn't Saint Flame Sect refiner very strong sect? Hasn't taken Divine Weapon that gets rid of?” What question is the Mo Clan elder. Fire God Palace's Palace Master, but Heaven World Immortal King, moreover his fierce Sacred Level dragon tool, he uses that thing to add on his formidable strength, cannot break this Profound Ice! Our Saint Flame Sect is just small sect, with is immortal tool that gets rid, cannot compare Fire God Palace's Sacred Level dragon tool.” This Yang Jiutao said that Palace Master strength intentionally, for was tells comes here person, the Fire God Palace's strength was formidable. That Palace Master has Sacred Level dragon tool, Shen Xiang does not have the accident, as Fire God Palace's Immortal King, the faction the formidable character who comes to here to fight for state power, doesn't give such thing to be good? Let alone behind Fire God Palace has Fire Emperor, Legend that is also a refiner madman.