World Defying Dan God - Volume 12 - Chapter 1198

Red Faced Ghost has killed discretely for many years incomparable, for can live by oneself is longer, nobody knows her details, therefore she thinks that in fight, immeasurably deep she, can occupy completely the winning side, especially these fierce toxins, have been she for many years spent the high price to collect. However, she does not know that what similarly she faces is what person, looks like broad face ghost killer that is she understands, but is actually not, but is that by Shen Xiang of seal. If compared with using the toxin, Shen Xiang can be the ancestor who this Red Faced Ghost kills, time that these steel needles penetrate, he transferred, only leaves behind illusion to be in-situ. What? Is illusion!” Red Faced Ghost killed to look immediately, simultaneously fierce dodged that dozen a fist. You...... Who are you?” This Red Faced Ghost kills knows that oneself present broad face ghost killer is not that she is familiar with. Deceased person does not need to know that many!” Shen Xiang eyes dodges, red light explodes shoots, in both eyes projects the innumerable red silk threads, condense formidable strength, penetrates the body that this Red Faced Ghost kills instantaneously, each silk thread, breaks Red Faced Ghost to kill the skeleton and meridians in within the body, two quite thick red light penetrate her dantian and heart. Shen Xiang displays Penetrating Heart Devil Eye, means that opposite party death, Red Faced Ghost kills also cultivates devil art, knows that great strength of this Penetrating Heart Devil Eye, that is strength of set whole body, one terrifying energy beam that condense leaves, the penetrability is greatly strengthened, most awfully virtually impossible to guard against, sprays from the unexpected eye, so long as sees the opposite party eye to explode dodges red light, means that own body was pierced! Shen Xiang's devil art usually little uses, but once uses, one after another uses, let the enemy died in the despair and fear! Your mask felt relieved that gives me!”

fleshly body that Red Faced Ghost kills was attacked with Penetrating Heart Devil Eye by Shen Xiang one after another, was tattered and torn, resulted in rottenly cannot be rotten, finally a Shen Xiang palm patted in the top of the head that Red Faced Ghost killed, displayed Grasping Soul Devil Curse, wants to plunder the memory of opposite party, but this Red Faced Ghost killed actually to be crushed by own soul in that flash, did not make Shen Xiang prevail, she also knows that was Grasping Soul Devil Curse, after having been used, she met soul destroyed, therefore her self-destruction soul, did not make Shen Xiang obtain her memory. Some your mask sufficed!” Shen Xiang takes down that mask, takes away these communication symbol, looked that did not look the face that Red Faced Ghost kills, will use the fire the incineration ashes. Shen Xiang has exchanged the red mask , to continue to rush to Saint Flame City, he will go to Saint Flame Sect by the status that Red Faced Ghost will kill, when the time comes his status will be higher! Moreover he does not need to pretend the status that Red Faced Ghost kills, he can definitely confess is strives for Red Faced Ghost to kill, the person who so long as knows about Ghost Killer Sect, knows Ghost Killer Sect the custom. Saint Flame Sect already gathered the high-level characters of many influences, although does not have Dean to come, but has the person of very big right to speak in a side influence, is the people who all influence Big Shot trusts. People and other Ghost Killer Sect, although Ghost Killer Sect has not killed that list above person, but can kill the larger part, satisfied the people, they did not count on can kill completely, because that list above person was not the common people. Can kill several in an evening, enough celebrities eternity. The people are waiting for in the secret room, but the person who suddenly comes in makes them have a scare, person unexpectedly that comes is a belt red mask, isn't this Ghost Killer King? Entire Ghost Killer Sect strongest ghost killer, Ghost Killer Sect Dean!

Although Ghost Killer Sect Dean is not strength is strongest, the ability that but kills people makes many influences Big Shot be panic at the news, was killed the person who stares by this Red Faced Ghost, ten have ** cannot live. Fire God Palace's Immortal Monarch has gawked, because he is also the first time and this Ghost Killer King meets, before he also guessed that this Ghost Killer King strength should be the Human Immortal late stage peak, if assassinates the ability to be excellent, must kill initial stage Immortal Monarch, is not the impossible matter. This...... How Ghost Killer King did you come personally?” Fire God Palace's Immortal Monarch asked. „Can't I come?” Hears this familiar sound, the people whole face is stunned, because before this sound is, with that mirror surface ghost killer that they have met. This fellow unexpectedly has the red mask, the people immediately knows that what's the matter, this fellow after assassinating the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's high level, unexpectedly also gives to destroy completely Ghost Killer King, obtains this red mask, this strength also makes those present admire secretly, but are more is vigilant, because of such fellow too danger(ous). „The plan went to Lotus Island's next day, but after Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire has an accident, Lotus Island there was not good to start!” Shen Xiang said itself only to complete 50% reasons. Has sufficed, so long as our Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, entire Chenwu Mainland said that destroys completely one is.” The Mo Clan person said. Shen Xiang coldly said: I reach an agreement first, my Ghost Killer Sect lost many people in this motion, attacks, only then I will participate, when the time comes I will coordinate you in secret, as for your Fire God Palace, your strengths in us is strongest, you left some casual faction ineffective and worthless troops to go to that's alright.”

The people despised this new Ghost Killer King secretly, the person are short of you also to kill old Ghost Killer King! This that however he said a moment ago was also the people wants saying that the Fire God Palace's strength was strongest, should send out most strongest fellows to lead the way in front. Fire God Palace's Immortal Monarch said: This naturally, our Fire God Palace and Saint Flame Sect will set out the strongest battle efficiency and ensure we can take Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire smoothly, then defends Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, finally starts the general attack, takes other Chenwu Mainland's sect at one fell swoop.” Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire is only a foothold, so long as can take smoothly, when the time comes monster Devil Territory meets the land to send a replacement person massive elite, the influence of Human Territory here and Fire God Palace alliance is also so, so long as Chenwu Mainland minuss Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire to provide formidable weapon and magic treasure, the Chenwu Mainland's overall strength will be weakened, was quite easy to take. Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire provides massive weapon magic treasure, can arrange formidable formation, defends strength to be very intrepid, therefore is also regarded as a breach. Then, the people start to discuss that the route and plan of attack, said themselves to send out many people wait / etc....... Is very important things, this was remembered by Shen Xiang in the mind, these plans that so long as determines, he will make Long Xueyi find the way to pass to Li Baojun, Xue Xianxian and Wu Qianqian there these important things as soon as possible, lets that they are ready to deal with and ambush. Fire God Palace also needs to move quickly, in order to avoid Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire stabilizes, therefore they are also very hurried, does not have consideration too many details.