World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1193
The people stand near that Profound Ice, some people started to attack Profound Ice with formidable strength, wants to try this Profound Ice strong, after an attack one after another, these people gives up finally, after their formidable strength attack Profound Ice above, will be absorbed immediately, filings cannot make. It seems like under only then thrust this Profound Ice is good!” A person sighed. Yang nine sets of nods said: It seems like had no other alternative, everybody please with me come, to have the important matter to discuss.” The important matter, attacks the Chenwu Mainland's matter, can come here influence, is quite powerful in Emperor Heaven, but they attack the Chenwu Mainland's words single-handedly, very difficultly taking, only if unites, even if joins up, they do not have the confidence, because of present Chenwu Mainland, extraordinary great strength. However has the words of Fire God Palace lead alliance, they had the confidence, Fire God Palace's Palace Master was very formidable, this was the matter that everyone knew . Moreover the seal Shen Xiang, Subduing Dragon Sect did not have what big movement in the ten years, probably soon vanished in Emperor Heaven is the same, Subduing Dragon Sect that Great Elder has not come to rescue Shen Xiang, therefore the people think that attacked the Chenwu Mainland's opportunity. Shen Xiang they came to a secret conference room with Yang Jiutao, sits on a long table, but Yang Jiutao does not sit on head, but is one wears the middle-aged person of Fire God Palace clothes robe. This middle-aged person comes, people felt that an inexplicable pressure, the heart of people splash is jumping at this time, they have not thought that here unexpectedly is also hiding Fire God Palace's expert. In, Shen Xiang had guessed correctly that this Saint flame mountain is the Fire God Palace's secret headquarters, here has Fire God Palace's expert is also very normal matter, therefore Shen Xiang is not accidental. Should be Immortal Monarch middle stage!” Long Xueyi said: Regarding them, the strength of this fellow was very strong, if attacks the Chenwu Mainland's time, has this fellow to join, your pressures will become will be bigger.” In the Shen Xiang heart worries secretly, the position that because this Saint flame mountain is very easy to train expert to come, he does not know that in this huge Saint flame mountain has many fierce fellow, this makes him want this Saint flame mountain destroying completely the person, this can weaken the Fire God Palace's strength large scale. Everybody comes here real objective to discuss that attacks the Chenwu Mainland beforehand preparatory work!” Fire God Palace's that Immortal Monarch said.

The people nod in abundance, have such expert to preside over the conference, has given them many confidence, they worried that before that Immortal King does not get rid, otherwise takes the Chenwu Mainland's words, does not need to draw in them. That Immortal Monarch said: Similar ten years, Subduing Dragon Sect's Great Elder had not come to rescue Shen Xiang, we had determined that Great Elder will not appear, I think that this is also the matter that everybody has been worried about!” The Mo Clan person said: But if ten years passed by, happen to we attack the Chenwu Mainland's time, that Subduing Dragon Sect's Great Elder does suddenly appear? Puts Shen Xiang this young devil, perhaps we must meet with a disaster.” Fire God Palace's Immortal Monarch said: This is our Palace Master has guarded there reason, our Palace Master strength you are clear, even if Subduing Dragon Sect's that Great Elder appears, depending on our Palace Master strength, can definitely prevent him to put Shen Xiang! However this also means that our Palace Master cannot go to battle with Chenwu Mainland, therefore needs to unite everybody.” In the Shen Xiang heart sneers, if White Tiger came, ten Fire God Palace's Palace Master cannot block White Tiger, said again, now does not need White Tiger to get rid, he depended upon his strength to come out . Moreover the Fire God Palace's person has not known, but also believed the oath to say him broad and level by the seal in inside. in other words, can start fight now, right!” The person of speech is Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's, his aura Shen Xiang is very familiar, cultivated Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's devil art to have. No matter monster or demon, so long as wants to attack Chenwu Mainland's, Fire God Palace gets together them together. Now can fight, before fight, we probably a little prepare, must among the strength Chenwu Mainland's give to kill, if possible, kills 1-2 their Dean is not, Danxiang Taoyuan, Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and Icewind Valley, are some babies are taking over control now, but Lotus Island's Lian Yingxiao also already transcend, took over control of Lotus Island's is also little rascal, they are our priority targets, as for Extreme Martial Sect's current Dean, the strength was too strong, starts in secret somewhat difficultly.” After this Immortal Monarch said that then looks at Shen Xiang, now Shen Xiang pretends to be broad face ghost killer, matter of this assassination, Ghost Killer Sect is most adept, the person who at this time many influences come is also same. Shen Xiang has not made noise, is only slight bow, this is also this broad face ghost killer disposition, so long as with the Ghost Killer Sect high-level contact the person know that these fierce ghost killer, the words are few, even does not want to make others know their sounds, therefore also understood.

This group of bastards, making me assassinate Xianxian they? Has a dream! father looked forward tonight assassinating you.” In the Shen Xiang heart is thinking, he truly can assassinate these people with the broad face ghost killer status now, so long as does cleanly, nobody will know. That Immortal Monarch also said: So long as Ghost Killer Sect can succeed, Dean of Chenwu Mainland's several big influence suddenly dying cores, when the time comes was we mounted a large-scale attack, as for the time, must look at the Ghost Killer Sect friend.” List!” Shen Xiang said with very stiff and low and deep sound. Yang Jiutao pulled out a paper to give Shen Xiang immediately, Shen Xiang has swept one, receiving will be good. On the list has more than ten names, including the name that Xue Xianxian, Leng Youlan and Wu Qianqian these he is familiar with, is Lotus Island's Island Master including Dongsheng, is a Lian Yingxiao efficient son, the strength is also quite strong, this is the name of Dean rank, remaining is other quite useful elders, is some have the big wisdom person, is in the Chenwu Mainland these influences important personages. When fight?” A person asked. Conference ended.” Shen Xiang said icily. The movement is so quick, this Ghost Killer Sect professional manner makes many people very admire, moreover this matter Ghost Killer Sect comparison is an expert, therefore they have very big confidence to Ghost Killer Sect. If Ghost Killer Sect can succeed, we prepare to transfer our elites, especially Demon Territory everybody, when the time comes your Evil Demon certainly can send the big use, as for advantage that obtains after the war, this you do not need to be worried, so long as can take Chenwu Mainland, hid that in inside Dragon Vein found, then entire Emperor Heaven was our!” The person who so long as participates, when the time comes can at the Emperor Heaven minute to very big advantage, if only depends on them, perhaps is very difficult, will face the destruction the risk.

Then also discussed when the time comes attacks, region that each influence is responsible, this 11 was remembered by Shen Xiang, this conference has Shen Xiang to participate, means yellow, but other people do not know. The conference ended, Shen Xiang leave first, but other people must watch that huge Profound Ice to fall into the crater. Shen Xiang disguises to leave, actually he was hiding quietly into under that crater hot thick liquid, he estimated that huge Profound Ice, only will then melt in the deep place of this volcano, when the time comes the above person is unable to get down, if in that had treasure, that was his. In the volcano hot thick liquid regarding Shen Xiang is not very hot, especially in superficial that matter. Before Shen Xiang, has gone including earth core, under that is the terror, but he can support, now his strength has been increased, cultivates Heavenly Saint Body to come, therefore he can dive the deep place to go, that huge Profound Ice also has fallen when the time comes the deep place. That Profound Ice inside thing is very big, what thing can be? If a ancient beast corpse, definitely will be melted under this volcano, thing that if can eat, that! Really puzzled, perhaps anything cannot fish.” Long Xueyi is very worried, that Profound Ice was really too big, moreover inside also had the giant thing, if can eat, that sufficed certainly to eat very for a long time, she worried that will be ruined. Shen Xiang has soaked in the hot thick liquid, waited for that the above these people push that giant Profound Ice.