World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1196
Leng Youlan sees Shen Xiang suddenly to appear, swoops, closely is holding Shen Xiang. Brother, I know that you can break that tortoise seal, Ha Ha......” Leng Youlan said while loudly laughing, is patting the Shen Xiang's back vigorously. Xue Xianxian relaxed slightly, these years they are very anxious every day, because Fire God Palace attacks the Chenwu Mainland's words, that easily does not resist, must know that was Fire God Palace united many influences, came from monster Devil Territory. Sees Shen Xiang to come back, long time comes to tie tight nerve Xue Xianxian, finally relaxed, because in her heart, Shen Xiang can solve all crises. Shen Xiang is hugging Xue Xianxian gently, has kissed her forehead, said with a smile: Xianxian, felt that you now and Sister Meng'er looked like more and more!” little rascal, is thinking Sister Meng'er all day!” Xue Xianxian tenderly snorted. Brother, you came out from that nonsense seal, how a rumor?” Leng Youlan is very excited at this time, when the time comes great war, can definitely rush ahead with Shen Xiang. Xue Xianxian wants to understand quickly reason, was saying with a smile to Leng Youlan: Youlan, Fire God Palace perhaps does not know the matter that now husband comes out, that Palace Master should also cling to tenaciously there!” Leng Youlan also understood at this time, immediately nods: actually this, then, when the time comes does the brother want to get rid in secret?” Shen Xiang said: Not only so, some plans, must make you coordinate, this can cause heavy losses to Fire God Palace these influences maliciously.” Xue Xianxian said: What plans?” Shen Xiang takes that list, then also told two female to pretend broad face ghost killer to mix in the matter of that alliance.

When the time comes needs you to coordinate, you must do, lets the outside, even is Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and Icewind Valley's disciple knows that on the list these and you had the relationship important personages dead.” Xue Xianxian is understanding immediately \; Is makes us play dead, making Fire God Palace their alliance be mistaken our chaos, when they attack, we are centralized strength to ambush they, eliminates them! For absolutely safe, they will certainly send out the elite disciple to come!” This, their alliances will certainly concentrate majority of elite attack you, but when the time comes the several of us big influence also sends out all strength, kills this group of people! That side my Subduing Dragon Sect has arranged!” Leng Youlan said: When the time comes we die and be reborn, participates in the fight? Then the brother you couldn't mix in that alliance?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: You can participate in the fight, but do not make others discover that's alright!” Xue Xianxian said: We play dead , can a successor informed and experienced opportunity that we train.” „Have you trained the successor? What male is female?” Xue Xianxian white his eyes: little rascal, do you such care about this?” So long as Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and Icewind Valley's person plays dead, on the list went to 50% people, Shen Xiang thought that this has been able to go back to assign the duty, he also planned to draw in Danxiang Taoyuan's, but he thought or considers as finished, simply also concentrated Danxiang Taoyuan's strength, provided against contingencies. This, you should better arrange tonight, tomorrow morning will spread then the news that you died! Um...... This death time must do well, cannot Icewind Valley and Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's dies together, I look for Qianqian, making her side also make some people to come.” I will ask several elders to reach an agreement, does not have the accident, tomorrow morning you can know news that I died.” Xue Xianxian said with a smile mischievously.

I? When do I want dead am appropriate?” Leng Youlan asked with a smile. You are together, time can be consistent!” Shen Xiang traces her white hair, said with a smile: When the time comes has played dead, do not come out to jump to reach, otherwise planned to be destroyed.” Leng Youlan pursed the lips: Do not think unable to withstand me, the plan of this cloudy person, I little have not played!” After Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan reached an agreement, Shen Xiang hastily goes to Danxiang Taoyuan, he displays Transformation Technique, went in quietly, he does not want to be seen some people to find these people by other people. Wu Qianqian also and Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's two females are equally busy, alchemy, practice and training next Dean, some of some of their time formation, can win a lot of time for them luckily. Late at night, Wu Qianqian has been busy at one all day, is soaking in that Immortal's cave inside hot spring, the spirit spring can drive out wearily, strengthens her body, moistens the vein of her within the body, when she soaks just comfortably, heard a cough, this is startled her hastily to release one group of white light glow, is binding own body, simultaneously puts out treasure sword. Qianqian, is I!” Shen Xiang said outside the stone chamber. Shen Xiang!” Wu Qianqian one startled, hastily receives treasure sword, wears the clothes, goes out of this having mystical powers spring the stone chamber. The Immortal's cave that Wu Qianqian is was protected very closely by formation, even if some people come in jade token, she also immediately knows, but Shen Xiang appears at this time here, a sound does not have. Shen Xiang in this crucial point, can come out from that seal, in the Wu Qianqian heart was also very happy, but she actually strangely looks at Shen Xiang now. Wu Qianqian hair wet filter, the body has thrown over a Chinese-style gown simply, looked like the graceful bearing is charming, enticed the feeling to be full.

Shen Xiang sees Wu Qianqian to visit him with that look, his hastily explained: I have not peeped!” Wu Qianqian pū chī smiles: I also had not said that you peeped.” Afterward, Wu Qianqian by in the Shen Xiang's chest, is hugging the Shen Xiang's tiger waist gently, supple sound track: You can come back well, these years may be worried dead I.” Shen Xiang has kissed his lip, said: I come out from that seal, Fire God Palace does not know!” Wu Qianqian realized that Shen Xiang had the important matter and she says, nodded, familiar Shen Xiang's she, can think of anything. Shen Xiang said that plan, after Wu Qianqian hear, asked: How do I when the time comes need to do?” If Youlan and Xianxian's death news passes on, you in secret issue the order of support to Danxiang Taoyuan, said that by protecting Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire was not attacked, the concrete action, when the time comes I will again inform your.” Shen Xiang has given some herbs Wu Qianqian, is rank is quite high, making her be used to study to refine higher pills, leaves Danxiang Taoyuan, Shen Xiang goes to Saint Flame City, news that awaits to pass on, once the news passes on, he must go to that Saint Flame Sect immediately, such can know the specific action plan of alliance. Chenwu Mainland has been attacked by many influences, especially these years, are very ordinary, because Legend there will be the new emperor day central place, will also present second Dragon Vein, will therefore bring in this disaster. The sky just shone, the news passed to Saint Flame City, some Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's Dean as well as important elders, was poisoned to death completely, at this time entire Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire already the chaos.