World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1197

The Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's high level was assassinated, this matter in many people's eyes is the natural matter, but is unavoidably surprised, everyone knows the assassinated reason, so long as can take Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, has infiltrated the Chenwu Mainland's central area, but from the cause of death, some people had guessed correctly that is Ghost Killer Sect does, because Ghost Killer Sect excels with the toxin! Shen Xiang goes to the Saint flame mountain immediately, initially Fire God Palace gave his list, only then 50% people were assassinated, but he thought that enough has made Fire God Palace convene Centaur to attack. Xue Xianxian is the Shen Xiang's wife, Leng Youlan is Shen Xiang's sworn sister, they died, later coerces Shen Xiang? This group of fellows, unexpectedly has disrupted my plan, they handle this matter time, unexpectedly has not informed me!” Fire God Palace's Palace Master knew after this news, is very angry. Initially Shen Xiang also thought of this issue, therefore he speculated that Fire God Palace had the contradiction, that Palace Master wanted depend on him, but some people actually want to capture Chenwu Mainland anxiously, this also made him think that in the Fire God Palace's headquarters, was hiding also Immortal King? Otherwise initially that Immortal Monarch absolutely does not dare to give that list his. Palace Master, it seems like it was that fellow and others, now what to do? Do we want to continue to defend here?” old man inquired Fire God Palace's Palace Master. Snort, naturally must defend here, if Shen Xiang comes out, knew that this matter, I dare to say he will slaughter absolutely! Haven't this group of idiots, how thought the importances of these two women? Catches these two women exactly, has been equal to overcoming larger part Chenwu Mainland.” Fire God Palace's Palace Master is very angry. Big Shot of each influence is very shocking. Some Extreme Martial Sect's new Dean and elders also received the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's requesting reinforcements news, must make them be ready, momentarily reenforcement, because when the time comes Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire becomes will attack the Chenwu Mainland's biggest breach. Other Chenwu Mainland's influences are also same, but Subduing Dragon Sect is sends out one in large numbers elite! But Yun Xiaodao these do not know the circumstances of the matter, with the Shen Xiang relationship very good person, is the violent anger, but by Duan Chong and Li Baojun stabilizing, making them calm, making them prepare to fight, because when the time comes will have large quantities of people to attack Chenwu Mainland. All parties' response with the Shen Xiang expectation is the same, at this time he has played the role of that broad face ghost killer, goes to Saint Flame Sect.

He just came out Saint Flame City, perceived that some people track him, he disguises not to know that continued to go forward, waits to be far away from Saint Flame City, after entering a mountain scene forest inside, then picked up the speed to clash toward him with his person suddenly! This...... Is Ghost Killer Sect Dean, Red Faced Ghost kills!” Shen Xiang one startled, he through the technique of Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, saw the person who that pursues, is one throws over the black robe, the face is bringing a blood red mask, this is Red Faced Ghost in Legend kills. Shen Xiang has not accelerated to get rid, because this is a person on one's own side, but he felt that some are not right, otherwise this Red Faced Ghost will kill not to pursue. Mystical Red Faced Ghost kills, nobody has spoken his true feature, nobody knows how long he survived, has not known that his strength, nobody has heard his voice, usually also little makes an appearance, but can actually control entire Ghost Killer Sect. Red Faced Ghost kills to appear in front of Shen Xiang, body that imposing manner makes Shen Xiang feel somewhat intense, this Red Faced Ghost kills very strongly, making his suddenly think very thornily. „Are these people you kill?” Red Faced Ghost killed unexpectedly to speak, that voice was very low and deep, some sinister woods, were a voice of old woman. This Red Faced Ghost kills unexpectedly is a female! Yes!” Shen Xiang coldly replied, he worried that he will be looked, therefore he has prepared fight. You should not have that strength!” Sound suddenly that Red Faced Ghost kills became cold several points. But I actually achieved!” Shen Xiang has not thought that this Red Faced Ghost kills because this matter suspected that he only hopes this Red Faced Ghost kills has not contacted with the Fire God Palace's person, otherwise this plan was scrapped.

This should be I and you have moved together, you are also clear, you kill undying that several people, how do you achieve?” Before Shen Xiang, truly has thought this, because of that list above person, is truly difficult to kill, initially Fire God Palace gave him this list, should be makes entire Ghost Killer Sect send out, includes this Red Faced Ghost to kill! Shen Xiang cannot certainly tell this Ghost Killer Sect leader, therefore he bets a gambling, will bet this ghost killer not to investigate this matter secretly, but this Red Faced Ghost will kill is very discrete, but also pursued. You should not suspect my strength!” Shen Xiang coldly said. Oh? you such do, is thinks that you do have to surpass my strength? You want through this matter to indicate can one be competent the Ghost Killer King title?” Red Faced Ghost kills to be angry. Shen Xiang understood now, relaxed secretly, this Red Faced Ghost kills actually was worried that he usurps the throne! But in Ghost Killer Sect really has this brutal High-Rank rule, silver surface ghost killer strikes to kill broad face ghost killer, can obtain the mask of opposite party! But on broad face ghost killer only then Red Faced Ghost kills, was called Ghost Killer King, to massacre is not easy. Right, your mask I kept thinking am very long!” Shen Xiang felt opposite party killing intent, swift and violent makes a fist, strikes to the shoulder that Red Faced Ghost kills. That Red Faced Ghost kills early has the protection, but this thunder strikes to shock, just like before her, such that said that this broad face ghost killer should not have such strength. Does not have the fluctuation of True Qi, is physical strength?” Red Faced Ghost killed unable to move aside, hit the instance of own shoulder in the fist, in the mind is guessing this strength.

„It is not right, this is......” Red Faced Ghost kills suddenly to feel after own left shoulder was hit a fist, suddenly changed light, changed soft, the careful feeling, the skeleton of an entire left arm and left shoulder vanished completely. Transforming Bone Devil Palm, direct goes to the skeleton, is Devil World's unsurpassed devil art! Opposite party unexpectedly understood that this devil art, this Red Faced Ghost kills in the heart astonished incomparable, now she also thought that the opposite party has to kill the strength of Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire important personage. Your mask I wanted!” The Shen Xiang's second fist is urgent, but, hits to other shoulder that Red Faced Ghost kills. Strength that this Red Faced Ghost kills probably in Human Immortal late stage about, according to the Long Xueyi's judgment, should be the Human Immortal peak, only misses one step to become Immortal Monarch, but Shen Xiang uses Heavenly Saint Body strength to add on True Qi, displays Transforming Bone Devil Palm, must melt opposite party that small and weak skeleton is not the difficult matter. Delusion...... Do not think to understand Transforming Bone Devil Palm, you can kill me.” Body suddenly that Red Faced Ghost kills presents pink Qi mist, unexpectedly is acute poison Qi mist, is similar to Evil Spirit is ordinary, makes threatening gestures to cover Shen Xiang. Ghost Killer Sect excels with the toxin, this everyone knows that has this type of fierce toxin is very normal! After Shen Xiang pink Qi mist covers, afterward sees the innumerable steel to puncture from out of the blue comes, if other people, the body was penetrated the innumerable holes instantaneously, moreover these steeloplis have acute poison!