World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1194
Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, you do not lack probably eat? What do you worry about blindly?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Now does not lack eats, but sometimes also wants to trade the appetite, this thing perhaps is the thing of antique time.” Long Xueyi mumbled. Divine Soul that Shen Xiang patrols, has been able to see that group of people just right for the strength to push that huge Profound Ice. This Profound Ice inside thing big? Occupied entire Profound Ice?” Bai Youyou suddenly has thought something, asked. Shen Xiang thinks that replied: No, I thought that was only has occupied little, but contrasted this huge Profound Ice, that thing is very giant.” Bai Youyou said: This Profound Ice becomes so unusual, perhaps is inside thing creates! Firm and giant, moreover is unable to put in storage equipment! This Profound Ice definitely is received inside thing to affect, will turn into this.” Shen Xiang also thought that makes sense: What thing can that be? Sister Youyou, do you know?” Bai Youyou silent moment, said: I am indefinite, if is really that thing, has the possibility we to know reason that Profound Cold Ancient Domain forms!” „Does this thing cause Profound Cold Ancient Domain to turn into the Land of Ice and Snow chief criminal?” In Shen Xiang heart surprised, wants to know that this is any thing, unexpectedly is so fierce. Bai Youyou said: I understanding that thing am not many, when saw then said.” Huge Profound Ice was pushed to fall from above that island by the people, in the fierce falling into crater, making many hot thick liquid splash, but Shen Xiang in the place of edge, was made to be completely muddled by very strong hot thick liquid high sea. Sound big, making crater ascend very strong heat, making that float in the air island not probably release formation to protect, otherwise must unable to withstand that terrifying heat in the above disciple. After being tranquil, Shen Xiang is fast to sinking immediately, but also has put out Divine Craftsman's Hammer, the to rely on Divine Craftsman's Hammer weight, making him sink fast, pursues that huge Profound Ice, but the following temperature is truly high, but has not needed him to use Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor to protect.

Shen Xiang sinks, uses the strength of shuttle space Law of Space, quick overtakes that huge Profound Ice, he now on that Profound Ice, what making him be startled, sign that so deeply, this Profound Ice unexpectedly had not melted. In the person of above that floating island, looks at gradually the tranquil volcano, frowned. Probably sank very much deeply, if there is treasure, we can discover? Sinks to below on such treasure?” A Saint Flame Sect elder said. That Immortal Monarch said: If melted, presents treasure, I can feel when the time comes I will have secret method to make that thing, does not need to be worried.” The crater is connecting earth core, here is also a earth core entrance, Shen Xiang previous time emits Ancient Fire Beast the time, obtained grain of Earth Core Spirit Crystal in that earth core, integrated in his body, this can make him the motion in earth core more convenient, will not be worried about that high temperature. Huge Profound Ice entered in earth core from the crater, but has not actually melted! Does not know that will sink to melt to where, if too deep, perhaps I can only take the produce fire dragon sword!” Shen Xiang previous time enters earth core, depends upon that the Fire Dragon sword, can make the hot thick liquid in earth core give way to traffic. Frowned above that Immortal Monarch: Entered earth core evidently, has not thought that place had not melted, moreover this also showed that this volcano can lead to earth core! Words that but continues to sink again, I did not have the means to control, perhaps this Profound Ice will sink to the earth core deep place.” earth core, that is one makes the person hear the somewhat frightened thing, especially that very famous earth core fire territory, here person is not strange, there flame now was more terrifying, they also can only saunter outside. A double-hour passes by, huge Profound Ice sank to earth core, is getting deeper and deeper, moreover Profound Ice does not have the sign of melting. Shen Xiang also felt the body to be somewhat burningly painful at this time, his secret revolution Black Tortoise Strengthening Technique came to quenching the body, he on Profound Ice of that submersion, waited for that now this Profound Ice melted. „Isn't earth core able to melt this Profound Ice? This was also too fierce!” Shen Xiang surprisedly said. It seems like was that thing without doubt, if can melt, you can see that are any thing.” Bai Youyou has affirmed own idea.

What thing is? Can eat?” Long Xueyi asked. Cannot!” „Can that be used to fight?” Long Xueyi also asked. Does not know, I understanding that thing, is only some Legend, is I when Heavenly Devil World, from my Bai Family ancient book saw that I cultivated ice cold strength at that time, therefore glanced through had the thing about formidable ice cold strength massively, saw to have the record about this thing accidentally!” What thing is that? Sister Youyou do not keep guessing!” In Shen Xiang heart itchy, wishes one could to break this Profound Ice immediately. Bai Youyou also did not have the sound, crossed a period of time, she said: Words that you personally see, will be clearer.” Also passed two double-hour, Shen Xiang had already put out the Fire Dragon sword, moreover he felt that must sink, when he thinks this Profound Ice will not melt, his suddenly felt that this huge Profound Ice vibrated slightly. Finally had to respond, Shen Xiang was wild with joy, immediately spirit! But in the above person, already left, only then that Immortal Monarch still there, knits the brows to look at the below these fiery red hot thick liquid. unexpectedly is not melts, but is split open!” Shen Xiang thinks strange incomparable. This huge Profound Ice had many cracks, afterward suddenly explodes, turned into a piece of tiny ice crystal, vanishes in the hot thick liquid, the way of this breaking, unexpectedly is the same with other Profound Ice. This......” Shen Xiang saw Profound Ice inside thing, unexpectedly is a giant tablet, this tablet makes him feel familiar, where has seen very probably. Quick, Shen Xiang responded, is not he has seen this great tablet, but is he thought that the aura of this great tablet is very familiar, but this type familiar and came from his God Slaughtering Heart!

In God Slaughtering Heart has a very formidable soul, at this time Shen Xiang thought that soul is affecting him, therefore he will think that this great tablet is very familiar. Really is this thing.” Although Bai Youyou expected, but surprisedly: Accepts after checking quickly!” Shen Xiang has not moved immediately, but asked seriously: What thing is this?” God Slaughtering Heart inside soul is very terrorist, White Tiger said that but this stele has relationship with that soul probably, Shen Xiang was worried that puts in this great tablet Hidden Jade Ring, will have the accident. This is called Suppressing Deity Tablet, it is said was used to stand firm Ice Heaven, but why does not know, this Suppressing Deity Tablet has not appeared in Ice Heaven, but has been missing, moreover other Suppressing Deity Tablet same have not appeared, now can affirm that has appears in Emperor Heaven together, causes that Profound Cold Ancient Domain frozen! Before White Tiger had said that Profound Cold Ancient Domain not by frozen time, inside on very danger(ous)!” Shen Xiang hastily receives this Suppressing Deity Tablet, in the heart shocks secretly, he said: This didn't Suppressing Deity Tablet have strength? Isn't able to blow Profound Cold Ancient Domain? That actually is place of danger(ous)!” The Bai Youyou nod said: Possibly that place lives with Emperor Heaven, this Suppressing Deity Tablet of unknown origin, but Divine Power is infinite, but this Suppressing Deity Tablet can release very strong ice cold strength, perhaps Profound Cold Ancient Domain is this Suppressing Deity Tablet creates.” „Do some people lose this Suppressing Deity Tablet intentionally in Profound Cold Ancient Domain there? These unusual do Profound Ice form? I do not believe that these have shape Profound Ice are the natural formations!” Shen Xiang continuously to this doubts, moreover Profound Ice inside treasure, is not obviously accidental. Profound Cold Ancient Domain is a very danger(ous) place, relationship later Emperor Heaven whether can stabilize, Shen Xiang before leaving Emperor Heaven, can clarify the situation to be best, otherwise after his transcend, Profound Cold Ancient Domain has the sudden change of accident, that Emperor Heaven troubled. Strange, disappears? What is inside thing? I felt that is very big, when I must make, suddenly vanished!” Fire God Palace's that Immortal Monarch frowns tightly, is puzzled.