World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1195
In deep place earth core, Shen Xiang is unable to examine that Suppressing Deity Tablet carefully. That Immortal Monarch can induce above to that Profound Ice sound probably, but he has not discovered you!” Long Xueyi perceived that above Immortal Monarch is paying attention to certain things with rapt attention. This is good, I can leave here quickly! Carries out my task.” On the Shen Xiang face has shown a smiling face, his so-called duty, is assassinates that list above person, on that several are he knew that he will certainly not kill. Shen Xiang comes out from the crater, then departure quietly, has not made that Immortal Monarch discover that he has been far away from the Saint flame mountain, turns into an ordinary middle-aged man, enters in Saint Flame City, transmits from Saint Flame City to other cities again, after several transmissions, he arrived at Subduing Dragon City. Subduing Dragon City or actually are the same, it is said that has encountered multiple besieging of Demon and Devil, protecting city large formation that but that Iron Lion Divine Army establishes is not a vegetarian, the formidable energy that in addition Dragon Vein provides, making this Subduing Dragon City indestructible. Li Baojun in Subduing Dragon City, Shen Xiang does not come back quietly, he does not want too many to know that he came out from that seal, therefore he must maintain the low key. Had not found Li Baojun in Subduing Dragon City, he entered Evil Dragon Burial Ground. Subduing Dragon Sect has gathered many outstanding disciples, these disciples after heavily screening, are been many individual approval, moreover there is Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran to be responsible for investigating these backgrounds, ceases some people to mix in Subduing Dragon Sect, but the people of training these disciples are Duan Chong and Earth's Core Clan some old fellow. Yun Xiaodao their several, respectively are responsible for one group of disciples, is the eldest children of many Subduing Dragon Sect disciples, to strengthen actual combat experience, they also frequently fight. But equipment convenience, is the high level things, is Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire provides, as for pills, that say nothing, Subduing Dragon Sect is a powerful pills influence, therefore in a short time, Subduing Dragon Sect trains a large quantities of very outstanding disciple, but many influences do not know. Li Baojun in Evil Dragon Burial Ground inside Subduing Dragon Sect headquarters, he just closed up alchemy to come out, sees Shen Xiang to sit in the small hall in his residence.

Ha Ha...... I know that you can come out promptly!” Li Baojun sees the Shen Xiang facial expression to be good, said with a laugh that Shen Xiang came back him to feel relieved, he has been actually also worried, moreover when the time comes Chenwu Mainland was attacked, does not have words that Shen Xiang got rid, perhaps will when the time comes solve some problems to have a headache very much. Could not have surrounded on that broken seal my!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Elder Li, our present disciples how many?” „More than 30,000, are these little rascal in all directions gathers, then undergoes the approvals of our these old fellow, allows them to enter in Evil Dragon Burial Ground.” Li Baojun said: Relax, Subduing Dragon Sect was also changed into several regions by me, the disciples cannot enter some important places, does not need to be worried that they act unreasonably.” Um!” Shen Xiang nodded, regarding Li Baojun their management manner, he trusts. The matter that you come back, how many people haven't known? That side Fire God Palace? How a rumor?” Li Baojun asked. Shen Xiang comes out from that seal, had not discovered Fire God Palace to the present. This matter cannot too many to know!” Hears Shen Xiang's these words, Li Baojun understands the Shen Xiang's intention, but he is some does not understand: Dean, if you are make Fire God Palace attack the Chenwu Mainland's words, then our at least can force that Fire God Palace's Palace Master person, that is Immortal King! But where our Great Elder did not know.” This you do not need to be worried that Palace Master will defend in Profound Ice City, so long as my exposed, that Palace Master will not come out! But then, we only need ambush to be good, attacked the Chenwu Mainland's fellow to catch the whole lot in a dragnet that's alright these, we definitely had this strength, I also in secret will get when the time comes rid.” Shen Xiang currently has another status, Ghost Killer Sect broad face ghost killer, he said with a smile slightly: I have infiltrated the interior of their alliance now, when the time comes I will tell you they latest operation plan.”

Is so cloudy!” Li Baojun also smiled. I now am Ghost Killer Sect broad face ghost killer, they have given me a list of assassination, making me kill these people!” Shen Xiang takes that list, gives Li Baojun. Li Baojun has been startled, he has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly has pretended broad face ghost killer, after seeing that list, he frowned. Was some important personages, if Chenwu Mainland's these influences did not have these characters, but they just attacked, the consequence was dreadful!” Li Baojun knits the brows to say. Right, but if there are these people, they must attack also to use very formidable strength, if this list above person died most...... They will come a time surprise attack . Moreover the person who comes perhaps is an elite, the quantity are surely many,” Shen Xiang said. When the time comes we again ambush there, gives them one to be caught off guard!” Li Baojun understands that Shen Xiang must make anything. Shen Xiang said with a smile: I will go to Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and Danxiang Taoyuan! Elder Li you arrange the manpower, waited for that momentarily attacked that's alright, when the time comes wanted you or is Elder Duan has the person to go, must guarantee absolutely safe.” Knew, I will arrange! Can the matter that you come back, tell that several little rascal first?” Li Baojun asked. Shen Xiang has thought that said: Temporarily did not tell Xiaodao them!” After Li Baojun has said a hello, Shen Xiang leaves Evil Dragon Burial Ground, he makes Li Baojun sue this plan to Duan Chong.

Fire God Palace makes Ghost Killer Sect assassinate, is some influence inside high levels, is ensure an influence can stabilize the important personage who revolves, once assassinates successfully, this influence has the huge turbulence in a short time, should better take. Shen Xiang arrived at Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, looks for Xue Xianxian quietly. Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan are busy at this time, not only need practice the promotion strength, meanwhile must instruct to arrange some large formation, sometimes must refine some fierce magic treasure to the disciple of hanger-on, Shen Xiang has also waited till the evening in their residences, when they come back. Brother must by the seal ten years, initially he convey a message from inside quickly, said for ten years later, Fire God Palace must attack Chenwu Mainland, if to that day, does not know really the brother can come back!” Leng Youlan sits in the hall, drinks is driving out the weary flower-scented green tea. No matter he can come back, we must have the sufficient preparation, if cannot protect good Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, we later arrive at Heaven World, how to face Master?” A Xue Xianxian face is heavy, she naturally hopes that Shen Xiang can come back, but she must complete the worst plan. Shen Xiang walks from inside room, said grinningly: „Can this important matter, how little result in me?” Hears the Shen Xiang's sound, Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan tender body shakes, afterward looked pleasantly surprised to direction that the sound conveys, is really Shen Xiang.